Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeYAY I am so excited to be revealing Atticus’ lil NYC nursery today!! This is where we spend most of our time so I am excited to finally share it with you. I really love how it turned out and I feel like it fits his personality perfectly. He is so energetic and always so excited about something so lots of color seemed fitting. I could seriously just sit and watch all of his facial expressions as he plays all day – he goes from serious to excited to confused to sad then back to happy all within seconds and I find it so hilarious. He is so energetic I love it.

The best part is that I am teaming up with Oilo Studio to do one amazzzzing GIVEAWAY!! One of you will win your very own nursery!! We are giving away over $4,500 worth of nursery furniture, gear, swag, etc. to one lucky mama! You will be able to pick out your own colors and everything so it doesn’t have to be exactly what I have, you can make it your own for boy or girl or both! Honestly I am so excited about this! I only like to do giveaways that I would want to enter myself and this is one I would DEFINITELY enter:)

Crib: Newport Cottages c/o

Dresser: Newport Cottages c/o

Glider: Oilo c/o

Crib Bedding: Oilo c/o

Art: Lola Donoghue c/o

Mattress: Newton c/o

Chandelier: AllModern c/o

Yellow Taxi: Amazon

Changing Pad Cover & Topper: Oilo c/o

Rug: Lulu & Georgia c/o

Bookcase: AllModern c/o

Floor Lamp: The Land of Nod c/o

Side Table: Lulu & Georgia c/o

Lamp: AllModern c/o

Desk & Chair: Bannor Toys c/o

Colorful Blocks: One King’s Lane

Storage Bins: Loop Design Studio c/o

Navy & White Wall Prints: MiniLearners c/o

Charcoal Blanket: Saranoni c/o

Accent Pillow: The Land of Nod c/o

Knit Dolls: Bla Bla Kids c/o

Blocks: Bannor Toys c/o

Custom Quilt: House of Mia c/o

Shoes: Zuzzi Footwear c/o

A’s Bummies: Childhoods c/o

Bath Soap and Lotion: Tubby Todd c/o

**The Giveaway features over $4500 in prizes including:

Casey Crib from Newport Cottages — $500 towards an Oilo Glider$200 Oilo Gift Card$250 Lulu & Georgia Gift Card$250 AllModern Gift CardStokke Tripp Trapp4moms Breeze$250 House of Mia Gift Card$100 Loop Design Studio Gift CardLola Donoghue Art of your choice$100 Saranoni Gift Card$100 Zuzii Footwear Gift Card$100 childHoods Gift Card$100 Tubby Todd Gift Card$100 As Darling Does Gift Card$75 Best Day Everything Gift Card$75 Bannor Toys Gift CardNewton Crib Mattress$50 Fin & Vince Gift CardBla Bla Kids Large DollCrane Drop Humidifier4 Prints from MiniLearnersBabiators of your choice.


My Big Boy Nursery & Toddler Essentials Giveaway!

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    1. It is from Lulu and Georgia but it looks like that specific one isn’t available anymore.

  1. Love his room, Amber! Would you be able to share where the city prints are from – above the crib? Looking to get the same for my son’s nursery 🙂 Thanks a million! xxx

  2. Absolutely LOVE this room. Would you share where the art above his crib is from? Much appreciated, thank you!

    blondewalk empire xxx

  3. This nursery is so beautiful, what is the name of the colour wall. I love it so much!!!!!!!

  4. Hi!! Where did you get the art over his crib? I did not see a link. Thanks!

  5. Atticus’s bedroom is fantastic! All his toys and fernitures are amazing… Atticus and your doggy are so lovely and the same time pretty, cute and funny!!!!
    : )

  6. This is the cutest thing ever Amber! Much love to you and your family!

  7. Where did you get those wonderful city prints above his crib? I would love those!

  8. OMG I love all of these brands and your nursery came out so cute! We have baby #3 coming in just a couple of weeks and winning this would be such a blessing as we have hardly purchased one new thing for him yet and my daughter is only 20 months so she is still using a lot of our baby stuff. Fingers crossed!

  9. Fingers crossed for babygirl number 2 on the way! <3

  10. Great giveaway and adorable room, however I cannot get my entry to register for any of the FB ones. I have visited and liked the pages, but it will not take.

  11. These giveaways are a gem and so generous. I hope to win but am outside US. Good luck to everyone and thank you Barefootblonde for the wonderful giveaways.

  12. I came across your blog from Tina at Carrots ‘N’ Cake and I am absolutely in love with your style. Simply beautiful! We are expecting our second little one this winter and I couldn’t be more excited to decorate a nursery! Thank you for the awesome giveaway and I look forward to getting to know you on your sweet blog!

