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It was so so hard to narrow down which pictures to share because Jessica did the perfect job of capturing every single detail and every time I look through all the photos I feel like I am completely reliving that night and feeling every emotion all over again and it is the best feeling on the planet remembering that night with such detail. Seriously, by far the best day of my life! Atticus came on June 18th at 3:35am and he weighed in at 9 pounds 5 ounces! I went to my 40 week doc appt. the day before and he stripped my membranes for the third time. The week before when I had them stripped I ended up going to the hospital because I was having a lot of bleeding (sorry if some of this is TMI, this is a birth story after all) and it ended up being nothing serious, just a ruptured blood vessel in my cervix but my doctor told me this time if I had any bleeding at all to go straight to the hospital. So when I noticed bleeding I headed to the hospital again just to be safe and again it ended up being nothing serious but because my doctor is freaking awesome, he kept me there and decided it was best to induce me anyways, which thank HEAVENS he did because I don’t think that baby would have come out til the following week when I had my original induction date set up and he would have been about a pound heavier, and lets be honest, no woman should have to birth a 10 pound baby! (sorry to my mom and David’s mom 🙂 we were both 10 pound babies)

They got me going on pitocin and broke my water and when I started feeling contractions and when they got worse and worse I asked if I could get my epidural and soon after I was in literal heaven. I mean seriously, those things are so great. I was telling David they need to give you an epidural at the spa and then just let you lay in a hammock and get a facial haha because I have literally never felt so relaxed and so awesome before. BUT then hours later when it was getting close to push time I could feel my contractions and I could feel the pressure of the head coming out and started to really freak out. I was so so so scared and luckily David was there to calm me down and was so great but I was pretty dang nervous. Then I began pushing and pushing… I felt like my eyes were going to pop out of their sockets because I was pushing so hard. It was also horribly quiet in the room and I didn’t like that so I asked my sister to put on the Hall & Oats Pandora station and that kind of calmed me down, weirdly. I pushed for about an hour and towards the end I was really feeling everything it felt like. The nurse kept saying “feeling pressure is normal” and I was thinking, oh no sister, this is NOT just pressure. I know it would have been worse without the epidural but I was sure feeling a TON of pain. Then my doctor came in and I pushed for about 20 more minutes, which were the most painful, and then he said he needed to give me an episiotomy and I really started to freak out because I knew I would feel it, and I did. Then a couple more pushes and he was out – it was the strangest/coolest sensation feeling him slide out of me. Then I got to watch David cut the embellical cord and all the nurses and my mom and sister were saying how big he was! They let me hold him for a minute which was the most amazing feeling ever. Then the nurse had to take him away to clean him up and weigh him – my mom, sister, and David were all watching him get weighed and I was sitting there getting stitched up and it felt like eternity sitting there waiting to hold my baby again. Finally I got to hold him and I have never felt so much love in my entire life – for the baby and for David – it just doesn’t get better than that.

We switched hospital rooms and got a more comfortable bed and I got to nurse Atticus for the first time which was so so unbelievably amazing. I can’t even explain how much I love getting to nurse him.. the first time it was so instinctive for him to do it and I felt like we instantly had this amazing connection and it felt so special. Its my favorite thing to do and I feel so blessed that I get to have that time with him. (side note: I know not everyone can breast feed or some choose not to, I think any mom can have a special bond when feeding no matter how you feed and all moms know what is best for themselves and their baby, this is just my personal experience!)

We stayed a couple nights at the hospital and now we are home and loving every single second with this guy. We were cracking up because at first we were changing him shortly after I would nurse (we have since learned to wait a little longer haha) and right when we would open his diaper he would start peeing and poop would start squirting out, and I am talking it SQUIRTS, far! Haha and we just were dying laughing because somehow we thought it was kind of adorable and so funny. But we are just in heaven cuddling with him all day long, admiring all his little expressions, and having lazy days just the three of us. Four of us if you count Chauncey 🙂 Chaunce has kind of been in denial that he doesn’t get all the attention now and actually doesn’t pay much attention to Atticus which has been really nice. He will come over and look at him but then just goes back to his bone – I am glad he is giving us space right now when he is so little but I am excited for them to be little buds one day.

So happy one week to our baby Atticus!! I sure love every second of being your mom 🙂

**All photos by Jessica Janae Photography


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  1. Hey Amber! Super random- but my husband and I are hoping to start our family here in NYC in the next year and are looking for a good OBGYN & hospital. Did you like your doctors? Could you share their information? Any tips or suggestions would be HUGELY appreciated! Thank you!!!

