on our way to family picnic at the park
 shooting with my fam bam in Payson.
 the scope came back and hit me in the head…. got a bump. the annoying thing still hasn’t gone away!

lots of memorizing composers

 watching our all of our favorite boys football games!
 went to The Pie and made homemade pies to celebrate pi day! can you see the bump? I can.
 me and my sissies.
 waiting 40 minutes for our pizza…. apparently everyone wanted The Pie on pi day…
 sneak peak of our shoot we did yesterday with Brooke Davis from Blush Photography
 my outfit for the shoot
light pink tee: forever 21 / tapered black skirt: forever 21 / bracelets: forever 21

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  1. Where did you get your necklace? I LOVE it! I was also wondering where you got the orange & black aztec bracelet that you’ve been wearing more recently? I watched your half up hairstyle video on youtube (which I love) and you were wearing it then. Thanks so much!

  2. Thank you for getting back to me! You are such a beautiful girl, with such great style, wit and charisma!

  3. anonymous- do you know what i am not even sure and it doesnt even have a name! it is just a blue one i picked up at forever 21 a while ago!! they have a ton of great colors there and they are only 2 bucks!