  13. Oh my gosh!! So flipping amazing! he is one lucky and loved little one.
    What is the paint color of the walls? I LOVE IT! I’ve been looking for the perfect super light grey…and that’s it!! Thank you! X

  14. Hi I was hoping you could tell me where the Eiffel towel, basiles cathedral, etc wall prints are from. I wen through the two links to etsy but couldn’t find them there. Thank you so much

  15. So cute!! Thanks for the inspiration! I have about four months to figure out what we want to do with ours! The room is still our storage space, I don’t even move back until the end of next month, so I’ll really only have like a month to decorate by the time we get everything out!

  16. this is a great giveaway! thanks! i tried to confirm the entry to loopdesignstudio, but it said that i’m unable to follow them. i did it outside of the website, so i am following them under kailove07,

  17. Love all of this, my favorite colors!! Having our first baby boy in early november and haven’t even started on the baby nursery this is getting me so inspired!
    Will you be designing a little girls nursery next or will your children be sharing a room?!

  18. This has given me so many ideas to begin creating my little Owen’s room and play space. THANK YOU!

  19. Your nursery is gorgeous! I love the color scheme, furniture choices and even accessories and I like that it’s modern enough for Atticus to enjoy for years to come. Btw the Facebook link to loop design isn’t coming up correctly on the contest form.

  20. This nursery is amazing – love the color scheme! I’m currently pregnant with #2 and have an almost 17 month old and can’t wait to decorate a new nursery!

  21. This is going to make one mama so happy good luck everyone!!

  22. LOVE LOVE LOVE his nursery!! The colors you picked are perfect! That dresser and abstract painting are some of my favorites!

  23. By far one of the cutest nurseries I’ve ever seen for a little boy!

  24. Best post ever because of Atticus’ facial expressions! The one with the blocks is so so cute! xoxo

  25. cutest! What a great giveaway, hope it’s legitimate.

  26. such a cute design for a nursery! Can’t wait to see what your little girls nursery will look like! you should def do a room tour when its all ready!!

  27. Such a cute nursery!! We are moving this summer, and would love to create a new space for our little one. Thank you for putting this giveaway together!

    p.s. Where in the world did you find that gorgeous dress? So, co cute on the growing bump 🙂

  28. oh my, that is so beautiful and trendy, I would feel so happy been in there:) I started my sons room months ago and still not finished, I might take a few little ideas:)

  29. Hi Amber,

    Would you mind telling me where the artwork above the crib is from? (Sorry if it is already on the list, I cannot seem to find that info)

    Thanks a lot!

  30. Cutest nursery!! Where did you find the prints above his crib? I love them!

  31. You have the BEST style when it comes to decorating!! I loveeeee it !

    p.s. pls tell me where you got your dress 🙂 xoxo

  32. WOW!! Those colors are magnificent! I am obsessed with that rug and the pops of color throughout, very well done mama!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful nursery and adorable son!

    Strive to thrive,

  33. This giveaway is incredible! Thanks for putting it all together and I am hoping for the best!

  34. What a sweetie! Have you had his eyes checked by an ophthalmologist? He appears to have a weak eye muscle.

  35. Aww absolutely love this nursery!! Your baby boy is around the same age as mine and they remind me so much of each other. So adorable. Love your family!
    God bless

  36. crossing my fingers majorly for this incredible giveaway! pregnant with my first and feeling WAY overwhelmed with creating the perfect nursery. This would be amazing! 🙂

  37. Hi Amber! Love your blog – been a long time follower. I LOVE your nursery and your soon is adorable!
    Can you post the info about your dress?

  38. His nursury is so cute! I am due in November as well with a little girl so I would love to win this giveaway!!

  39. I absolutely love Atticus’ nursery! where did you get the prints of the different cities above his crib? I would love to buy a few for my daughter’s room 🙂 Thanks so much!

  40. What an awesome giveaway! We just found out yesterday that we are having a baby BOY, after years and years of trying. So exciting! I love your blog and think your little family is adorable!

  41. Okay how cute is your little boy! His smile is so contagious!! And this giveaway… Best one I’ve ever seen!! Definitely crossing my fingers for this one, it would be perfect for my little 19 month old man and little miss due in October 🙂

  42. I love his nursery! We are expecting a baby boy in September and this could not be a more perfect giveaway!

  43. I’m having a baby boy & love how Atticus has his nursey designed!!

  44. He is definitely the most adorable little boy on earth! And the colours match his eyes, so sparkly! Love love love it!