  2. Hey Amber! i just have a question! What’s the meaning of Atticus’s name ? I tried looking it up, but the definition was a little weird, so i was just wondering if you guys found a different meaning of the name that you guys could share with us ? Thank you so much! have a nice day!

  3. Amber! Oh my gosh.. I just got to scrolling through your blog and this post made me literally start crying!! My husband and I are pretty young but all we have ever wanted was to create our own little family and after reading this my baby fever got even worse haha! I loved how you talked about being nervous because I feel like in all the birthing stories I come across I just anticipate the mom to talk about how frightened she is but it never really comes up. Maybe its because I am in my early 20’s but I am just so nervous to be pregnant and especially nervous to give birth. Did you think about this when you found out you were pregnant or does the joy of the news kind of help keep your mind off things? Seriously I appreciate you posting this and being so genuine about it all! Your family is so special, thank you for sharing! Love from Texas Lo

  4. Wow.. Crazy and amazing!!! 🙂 Loved your birth story! Since you have had your baby Atticus and now a second on the way. Any advice for keeping on top of relationship with your hubby. We are going to try next year and are still nervous because of all the changes that happen with having a baby. We are very excited but want to keep our marriage solid. We pray about it and I know sometimes you can’t control life or how well baby sleeps etc. but any prepping advice or what to expect and how you guys keep up with making your relationship a priority?

    Thanks!! You have been really awesome sharing and being so honest about life in general. It’s soooo refreshing!!! 🙂

    Xo Alexandra

  5. Hi!!

    So I was originally introduced to your hair and makeup tutorials by a cousin of someone who knew you from high school and after scoping out your insta- I was like wow… your cousin knows THIS girl! I obviously was instantly jealous of all your travels, handsome hubby, puppy, baby and now baby no.2! (Congrats btw!) I’m also a mommy and when I stumbled on your birth story it just brought back so many wonderful memories of my own daughter and the birthing/bonding with baby moments!

    Your little peanut Atticus is literally the happiest little guy ever – love seeing his smiles on my feed. You guys are clearly nailing the parenting thing 🙂

    Anywho-basically just wanted to introduce myself because otherwise I just felt like a lurker haha

    God bless!


  6. I’m terrified of the episiotomy! Could you feel them stitch you up too?

  7. Oh, Amber… I don’t know why, but right in the middle of composing my own birth story, I thought about you and looked up this post. I would be lying if I said I didn’t tear up a bit. We’ve only met few times, but I know that you guys truly are an amazing parents to Atticus. I have absolutely loved seeing him be born from this post to seeing little milestones up until now. Sometimes I see ignorant people making hateful comments on Instagram and I seriously take it personal. There is nothing more frustrating than being misunderstood. I’m sure you are probably tougher than me and handle it like a champ… But I just thought I’d leave you a comment here letting you know what a wonderful mother I think you are!

  8. Lovely story!!!! What an amazing momma you are!! Atticus is very blessed !
    I had my first on June 15th of this year so it was fun for me to read your birth story, I can totally relate!

  9. I don’t know if you know this, but without an epidural your body releases natural endorphins so labor stays manageable– w an epidural that never happens so when you start feeling things as it wears off, it’s actually much WORSE than it would have been without the epidural (though there’s no doubt it would have been more intense in the hours previous). Also w/o an epidural most women push in positions that work w gravity so it can make pushing easier… so you were a champ at the end there mama! And don’t think otherwise! 🙂

  10. Congratulations on baby Atticus! To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorite books ever since I first read it for school and I read it every year! I think Atticus Finch was made up of everything the ideal person should be and it is an awesome and fitting name for your baby 🙂

  11. Are you kidding me?! These pictures are AMAZING AM! Your little family is perfect! Loved reading the birth story you are such a good writer! Love you and so proud of you! Atticus is so lucky to have such a wonderful mom! love and miss you!

  12. beautiful birth story and pics to show Atticus one day. Enjoy your hub it goes so fast! my princess has started prep this year and baby number 2 is on its way so exciting and scary to go thru all over again.

  13. Such precious photos. You will treasure these forever. I wish your beautiful son life full of health and happiness.
    Adela x

  14. I have to admit I got a little emotional reading this! I cannot wait to have my own babies!! Hopefully not too much longer and I can start a family too- until then I will live vicariously through you. Congratulations, and thank you SO MUCH for sharing this story!


