Barefoot Blonde Atticus 2nd BirthdayBarefoot Blonde Atticus 2nd BirthdayBarefoot Blonde Atticus 2nd BirthdayBarefoot Blonde Atticus 2nd BirthdayBarefoot Blonde Atticus 2nd BirthdayBarefoot Blonde Atticus 2nd BirthdayBarefoot Blonde Atticus 2nd BirthdayBarefoot Blonde Atticus 2nd BirthdayBarefoot Blonde Atticus 2nd BirthdayIMG_4593Barefoot Blonde Atticus 2nd BirthdayBarefoot Blonde Atticus 2nd BirthdayBarefoot Blonde Atticus 2nd BirthdayBarefoot Blonde Atticus 2nd BirthdayIMG_5263Barefoot Blonde Atticus 2nd BirthdayIMG_5403Barefoot Blonde Atticus 2nd BirthdayBarefoot Blonde Atticus 2nd BirthdayBarefoot Blonde Atticus 2nd BirthdayBarefoot Blonde Atticus 2nd BirthdayBarefoot Blonde Atticus 2nd BirthdayBarefoot Blonde Atticus 2nd Birthday

Can’t believe my baby boy is two years old!!! It feels like this second year flew by in a flash. I love getting to watch him grow up and he just gets more fun as the days go on. Atticus is a little ball of energy he just goes goes goes. He is friendly as can be and doesn’t hesitate to walk right up to a group of kids (of any age) at the park and try to chat his way into their conversation. He has about 20 words in his vocabulary but has this language he speaks which is so hilarious. It is clear he is saying things so clear in his mind and uses hand gestures that show he is telling some really funny jokes or intense stories and it just cracks me up. I can’t wait till I can be in on his jokes and stories and know what he is saying because I am sure they are great! For his birthday I really wanted to do a slip n slide in Central Park but with no hoses we had to figure something out, so David rigged up a big tank of water and a hose and we were off. That morning we woke up at 5:30am and got bagels, went to the park, got croissants, and then went to the candy store and let him get candy to decorate his cake with! I got the same cake as last year from Momofuku because heaven knows I can’t bake worth crap!

If you haven’t heard yet, last week David launched his YouTube channel. We’re really excited because we get so many questions about what goes on behind the scenes here. Amongst many other topics, David is going to talk a lot about the photography behind the blog and instagram. And even when the videos aren’t photography related, he plans on sharing what gear he used in each video he makes.

One question we get all the time is how we learned and went from grainy, embarrassing iPhone photos to professional quality photography. If you haven’t been following for that long, then you really don’t realize how far we’ve come! In 2012 I invested in my first DSLR camera, the Canon EOS Rebel T3i, and it changed everything. David started taking an interested and putting a lot of effort into learning and we started to get great photos which changed a lot for us on the blog.

We’re often asked which camera we recommend but realized that the Canon EOS 5D Mark III (the body that we use) isn’t for everyone. It’s definitely more advanced and expensive. So we wanted to show that you don’t have to break the bank if you want to capture beautiful moments and milestones (like birthdays) or moments like this. We actually shot this on the Canon EOS Rebel T6i, which is updated version of the EOS Rebel T3i which we originally had and are so impressed with the quality of photos.

It has a 24.2 megapixel sensor and incredibly fast autofocus which is so nice when taking pictures of quick little kids. We also love that it has built in Wi-Fi for instantly sharing images. Not even our professional EOS 5D Mark III has that. Sometimes we’ll carry the EOS Rebel T6i around in our bag just for the wifi feature so we can share images instantly without having to wait till we get home. There are so many great features on this entry level DSLR, but like an DSLR it takes a time investment and determination to learn how to use your equipment. This is a great camera to start with and as you can see, will give you nothing short of beautiful images.

With the right gear, and a little bit of knowledge (which you can hopefully learn from David along the way) you can become a great photographer!

Hope you’re having a great week! Check out David’s video below on how he made this slip n’ slide happen!


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  1. Do you edit on your phones ever? If so what apps do you use! Your pics are so pretty!

  2. This is the cutest birthday cake I think I’ve ever seen!!! I’ve subscribed to David’s YouTube channel an can’t wait for more videos.