  45. I am wondering what the lighting from the chandlier in A’s nursery looks like when turned on at night. I love it that the nursery is a colorful one, but not babified – no childrens character theme like winnie the pooh and not being all blue for a boy.

  46. I just love your style. What a perfect nursery for your sweet boy. Will you be staying in this same apartment once the second one comes along? I’m due with my second in February… and we’re already freaking out about having enough space. It might be time for us to move! Thanks for the opportunity to win this generous giveaway!

  47. Thanks for hosting this + giving us the opportunity to win, Amber! You’re so sweet! What an amazing giveaway! We don’t have a little one yet (59 days until the wedding!), but this would be an incredible gift to have in our back pocket when we do start our family! Atticus’ nursery captures his personality perfectly from what I’ve seen around the blog + other social channels! 🙂 Love it!

  48. This is such a great post!! Your nursery looks amazing. I always love seeing the interaction between A and Chauncey, especially on snapchat. That baby is always laughing and smiling and it’s just too cute. Can’t wait for my own to come!!!

  49. Hi! I’m loving your nursery reveal. Its gorgeous. And this giveaway is awesome! Can you please tell me how I sign up for your newsletter?

  50. Atticus’ nursery is so perfect! I love the blues and greens. We are expecting our first in February and it would be so amazing to be able to go all out for the nursery! Then our little one could be as stylish as Atticus. 🙂

  51. Awww if I was preggos I would totally enter in this contest. Hopefully, when you have your baby girl you’ll do another one! Love little A’s room – too cute. The bright colors and bedding is amaz!

    Stay Styled,

    Instagram: stay_styled

  52. I love this! I am having boy/girl twins in November and am planning gray, mint and gold for neutral with pink for the girl and navy for the boy. It’s nice to see a similar color scheme!

  53. YAY! Atticus’s nursery is SO rad! And this giveaway is crazy awesome!! I’ve literally checked off every possible entry point (which I’ve never done before). This would be too perfect…our baby boy is due in one month, were moving into a new house a month after that, and we have zzero nursery stuff because our place now is too small. thank you thank you thank you for hosting such a crazy rad awesome giveaway. 😀

  54. Amber this giveway is crazy awesome!! I just enter in everything and I really hope to win, not for me, I´m way to far of having a baby right now… But my best friend will have her second baby maybe this week or next week…
    Her nursery for the babys is well not how she would like it to be…. Was everything soo fast, long story short, she got pregnant of her boyfriend, they got married and after baby was born she got pregnant again… They working really hard and her husband is moving to Canada because he found a new and better job…I cant imagine how hard it has been for her, if I win I would make a nursery for her in Canada so she could move it the kids as soon as posible because thats what she wants the most….
    She is the most amaizing friend ever!! Soo fingers cross and good luck for me haahaaha

    Hope you and your family are having a lovelly week and trip ( I saw in instagram your guys are going to Boston)
    Hugs and Kisses

  55. Such a cool space! Where did you purchase the 8 pieces of art of places around the world? I LOVE them!

    So happy that you’ll be bringing another beautiful child into the world soon, Atticus is such a handsome little man 🙂

  56. Expecting a baby girl in November, this giveaway is amazing!

  57. So adorable! I am pregnant with my first boy, so your nursery has given me some great ideas! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  58. This is such an amazing nursery!! What a lucky fella 😉 His smiles are simply the cutest thing ever! You can tell through his pictures that he is loved to pieces!

  59. Love Atticus’ nursery! We are expecting our first baby this November and just found out it is a BOY! Thank you for the giveaway opp. this is awesome! 🙂

    1. I also like the travel artwork above crib but couldn’t find the right source for it?

        1. Me too. Such cute art work! Love the travel theme. Where did you get it?

  60. You have the cutest nursery ever, & I would just love to have a similar one with all the amazing pieces, but I’m confused on how you enter…?

  61. Oh, I love how his room turned out! He is so adorable… I can’t believe how fast he’s growing up. We just found out we’re having our third boy (this November). So I could use some inspiration/help with a third boy nursery (our oldest is 3 1/2). 🙂

  62. Love this giveaway..we just found out we’re having a baby GIRL and I am so ecstatic to begin planning her nursery! These kind of giveaways can be totally life changing because you can look at all this beautiful nursery inspiration and it becomes actually attainable! So happy your beautiful family is growing 🙂

  63. Atticus’ nursery may be the cutest one that I have ever seen! Such a nice giveaway and I am loving that dress