Happpppy Birthday Atticus!!!!!! I cannot believe he is three!!! I remember being a new mom with him and just napping and snuggling our days away. I loved our time just us together so much and I think every mom has a special bond with the first because of that special alone time you get. My sweet boy is insanely enthusiastic and isn’t afraid to show it! He gets incredibly excited about dogs and babies. If he sees your baby he will come up and hug and try to hold them ha! And make funny faces to make them smile. Oh and he will go get anyone in sight to make sure they come see the baby too 🙂 That is one thing I love about Atticus, if he is enjoying something he wants everyone to experience and enjoy it too. When he pets a dog he always asks me to come pet the dog too, or if he is eating yummy food he has to give everyone a taste. Even while opening his gifts he was SO excited about one of them that he said that one was for Rosie to have. I love that each morning he NEEDS to be snuggled for a good 15 minutes before he can start his day. Not just any snuggles, he is particular. I need to have my arm wrapped tight around his tummy and my legs right up against his. He has always done this since he was really little where when we are snuggling he just can’t get close enough. He keeps trying to scoot closer and closer and closer. Atticus gives lots of kisses. Some of my favorite memories of him are him watching me sleep and kissing my forehead and cheeks. He also loves group hugs and when he sees David and I hugging he comes to join in.

I love his giggle and belly laugh. He started laughing SO early on where I remember reading “your child may start to laugh or smile at this point” and I was thinking how he had been belly laughing for a while haha. He is very social and loves to hang out with anyone and make new friends. He isn’t shy and will confidently go play with any group of kids. He isn’t afraid to try new things even when he is really scared. I am still so proud of him and his swimming because when we got to Hawaii he didn’t even want to go to the beach because of the waves and water. By the end he was laying in the ocean letting the waves crash on him. He is my little swim baby. I love how supportive he is of all the members in our family. He loves to watch Rosie do things and clap for her. He loves to carry his sister around – on his shoulders (with our assistance) or carry her around. And lately he loves to pick her up and put her on the couch for a “diaper change” haha. He is also incredibly helpful and loves to help with anything and everything! Loves to help carry things inside, clean, bake, assemble things – whatever it may be he wants in! He is also a skilled little photographer! I love every photo he takes and love how much he loves it.

He is such a special boy and I could go on forever about all of his amazing qualities. You bring so much happiness to my life Atticus and we are sooooo soooo lucky to have you as our son!!!! I can’t wait to watch all of the amazing things you do in life!

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  1. i can’t believe your sweet boy is 3!!! happy birthday, atticus!!! his cake is AMAZING!!! and rosie, oh my gosh, she is looking exactly like your mini! they are literally a miniture david and amber! the CUTEST!!
    brittany |www.lifeofcharmings.com

  2. WOW what an awesome birthday party! You should both win parents of the year awards! I love all the pool floaties, even I would want that for MY birthday party and I’m turning 23 soon haha.

    Simply Lovebirds

  3. Happy Birthday sweet boy! I never met him but feel a special connection with him and you guys. You have always shared pics of him so being a part of that journey feels like I’m part of the fam. <3


  4. This looks like it was the BEST day and well behaved, adorable children are usually a huge result of the parenting so well done you!!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. I absolutely love that cake! It’s so pretty, and is perfect for Atticus.

  6. I love it <3 will there be a vlog about this too? Hope so! Xx

  7. Happy Birthday Atticus! I love the photography here. And Rosie is getting beautiful by the day!

  8. Happy Birthday Atticus! He looks so cute in these pictures, and sounds even cuter! I love it 🙂
    xxxxxx Isobel

  9. Awww he is sooo adorbs!! Love the straws!! Happy Birthday Atticus!! 😉

  10. Happy Birthday Atticus!! I love these photos – the lighting/editing is what I want to achieve!!! Are you no longer living in Hawaii?

  11. I have loved watching Atticus grow into the sweet boy he is today through all your posts! You are such a great mom to him and Rosie. Xoxox

  12. Awwww this is the sweetest thing I’ve ever read! Love how sweet you and your entire family are and the amazing bond you have together♥
    I wish the sweetest little boy in the entire world the best of birthdays! Have a very happy life, little A!♥♥


  13. Aww I got chills reading this! Atticus is such a precious little boy with the most perfect parents. Happy Birthday, Atticus!