    I know this is pretty dumb, but I thought you might want to know since your son’s name ends in a “S.” It’s correct to add apostrophe s so that it looks like Atticus’s 2 birthday. I just thought you may want to know the rule for that since it throws SO many people off. Here’s a link to a blog post about APA rules for possessives with roots ending in s:

  3. I’m super behind, but I love this post! I admire your blog and photography so much and always wondered how you produce the quality you do! I’m definitely looking to invest in a camera so thank you for the suggestions! Looking forward to David’s videos on the subject!

  4. Love David’s channel so far (and the effort that went into that water slide)!

  5. Love love love!! Thanks for sharing! He is the sweetest and this looked like such a perfect day! Can you tell me what kind of high chair Atticus has? My son’s is the hardest thing ever to clean ????

  6. Oh my… I die every time I see Rosie’s two bottom teeth! She is just the sweetest!


    I hope Atticus had a fantastic Birthday xx

  7. Such a great birthday idea ! Where is Rosie’s hat from ❤️

  8. I loved that you had a normal kids party for Atticus. So many parents nowadays go all out hiring entertainers and professional party planners for children’s parties. He looked like he had a blast and I was impressed with all the hard work your hubby put into making Atticus’s water slide a reality. David’s first video was great!

  9. Happy belated birthday atticus!! I own one of the most basic Nikon dslr. I want to invest a more high quality camera body. However my lens are made for Nikon….so do you have any recommendations?

  10. Happy Belated Birthday Atticus! His cake is amazing– I want the same one for my 26th birthday next month, no shame! He is lucky to have you and David as parents 🙂

    xo Jackie

  11. I love your necklace, beautiful. Would you mind if I asked where you got that.

  12. A is getting SO big! Love love love how happy he is 🙂 and that cake, wow, adorable. Did you make it or have it made?
    PS: it’s always lovely to see the Davis family in there as well ;)♥

  13. I love these pictures!! Adorable. What lens do you use for the t6i? I have that camera too and have been wanting to invest in a good lens. Thanks!

  14. He is so precious! And that cake is every two year old’s dream!

  15. David, this was HILARIOUS and such a pleasure to watch. Just you being you. Have always loved reading Amber’s blog (and seeing pic of your adorable babes), but I’m really pumped about seeing your photography tips/tricks/etc.

  16. Happy Birthday to sweet Atticus! He is adorable and reminds me a lot of my 2 and half year old. I will definitely be watching David’s videos because I love your pictures. I have the EOS T5 and it has been a life changer. The biggest down fall was no wifi connection so my hubby surprised me and got me a wifi sd card that I have an app on my phone and can upload them instantly. Hopefully we’ll get to a point where all cameras have wifi. Beautifully Candid

  17. Happy birthday, Atticus! Your laughs and smiles make all of us fall in love with you more and more each day! Wishing you a beautiful year ahead! And high five to you and David for raising an awesome 2 year old!

  18. David is awesome! I love seeing what really happens behind the pictures!

  19. Hi David!

    I would love to know how you support amber on her blogging journey, and how to make the decision for blogging full time. What things did you learn along the process and any mistakes you made?

    Love your videos and cant wait to see more from you and Amber

  20. This is ADORABLE! Please make more videos, David! And if you can, cover any favorites you have when you’re taking pictures. ex. settings, speed, angles, etc.

  21. Aww what a quite! I can’t believe he’s two! It’s crazy because I guess it was a really long time ago when I started following you – because you were just pregnant with him! Dang does time fly.

  22. Oh my goodness. We would SO be friends if you lived in Chattanooga. Sigh, I wish you did. Thanks for always being real and sharing your family with us all. And I want that olive dress you’re wearing! I haven’t invested in dresses much this summer since I’m still nursing and haven’t invested in formula yet. Is that what you use when wearing dresses or do you have some trick to nursing in a dress? Haha!

  23. Hi Amber!! Oh my goodness, I cannot handle the cuteness! Atticus is sooo cute.. he just seems like such a happy toddler 🙂 also that birthday cake looks so yummy!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATTICUS! 🙂 Your photos are always amazing.. My boyfriend is also a photographer. He just purchased a Nikon D750 with a 24-70mm f 2.8 lens. He shot all the photos for Honda’s Honda Civic campaign for this year.. which was super exciting. Have a great day xoxo

  24. He looks so happy!!!! I bet he had a blast! And David’s video is so funny!! I lol’d when he said “I was wrong about her” about the Taco Bell lady!