  15. This is so exciting but very scary. I’m not going to lie I wanted loads of kids until I realised I’m teeny and would struggle with one let alone a football team of them!

    Congratulations and I love the name. Is it taken from ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’?!

    Katie <3

  16. I LOVED reading this post and I almost started crying seeing him on the scale!!!! He is adorable!!!!! Blessings on you and your baby boy!!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!! I think every female reading this probably got baby fever!!! Haha I know I did!!!!

  17. Thank you for sharing the story of his beautiful birth. My little guy turns one in a few weeks and your story took me right back. I had a very, very similar experience to you…induction at 40 weeks, having them break my water, contractions, epidural = heaven, being terrified right before, etc. It takes me right back to that moment. Good for you for writing it down. You will treasure this forever. By the way, you rocked pregnancy girl! You looked a-ma-zing both before and after!!

  18. Ohhhhh you had him YEY!!! CONGRATULATIONS girl, you look amazing in every single photo, just flawless. And your wee man is just beautiful. I love the picture of David holding your hand and with his other hand on your head and leaning down to kiss you, so much love in that picture. Wishing you all the best on your journey s parents xxx

  19. wow! thats so adorable and nice! i hope your family always stays together! and congratulations! he is so cute!!

  20. this is the most beautiful pictures i have ever seen. I literally shed a tear. So happy for your beautiful family!!!!!!


  21. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! He looks just like his momma… God bless you three! Reading through this and looking through the pictures I teared up, for it brought back memories of when I had my little one 2 1/2 years ago. Being a mother is the best blessing in the world.

  22. Thank you for sharing your life on your blog, Atticus is beautiful and you look gorgeous too! I hope I can look as half as good as you when I have a child one day. Congrats to you and your husband! (:

  23. Sounds similar to my birth story this past May. I was inducted this time, by choice. I wasn’t with my first two. Congrats on your little boy…boys are awesome {my oldest two are boys}. The picture with your husband near in tears is just precious.

  24. Okay I can’t look at these photos without getting teary eyed!! Jessica did such an amazing job at capturing the emotion of the birth. Congratulations to you and your family Amber!! He is beautiful and his name is strong. I am so happy you had a good birthing experience, and it will only get better from here I’m sure! I hope you are enjoying the first couple of weeks being a new mom 🙂 I can’t wait to see more of Atticus! xo

  25. Congrats!! Its just amazing how you can look so good, even after pushes 🙂 Im in week 32 and waiting too have my son in my arms. Best wishes to you and your family!
    / Linda in Sweden.

  26. Haha your pictures look so serene, I almost believed it was an easy popthebabyout situation.

    The instinctive nursing is so incredibly beautiful. The crawling towards you and recognizing you cause if your mommysmell. So sweet. I’m nursing for 9 months now, just cause I don’t wanna give up those mom/daughter moments. Best of luck and love to your family!

  27. Congratulations!! He is just so adorable the little guy:) and the photos are amazing!! I’m a follower from Sweden and I just love love love your blog:) It’s freaking amazing;) I wish you and your little family the best!! xoxo

  28. Congratulations Amber and David! Atticus is such a cool name and such a beautiful boy! Nothing will bond a couple like a child!

  29. This is the most beautiful story! The pictures really take you through every moment, I can only imagine how happy you are! Congratulations Amber! xx

  30. Amber, he is absolutely beautiful! Picture perfect! Y’all are so blessed! I remember how amazing the feeling is when you are waiting to meet your first born, and when you finally get to hold them, it’s like time stops. So emotional and so amazing. God is so good. I had a similar situation with my epidural, except I had two epidurals and neither of them worked. The first worked for about an hour or two and then wore off, and the second did absolutely nothing, so I felt everything. I know how painful it is, so I can relate. I was also induced, so it was no joke. But you really realize how strong us women are and how are body’s were meant to do this. I ended up having to get a blood patch after I gave birth because they accidentally let spinal fluid out when trying to get the epidural in, and that created the worst headaches and painful neck and back. 🙁 It was awful BUT it was allllll worth it in the end. 😉 Congratulations! Loved reading your story and love your blog (long time follower even though I don’t comment very often).


  31. С новой жизнью на земле ! Здоровья и счастья малышу и родителям

  32. Thank you for sharing Atticus and Your’s brith story. I am a week away from my due date & my doctors have already guessed that Keith is over 8 pounds…It was refreshing to read your story and see your positive perspective through the whole experience. Definitely has helped calm some of my fears & has convinced me that the best thing is to be as comfortable as I can be for a positive experience, even if that means having a little help. LOVE that you choose the Hall & Oats pandora station!! Haha I listen to that one all the time for road trips. Excited to see your beautiful baby boy grow up through similar stages that I will be experiencing. congratulations to you and your hubby for becoming parents!! I whole heartedly believe that it is the best adventure in life.