  14. Hi Amber! Happy Monday and Happy Birthday to Atticus 🙂 You have such a cute family! I love your posts!. I wanted to let you know that I opened up my own online jewelry shop on Etsy recently and I make dainty choker necklaces. I would love to send you some as a gift. I’ve noticed you wear chokers, and I think that these would fit your style perfectly. I’m attaching the link to my Etsy page for you to see what they look like. If you are interested, let me know! Thanks 🙂


  15. Oh, what a lovely text about Atticus! Now I have tears in my eyes <3 So incredibly cute!
    Seems like your blue party was a success 🙂 Its so lovely to hear about Atticus being such a kind human! <3

    Happy Birthday Atticus! <3

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3


  16. Love all the pics…Such an awesome bday party! Happy Birthday Atticus! You get cuter & cuter every year, if that’s even possible! 🙂

  17. What a lovely text about Atticus! Happy birthday for him. En What A Nice party😊

  18. He sounds like such a gorgeous boy! You and David have done such an amazing job with both him and Rosie. I’m a long time followers and I’ve loved every moment. Happy birthday Atticus.

  19. Happy Birthday to Atticus! Its so lovely to see your family grow.

  20. What a beautiful birthday party! I’m still trying to figure out how they made that cake with Atticus swimming around 🤔
    I Love watching him grow….he sure has Davids legs and even walks like him…as always Amber thank you for sharing with us! Love your blog so much

  21. Happy happy happy 3rd birthday Atticus!!!! You are such a special little boy and I hope you had a wonderful day with your family!! xoxo


  22. This is so fun! I love throwing my kids parties and making cute party food. Love your pool toys!

  23. Happy birthday, Atticus!!! How adorable are those straws and pool floats? And the little bags? I love the pic of Atticus hugging his friends. How special this post (and blog) is so you will always be able to go back through and see your memories forever!

  24. He is one sweet little man and you have every reason to cherish all this special time with him.Looks like he had a wonderful birthday party, how cute are all the party bag favours!!! Happy birthday Atticus! Much love from London, Julie


  25. Aww this is the sweetest post Amber!! I love that your blog is like a diary and you can go back years from now and remember this time 🙂 All these photos are precious and the gift bags are sooo cute!

    Lauren Lindmark | dailydoseofcharm.com

  26. I love hearing all about his personality! He has such a big one for such a little person. I remember following you on Instagram when he was first born. What a beautiful family you have 🙂

  27. Aww happy birthday Atticus! He is such a sweet little boy and you are lucky to have sun a talented little son! Can’t wait to keep watching him grow on your blog! Oh and I love Rosie’s little swimsuit- so cute! xx
    Courtney // courtneylivin.com

  28. This is absolutely adorable! Happy birthday Atticus! He is going to go to far!!!

  29. Yay for Atticus!! Such a sweet boy! Thanks for sharing him with us 🙂

  30. Also, there’s a really nice beach on hickam base, no waves and very shallow! Lots of kids loves this place!

  31. Happy Birthday to your little one!!! Time flies by sooo damn quick!!! And love all the photos and the party!!! 🙂

    Feel free to checkout my blog as well!
    http://www.alyparaja.wordpress.com I am a blogging mom as well, and a photographer! I just started bloggin though!

  32. I lover your writing, it’s so honest and loving the way you share your most personal thoughts with all of us. Thanks for sharing and letting people know how raising a family can be the most wonderful experience if you let it and not just a lot of work❤❤❤

  33. Happy birthday to Atticus! I have a little boy and this post made me tear up lol As cliche as it sounds, they grow up so quickly! Atticus is such a handsome, sweet boy, and I wish him a wonderful year of being 3! ❤️

  34. ah this looked like so much fun! Happiest of birthdays to you, Atticus!! We love watching you turn into a sweet young boy and amazing older brother to Rosie! Here’s to a beautiful year ahead 🙂 xx


  35. Happy birthday to big boy Atticus. I love how vintage this party looks, I think I used to have an floating alligator like that one when I was little. having flashbacks now!.