i had the best weekend with my friend colby who came in town. i was showing him how pretty the mountains were and pulled over and made him take a picture in the cold because i just LOVE the mountains!

we had to take like 10 self timer pictures before we got it right haha

oh just after some bowling.. i won.

bowling! my favorite thing ever. somehow colby got 6 strikes? no one knows how.
p.s. do not be fooled- my hair is not short and flipped out…. it only looks like that

my valentine surprise

david took me to my very first SYMPHONY! it was seriously amazing. i was dying at how good it was i had no idea people could be so talented.

i know i know.. my cheeks look like chipmunk cheeks for some reason? oh well.

me and my sissys after ash’s junior miss pageant! i love my sisters so much.

my sister is perfect. she is amazing. and i cant wait until she moves to UTAH soon!
other great things that happend:
1. my friend moose got me the CUTEST dolphin pillow for valentines! ahhh i am OBSESSED! and got a nice little package from mom and dad
2. suns beat the jazz 🙂
3. i successfully ate way too many sweets this weekend.
4. i love my new roommates. sadie just gave us a vday dance.
5. i found the best youtube videos to watch: shaytards! they are the cutest family EVER! i want to be that family one day.
6. sweethearts finally got blue hearts
anyway that is all for now. ta ta. happy valentines.

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