  33. I only follow two fashion blogs regularly, and yours is one and this is the first time I’ve ever commented haha. Even though I’ve never met you, I love reading your blog and this post was really beautiful! Thanks for sharing such a personal time in your life with all your readers! I’m really happy for you three! You have a gorgeous family. <3

  34. Congratulations! The way you describe the birthstory is beautifull. Most of the time you only hear the bad but you really found the beauty in this birth! The pictures really tell a story and show how much your husband loves you! I wish the 4 of you lots of love, health and happiness!

  35. Congratulations! The way you describe the birthstory is beautifull. Most of the time you only hear the bad but you really found the beauty in this birth! The pictures really tell a story and show how much your husband loves you! I wish the 4 of you lots of love, health and happiness!

  36. Congrats!! He has your beautiful lips!:) He is just precious & perfect!!! What a sweet blessing for u & your family!!

  37. Great story. Congratulations, motherhood is awesome. I love it so much I have 6 kids. Lovely pictures

  38. awww congrats!!!! he finally came! and on my birthday too!! he’s just so precious, I can’t take it. so so happy for y’all! 😀

  39. So sweet and beautiful! I loved seeing these pictures and reading your story. He is such a little hunk! So so cute! CONGRATS <3

  40. Love this! So happy for you! Good day to be born. Thats my birthday!! Gemini is the best! Congrats!!

  41. Congratulations!!! He is adorable, and the pictures are amazing. You can really see the love between you and David, it is precious. Enjoy your new bundle of joy!

  42. These pictures are so precious and Atticus is absolutely adorable! Thank you for sharing your birth story, it’s touching and refreshingly honest!

  43. Thanks for sharing your birth story! Your family is just precious 🙂 I had twin boys almost 5 months ago, and I had the same experience with the epidural, and then freaking when I felt the pain of the babies crowning, the episiotomy, and pushing them out! I heard it’s called “the ring of fire” and that’s pretty accurate! But so amazing to look back on 🙂

  44. These pictures are so amazing!! Best day ever! Atticus is perfect! xo

  45. This was such a beautiful post! I am so happy for you and your husband! Atticus is a cutie and I love the name! Thanks for sharing this with us Amber!

  46. Congratulations to you and David on your little one, he is so precious. Thank you for sharing both your beautiful story and stunning photos, wishing your little family all the best.

  47. Congratulations! He is beautiful, thank you for sharing your birth story 🙂 I had 3 big babies, they are the best! I am so happy for you and your baby that you made the choice to breastfeed. It’s so important! Enjoy your baby.

  48. Amber! This is too cute! I´m so happy for you and I can´t believe he´s already one week old! Best wishes for the 4 of you as a family! xxx

  49. Congratulations! I had my baby girl June 4th and it was the most amazing experience, looking at your pictures makes me tear up because I know exactly how you were feeling 🙂 You look absolutely beautiful and your whole family is beautiful. Also, I’m sorry about the episiotomy, I tore in 3 places but I imagine an episiotomy is even worse. I wish you a speedy recovery!

  50. Amber! The pictures are just amazing (Jessica Jane – is amazing), they capture every moment so beautifully. Congrats to you and David on your beautiful baby boy! Wishing you nothing but the best and good wishes always and that these moments stay in your mind and heart forever, that’s what makes life so precious. P.S. The most beautiful mommy ever!

  51. Congratulations! Beautiful birth story, beautiful baby, beautiful family 🙂

  52. So beautiful. . I have a baby boy 26 days..Old:), so precious moments♥♥♥

  53. These are the most precious pictures! So special that you get to have these! How is it possible for you to still look flawless when you’re about to give birth? Haha but a huge congratulations to you and your husband for the perfect, healthy, little angel! Loved reading the story 🙂

  54. Congratulations Amber & David!!! You little guy is absolutely adorable! I had three boy’s my first two were regular labour & delivery (with an epidural of course!) & my third one was born via emergency c-section. First son was 8 pounds even, second was 8 pounds 9 ounces, & my third son was 9 pounds 8 ounces! I too had good size babies. I remember walking to the hospital nursery to get my youngest son (who is 6 months now he was born 12/10/2013) & I could spot him right away bc he was the biggest baby in there at the time haha! Just thought I would share! 🙂 Make sure to take a TON of pictures bc they grow so so so fast!!

