MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! surprise surfreakenprise. (just a negative touch to an already negative post 🙂 )
if youre wondering why im wearing no make up and holding flowers.. i will explain.
i had 4 tests, 2 presentations, i did someones hair and it took ages and didnt even turn out how i wanted it to.. (it ended up being super cute in the end) but i had a miniature freak out and was thinking.. “thats it… im retired. im a retired hair dresser at age 21. im never touching hair ever again. I FREAKING HATE HAIR.” (i got over that pretty fast.. i love doing hair), and other random things happened that i wont bore you with.
p.s. sort of a lot of good things happened this week too which im really really happy about.. but for the sake of venting.. we wont go into those 🙂
tomorrow i leave for az and im going to be walking 60 miles for breast cancer… which will be 1000% amazing in every way shape and form..
a. im getting sick. my throat slightly hurt all week but today i woke up and it hurts to talk/swallow which makes me want to carry a cup around and spit into it just so i dont have to swallow and i have a fever.
b. the opportunity cost for going to az this weekend = over $300 of work PLUS i have to pay to get there… so yeah kinda stressed about that.
(mom and dad get ready to be PILFERED the crap out of… i have a pilfer list: toilet paper, paper towels, flour, sugar, spices, tooth paste, deodorant, basically anything that is obnoxious to spend money on. IM TAKING IT ALL!)
c. i feel like im spending 10 hours and $120 there, and then walking 60 miles, and spending another $120 to drive right back.
(which is why i went to the store, bought some flowers for myself, turned on the fire place, lit all the candles, and snuggled up and ate candy… my dream day. just missing a boy.)
i know i will have the most amazing experience.. and i know i will be so so happy i went, which is why im going in the first place and why i raised $2,300 to do it.
PLUS i get to see:
1. my papsy
2. my mama bear
3. my baby seest
4. my puppy burke
5. my tortoises chuck and garson 🙂
6. and last but not least…. my BESTESTTTTSSS share bear and leskie.
7. and my little munchies (hopefully) tacey and hayley
so overall im excited to go.. and i know this weekend will be perfect. and i get to spend 3 whole days with my bestest friend who i NEVER get to see. i just had to share my nonsense. feel much better now.

can i have this fur jacket please? i want it for so many different reasons.


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