    I love what you said about the cameras! I’ve been looking at entry-level DSLRs to get started with but I think I’m going to go with the Rebel T5 simply because of the price since I’m not experienced with DSLRs. Do y’all have any recommendations for online photography courses or anything? I look forward to seeing David’s videos about photography!

  25. So happy David started a YouTube channel! can’t wait to see more! And happy birthday sweet Atticus, I hope you guys had the loveliest day! <-3 The slip and slide is such a great idea!!!


  26. What lens did you use with your camera for these pictures? And how do you get your pictures so bright? Is that thru editing or just using a lot of natural light? 🙂 xoox

  27. Happy birthday Atticus all the way from NEW ZEALAND. Looks like you had an epic day. Amber I just wanted to say that I love all your photos and videos and blog I always get excited when I see you guys pop up in my feed. Also I’ve been dying to ask – when are you coming to New Zealand? You guys would love it here!! xxx

  28. Happy birthday atticus.
    Love this post and also love that you are developing the fillerup-clark empire. I think davids videos are going to be so popular and really add a nee level to your work which is already outatanding.

    So looking forward to the photography videos as your images arr goals!!

    Rachel //

  29. loved seeing Eleanor, Samson, and Conrad in yours pics with Atticus!!!

  30. Hey Amber, I wanted to let you guys know you can get the Eyefi Mobi SD card that will let you be able to use wifi in any camera you use it with. That way you won’t have to carry around 2 cameras all the time 😉 I have a couple of them and they work very well. So useful for traveling a lot and you can get them off of amazon. Love all your guys’ photos.

  31. Loved David’s vlog! It was put together soooooo well. I couldn’t help but laugh the whole way through it! 🙂
    Keep the videos coming!

  32. So cute! Happy Birthday Atticus!! That cake looks delicious!!!! Where is Atticus’ birthday shirt from?

  33. Happy birthday Atticus from Ontario, Canada!! This is too precious. Your family is so adorable and I really enjoyed David’s video! I can’t wait for more vlogs like this – I love your photos and instagram and the behind the scenes vlog is so cool and funny too!!

  34. Oh my gosh this is all just way too cute and David’s video… Such an amazing dad!
    Great job you two!!!!

  35. He looks like he had so much fun! Your dress looks stylish but comfy, love that. My girl is 18 months and only really hand gestures, only says 5 words so I think she’ll be about the same by 2, I’m in no hurry to push her!

  36. I have the T3i right now and do a little photography on the side – it’s a great starter camera for sure!

    Atticus is SO adorable with that slip and slide!! Great idea for a 2nd bday. Happy belated birthday, A!!

  37. I am so so sooo excited to learn more from David’s channel!! Your photography is my absolute FAVORITE and I can’t wait to hear all your tips and tricks and advice! These birthday photos are awesome!! Happy birthday Atticus! <3


  38. Happy happy Birthday from France Atticus !!!!
    It feels like yesterday when you posted your post about his birth….time flies ! But watching him growing up through your blog is so much fun. And they are 1 year appart with my boy which means I can have a glimpse on how he will be in the next few months 😉



  39. First time poster but I just had to today after this! — lately- in this scary, sad world, especially since the horror in Orlando I’m finding it hard to smile. I’ve been finding myself coming more and more to your site and youtube channel. Thank you for bringing some beauty into this world- as well as the innocence of your children. It warms my heart and proves there are good people still left in this big world. All my best, Aimee

  40. Your husband is f’ing hilarious! Such a fun birthday party! Cheers to two! -XO!

  41. Atticus looks so happy! Looks like a great birthday. I’m so excited to follow David’s channel, one because I love keeping up with your family, and two – because I started blogging in January and my husband and I are trying to teach ourselves how to use my Canon Rebel T3i. It’s a lot of work and doesn’t come easy. So glad I can follow along!


  42. Your boy is such a cutiepie. Lovely pictures and delicious looking cake.

  43. Oh my goes David collected napkins as a kid?! How precious! haha .. I used to collect business cards hahaha .. what a cool kid I was #not .. Happy 2nd birthday to Atticus!!