  55. Wow Amber, such a precious birth story! I love how detailed you were, it is so nice for other mamas or pregnant women to read things in full honesty. SO many people aren’t and it really doesn’t prepare anyone for the real thing when you don’t know truly how intense it can be lol!
    I did midwives for our first and hoping to do a home birth this time around and I am so very nervous because I am feeling this time baby is going to be MUCH bigger LOL!!!! I am glad you are all well and he is absolutely GORGEOUS x

  56. Congratulations on your little boy! I’ve loved following you on Instagram and reading your blog posts through your pregnancy. I am 30 weeks pregnant today and have a one and a half year old already. So exciting to have shared your guys journey.

  57. O how I wish I had pictures like these. When that sweet boy gets older youll look back and cry at these. They are priceless. I love the one with so much emotion on David’s face. You’ve got a great man beside you. Congrats again and enjoy every blissful moment. So glad hes here safely and your all doing great!

  58. Ah I was a 10 pound baby too…kind of frightening to think about! I love how honest you were with how everything went. Congratulations – enjoy being a new mom!!

  59. Congratulations! You have such a beautiful family 🙂 and 9.5 lbs… wow! I can’t imagine pushing out a 10lb baby!
    As always, Jessica did an amazing job photographing the birth.

  60. Ps. Just from looking on your Picts I can tell how much David loves you. Lucky you xoxo

  61. I am crying seeing your beautiful photos and reading you story. Thanks for sharing! So beautiful! 🙂

  62. Oh Amber, I am so so happy for you and David that you are blessed with your Atticus!!! I LOVE his name and let me tell you, I was constantly checking on you through your IG and was so sad I could not comment being I am not on IG as of yet, but I was praying for you and I am thankful that you and Atticus are doing so great, and these pictures are so special and I could not help but tear up looking at the love your husband has for you and just how special this time was for you both! I am also happy you are nursing, I did with my girls and let me tell you, that was the best thing I could have ever done! The bonding time is so precious and I would do it all over again! Thanks for sharing your birth story and again I am so happy for you and David!!!! Congrats and Love from NC!!! XO

  63. Amber, Congratulations !!! He is so beautiful.
    I’am happy for you and David. Enjoying reading your birth story. Picts are wonderful.
    Ps. I was worry about you as you went quiet for a week. Now, I am glad that you all fine.
    Very best wishes for all of you. Hugs and kisses for you and your beautiful baby boy.
    Anya xoxo

  64. So so so beautiful. I love your photos and story. Congratulations on your sweet baby boy! 🙂

  65. Stunning pictures! Very moving! Congratulations, you are going to be one great momma!


  66. Amber these are such great photos, Jessica did a brilliant job and oh my gosh I just had to stop for a minute when I saw the pic of David tear up with phone in his hand. So special! Congratulations guys and well done you Amber! X

  67. Congrats!!! I’ve been following you thru all your pregnancy and now I’m pregnant to!! Due on December 25 🙂 I’m so happy you did this post, we can feel the love and joy… I’m so happy for you, he’s so handsomely adorable!! Wish you the best ❤️

  68. Congrats Amber! Wow what a big baby! Both of my kids were only 4.5 lbs each. He is too cute for words and glad you had a healthy baby which is more important! Get some rest and looking at these precious pics brings back so many memories for me. Capture every moment, they grow up so fast! My two are teens now, I can’t believe it! Wait till Atticus starts driving…yikes! LOL!

  69. Congratulations! He is gorgeous! Such beautiful photos and a precious story. I’m glad you didn’t sugar coat it and made it real. Hope you are enjoying all the precious moments and recovering ok!

  70. Congratulations!!!!!! These pictures are so gorgeous and capture the emotions perfectly 🙂

  71. Comgratulations!!!!!! These pictures are so gorgeous and capture the emotions perfectly 🙂

  72. Comgratulations!!!!!! These pictures are so gorgels and capture the emotions perfectly 🙂

  73. Wauw! Can’t wait to have my own baby girl in a few weeks!!
    Thanks 4 sharing!
    Leona (from Antwerp-Belgium)

  74. Oh congratulations!! You guys are the most beautiful parents, and what a perfect, precious baby boy! So glad you’re all happy and healthy and doing well, and that you have such amazing photos to help you remember that special day 🙂

  75. Awe, congratulations! He is just adorable and the pics are amazing! Enjoy your sweet little one, they grow so fast!