    How 2 Wear It []

  44. Puh-leeeease let us know how you edit your photos. I am so curious if you use a particular filter from a program on all your photos or if you use photoshop, and how you get the color so gorgeous!

  45. Yay. Thank you so much Amber and David. I am always looking to learn more about photography. My husband also takes my Blog photos and he would like to learn a bit more. We use a Nikon D5300. We have noticed that at times we face some challenges with this camera, especially the fact that it is not a full frame camera.
    Thank you for your blog posts which are always so inspiring and I look forward to following his youtube channel.

  46. These photos are the sweetest! Happy Birthday sweet boy! Your photos really do look amazing! I am excited to see David’s channel. 🙂

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  47. I can’t belive Atticus is two!!! I have been following you since before Atticus’ time and so seeing him grow up has been amazing. My little girl Charlotte justed turned two today and I have love seeing that they have such similar personalities! It looks like you guys had a ton of fun and I’m glad! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Rosie’s 1st bithday which is right around the corner!

    I would also love to hear how your 1st movie permiere went last night for The Shallows!

  48. Happy Birthday! I love toddler speak. They understand so much but haven’t quite got the communication part down yet.

  49. Happy birthday Atticus!!! Lovely birthday celebration. Loved the idea of decorating the cake with candies.
    Thanks for sharing about the camera that you guys use. Can’t wait to learn more from David’s YouTube videos.
    Carolina |

  50. Oh my heart! These are so adorable! Happiest Birthday to Atticus!! Your family is such a breath of fresh air! Love all the pics!
    And I am SO excited for David’s channel, I have had a Rebel T3I for like the last 6 years but have not ever taken the time to learn anything about it, but I have always wanted too! So tips will be awesome!

  51. Happy birthday Atticus! What a fun birthday cake! Best wishes! xo Em

  52. Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful boys in the world!!! I hope year 2 of his life is amazing! <3

  53. That cake is every kid’s dream (and mine, too)! You’re such a fabulous mom!! xoxo

  54. whoot whooo just subscribed, I am excited to learn more!! Happy birthday little A!! love the idea of having him decorate it so cute!! All that candy looks so good haha I know where I am going for my lunch break! LOL Have a fabulous day!

  55. Happy Birthday Cutie! As soon as you know it, it will be Rosie’s 1st Bday! Love all the photos and watching the kids grow up.

    Which lens would you recommend purchasing for photos like these to go with the Rebel David?

    Thanks again!


    IG: @thesocialgal

  56. Happy Birthday to little A! I have been following your blog for so long now and I have noticed how much your pictures have changed and developed over time. I am SOOO excited to watch all of Daviddaviddavid’s videos and hopefully my bf and I can grow more in photography 🙂 I think it is a great skill to have especially since time is moving so fast and you can easily capture little moments like these!

    1. First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATTICUS! Wow! 2 years old, it’s been so fun to see him grow through the blog and IG…..precious angel! I totally agree with i have seen your blog photos get better and better over time and i love that you both are sharing great tips and how too, i love that! Rosie’s outfit is absolutely fabulous! and the cake and decorations are to die for! xoxo

  57. so excited for the Clark family YouTube channel!! you guys are #familygoals!!!

  58. Can’t believe your baby is already 2! So crazy, it’s been so great to see him grow throughout your blog. Can’t wait to watch David’s youtube channel on photography tips!

    stay styled,


    IG: stay_styled

  59. I’m so excited to check out David’s Youtube channel as I have been passionate about photography since I was just 12 years old, and I start my Photography A level in september! These photos are just beautiful, such a fun birthday for a two year old! Happy Birthday Atticus!!

    Also, I didn’t realise until now that you know Naomi! I spotted Eleanor and Samson and was like, wait, what? LOL!

    Thank you for sharing these most intimate moments of your life.

  60. First of all, I love Atticus. It makes me so happy and smiley to see him in your posts. He always looks like he’s having the time of his life and no doubt in part because of your parents! Also, great that David started a YouTube channel. I haven’t gotten around to watching the YouTube video for Father’s Day yet but hope to watch it soon as well as his photography stuff!|

    PS: I can’t bake worth crap either. I find it so troublesome compared to cooking. You have to be so exact with baking, Ugh!

  61. Such a great post! Atticus looks adorable and like he’s having the best time! And I love the camera tips too!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl