Barefoot Blonde wearing Erdem in ParisBarefoot Blonde and Atticus in front of Arc de TriompheBarefoot Blonde Crepes in front of Arc de TriompheBarefoot Blonde wearing Erden in ParisBarefoot Blonde crepes in front of Arc de TriompheBarefoot Blonde David and Atticus in front of Arc de TriompheBarefoot Blonde getting a Crepe in ParisBarefoot Blonde green door in ParisBarefoot Blonde and family selfieBarefoot Blonde Crossing Street at Arc de TriompheBarefoot Blonde Crepes in ParisBarefoot Blonde Amber and Atticus at Arc de TriompheBarefoot Blonde green Door in ParisBarefoot Blonde Arc de Triomphe in ParisBarefoot Blonde getting Crepes in ParisBarefoot Blonde wearing Erdem in ParisBarefoot Blonde Crossing Street in Paris

DRESS: Erdem // CARDIGAN: Halogen // SHOES: Chanel via Neiman Marcus in-store // BAG: YSL via Fashionphile // GLASSES: Derek Lam // LIPSTICK: Nars ‘Heatwave’ // David –  HENLEY: ASOS // JEANS: AG // HAT: Gap // SUNGLASSES: G-Star // BOOTS: Timberland // Atticus – CARDIGAN: Atelier/Child // SHIRT: Peek // SHOES: Converse

There is nothing I love more than planning our itineraries for our trips but I have found that when I plan TOO much I have these expectations for the day and I end up not having as much fun so this time I have been trying to have a rough idea of what we will do and whatever happens, happens. It has been much more fun for me that way. Especially now that Atticus is SO active (like I am talking full on monkey status, NEVER stops moving or causing destruction ha!) we have to cut out a few hours of the day specifically for him to just run and be as crazy as he wants and get all that energy out ­ otherwise he gets too restless. In these pics we had a pretty chill day and just wandered Paris, did some shopping, saw the Arch de Triumph, ate crepes, and then someone we know in Paris came and did Atticus duty after we put him to bed so that David and I could go on a date night 🙂

I wore this E​rdem​ dress from N​eiman Marcus ​which is not maternity but happens to work perfectly with a bump. I absolutely love this dress so much! I wore it with a r​ed lip​ and since this dress is definitely a statement piece I wore a cardigan ​over it for some of the day to make it more casual. The neutral ​flats​ I am wearing from N​eiman Marcus ​also help to keep it more simple. A lot of you have noted that you wish you could pull off statement pieces more and I think adding a simple piece in the mix (like my cardigan) definitely helps to tone down the look and you can ease into the whole statement wearing. I also think it is fun to add a statement lip! Even if Atticus ends up smearing it 90 times in a day, I love a good red lip and as of late even more paired with some specs!

More statement pieces from N​eiman Marcus​ that I love…..

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  1. I love your blog and your style! You have such a beautiful family 🙂 I recently am pregnant and am starting to look for clothes that I can wear throughout my pregnancy. I noticed this dress isn’t maternity. How do you go about choosing sizing?

    Thanks! xo

  2. I absolutely love this look! Makes me want to be pregnant again ???? You should check out my blog I have a lot of mommy & me posts besides my regular fashion posts. I don’t see a follow button on your page but I’ll keep checking, my blog is in case you’re interested ????

  3. He’ll Amber! I absolutely love your blog and fashion! The floral dress is absolutely beautiful and I realize this is a person question but how do you afford such an expensive dress? Does blogging alone make that much money? I have always been interested in writing and would like to pursue a career like having a successful blog such as yours! If you don’t mind answering it would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Kat!! Thank you so much! I am so glad you follow along 🙂 And one way I make money is doing collaborations with companies, so if you notice at the bottom of the post above I mentioned ShopStyle as the sponsor. I do buy a lot of things I wear on the blog on my own as well but anytime a post is sponsored I will mention it. David and I work on the blog full time, so we are very fortunate for that! Good luck with everything! xo

  4. You look so beautiful! Also, I totally understand how you feel! I always tend to have an expectation for a day on vacation, and it always lets me down. I always have a better time when I don’t have any plan or expectation.

  5. Amber,
    I feel you! I am so the same way with planning itineraries on travels! I have a 9 month old now and for sure can’t take on the structured schedules I used to plan.
    We are looking to plan a trip to Europe the 2nd half of November and into early Dec. My son will be 11 months old (actually turning 1 on this trip) and would love your insight on recommendations of where to go in Nov/Dec? Thank you!
    Love, Ashley Miller

    1. Hi Ashley!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment!! And I hope I can be of some help! So the main thing I can suggest is to avoid really small cities/towns because a lot of them “shut down” during the off season (November- March), they are dependent on tourists that’s why 🙂 Places like Cinque Terre, Italy and Santorini, Greece are a couple examples 🙂 With that being said, large cities such as Paris, Rome, London are great places to visit 🙂 I would pick what countries you want to visit and then do a little research on the specific cities! xoxo

      1. Thank you!! This is great advice! We decided on Paris to Belgium and then on to Amsterdam (some close friends just asked us if we could “tour” them around Europe and bring their 9&11 year old girls. What little girl wouldn’t want to explore Paris?! Easy decision lol). Our friends leave after Amsterdam, but my husband, baby and I might go on for another week…Dublin, London, Iceland, Witten, Germany (the town our son, Witten, is named after)…I can’t decide…maybe I’ll just wait until we get there and decide then haha and buy a 1 way ticket! Our little guy will turn 1 on this trip, SO excited!!
        I see you travel with the Uppababy carseat (in the Paris Vlog), I’m debating on bringing ours (he’s almost outgrown his Uppa so we normally use the all-in-one bigger seat, but he could probably get away with it still just fine). Would you say bringing the car seat is a must for a (almost) 1 year old? I’ve read you traveling with baby blog, but still can’t decide if it’s worth hauling around. Can you rent car seats at car rental places like you can in the US? Also, which Uppa stroller is that? I need to get him an umbrella stroller and love my Uppa Vista.
        (sorry this is long haha) I’d love to see a detailed guide of how you pack for you and Atticus? I’m trying to go as simple as possible, but hate feeling unprepared. If you ever do “consultation” Skype appointments for traveling with baby (for a fee, I’m happy to pay! The money/headache you’d save me is worth every penny) please let me know! xoxo -Ashley

  6. I feel the same way about travelling. I always put too much on my plate and end up feeling disappointed when I don’t get to do it all. My last trip to Brazil I tired just having a rough idea. It makes SUCH a difference. It was so much more fun and enjoyable! Great minds think alike 😉 Love the photos! You are seriously glowing!


    1. Totally!! I am so glad you agree!! It is nice to have a couple ideas in mind and just take it one day at a time 🙂 And did you love Brazil?! I would love to go one day!! Thanks for reading Meg!! xo

  7. Sooo pretty Amber! I love love love seeing all your travel pictures, it really inspires me to want to travel more! I’d love to see a makeup post about what you wore with this outfit! P.S. Atticus is so cute can’t get over how happy and smiley he is!

    1. Thank you so much Sam!! That makes me so happy to hear you liked the post! And thanks for the suggestion, I will keep that in mind 🙂 And aww you are soo sweet!! xo

    1. You are too nice!! Thank you!! And thanks for the suggestion!! I may make one for it 😉

      1. Thank you very much 🙂 I am so excited about it.. and adore all your tutorials 🙂

  8. You are absolutely stunning and your family is so beautiful. These images are making me miss paris so much!! Thanks for sharing beautiful!

    Check out my post on the Farfetch Take Over Fashion Festival Challenge xx Would love to hear your thoughts!


    1. Thank you so much Helen!! That means so much to me!! And I am so glad you like the pictures too! I will check out your post too! xo

  9. You look truly stunning Amber! I love how you work many different lip colors on the blog, but red is definitely my favorite on you! I hope you and David had a great time together, from a reader’s point of view it seems like you guys never go out by yourselves! Haha.

    1. Wow thank you so much!! That is so incredibly sweet of you!! I love the feedback 🙂 And we had a great time! It was amazing!

  10. This dress makes you look so gorgeous with the bump!! whatever dress you wear it, it looks so pretty on you!

  11. Okay, your hair looks amazing!! So Parisian, its like the effortless *oh this? I just threw it up- no biggie* so casual yet elegant- totally reminds me of France. You look adorable, If I’m a fourth as adorable as your when I’m 25 and pregnant with my second child then I will be seriously so happy with myself. I really hope you guys enjoyed every ounce of your trip!! These pictures are killing me and I just need to buy a ticket to Paris ASAP! Have a safe flight back!! <3


  12. I love this post, Amber. You look gorgeous and that’s a great dress for your adorable belly from baby girl 🙂 I wish we could be best friends!! You’ve always been so nice whenever I tweet you. Question though- do you know of any glasses that are a similar frame to the Derek Lam ones but a bit less expensive?

  13. Love this hairstyle!! Any chance you would do a toutorial? Would lovee to see how it’s done!

  14. I completely agree! There is a perfect balance between over planning and under planning when it comes to vacation. I just got back from a week in Australia, and I thought it worked well planning around a few reservations at restaurants we just had to try out and a few main events (marathon, canyoning, and spa day). That left plenty of time for exploring and letting the locals direct us to places we would have never found on our own. One trip highlight: I stumbled across a cute little shop in Sydney that sells those beautiful Melissa rubber flats that you’ve worn in a couple posts. My mother in law and I fell in love with them and each ended up with a pair!! (we went for the the Space Sport and the Creatives wedge) Thanks for the tip 😉
    Also, loving the specs with the red lips – I’m going to have to give that a go! And love that dress!

    1. Thank you so much!! I am obsessed with the print!! I feel like it is so flattering on anyone 🙂

  15. Girl you are so beautiful, it’s crazy. My question is about your lipstick. You mentioned it smears at times because you have a little guy who is active which I understand for sure… my question is (in general) are you re-applying lipstick all day long? I feel like I put on lipstick and after I take one drink of anything out of a glass, I have to re-apply. I am just wondering if it is any different for you with all these beautiful colors (and with brands that are a little more expensive – does it make a significant difference for how long it lasts?) or is it just something I’ll always have to be doing to keep that lipstick look? I’m happy to pay for more expensive stuff if it makes a difference. Enjoy Paris!!

  16. OMG, your bump is just the cutest! Kinda making me think it might be time for me to grow another one 😉 And absolutely LOVE this dress – the colors and pattern are gorgeous, and so perfect for a transition piece. Love that it’s not maternity but it works! Thanks for sharing your trip with us – have a great time and a safe trip home.

  17. Hey Amber! Beautiful as always!! Can you share how tall you? Haha, random question.. I’m just always wondering where these pieces would hit lengthwise on me! Hope pregnancy is going well for you! You have a beautiful family!

  18. You couldn’t look prettier with that bump, which is the best accessory! I LOVE your glasses. I wear Chanels, but I think I might have to check out your Derek Lams!

  19. THAT DRESS IS AMAZING AMBER! Seriously…Obsessed! Loving all of your photos from Paris (I’m heading there for the first time in December and your photos are inspiring me). Atticus is so so sweet, I love when babies reach monkey status, though that does make them a lot of work doesn’t it?

  20. LOVE your dress + sweater combo! This outfit looks chic and comfortable for exploring on vacation – hope you have an amazing time!

    1. OH my goodness!!! Thank you so much babe!! You are the nicest!! Thanks for being so sweet! xoxo

  21. I’m always a fan of your style, but I’ve been particularly loving it lately! That dress looks spectacular!


  22. I adore that dress! Definitely have been trying to wear more statement pieces recently. I generally stay with neutrals, however I find I feel way more confident the days that I wear a pop of something. You wear this so well!

    1. Thank you so much!! I am obsessed with it!! I am so glad you like it 🙂 I know exactly what you mean, I think this pattern is so flattering on everyone too!

  23. The statement dress is super cute, the colors are perfect for fall. I love the messy updo paired with the glasses, it gives off such a cool vibe! This seems like the perfect outfit to explore Paris in 🙂

  24. Amber, uhhhh, love this post! Love this , well everything. Buying the Cardigan and lipstick! Hope you 3 are having the best time! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much gorgeous!! I am so glad to hear that!! And we had an amazing time, thanks love! xoxo

  25. Love your blog! With all your traveling, how do you keep Atticus on a sleep routine since you are always in different time zones. Also where ever yiu travel do you get people asking for your autograph? Silly question but with almost a million followers I would assume you do!

    1. Thank you so much Kelsey!! I am so glad you read along!! And it can be really difficult to maintain our sleep routine!! If the time change is only a couple hours. we will just stay on our time zone if that makes sense? But when it is more like this latest trip, we just adjust him over the time. The first day is rough though! Wish I had more advice! When we are out and about during nap time, he will usually fall asleep in his stroller 🙂 And I have had a few people ask for it, but mainly just pictures! It’s so fun to meet followers, I absolutely love it! 🙂

  26. I love this look! And that’s such a great way to integrate statement pieces in for just a fun day look, with a cardigan and flats. Those crepes look ah-mazing!!! You are definitely moving Paris up the list on places to visit next!

    xo Angela Kezar

    1. Thank you so much Angela!! I am so glad you like the look 🙂 That means a lot to me!! And omg yes the crepes were heaven! I miss them already!

    1. Thank you love!! And omg you are too kind!! I love getting him ready each day 🙂 And I have had a few suggestions to do a tutorial for this, so I may!! I am so happy you like it! xo

  27. That dress! {Insert heart eye emojis here}! It’s absolute perfection.

  28. Disregard the lipstick question! I see that you included the color in the link under the photos (I was using the one in the paragraph). Haha! Pay attention, Lisa! Its Friday…apparently my brain is already in the weekend.

    1. Oh sorry I just saw this!! I am glad you found it though 🙂 I hope you’re having a great week so far!!! Thanks for reading along!! xo

  29. Beautiful photos! I have been loving the floral statement pieces this summer and the dress you are wearing is a beautiful transition into the deeper fall colors. Question for you…what shade is the NARS lipstick you are wearing? The link you included brings me to the Sephora page but doesn’t show the shade. Thank you! Have a fantastic trip!

  30. You look gorgeous Amber! Loving your photos from Paris. Thank you for sharing these wonderful moments with us. I’m glad you and your hubby were able to sneak away for a date night! Enjoy the rest of your vacation! <3

    1. Thank you so much Jenny!! I am so happy you liked the post yay!! Thank you for reading!! xo

  31. Hello Amber <3
    I can see you're in Paris now!! I live there, I'm such a big fan of your blog (and your hair), I have my eyes wide open when I walk in the streets right now, just in case I spot you 🙂 I'm working in the fashion field and you're such a great inspiration to me!! Thanks for all your really cool posts! Bises, enjoy your Parisian stay!!

    1. Hi love!! We LOVED Paris!! What an amazing place to live! Lucky you!! I wish I could have met you though! Thanks for following along and for the sweet comment!! xoxo

  32. Love this dress so much, it’s so pretty. I’ve never been to Paris but it looks so lovely there. x

  33. You loook so pretty amber!!????
    Paris is really an amazing place been there twice☺️
    Also i needed some help from you for fitness if you can tell me some home exercise for loosing weight from hip and thighs it’ll be greatt!
    Give atticus a big huggie from me ????

    1. Thank you so much love!! You are so sweet! We had a great time in Paris! It’s one of my favorite places 🙂 And I am wanting to make more workout videos on my Youtube video after I have my baby girl, so stay tuned!! xoxo

  34. Your bag is so cool! The one from Celine from your bike trip as well!
    Greeting from Heidelberg, Germany

    1. You’re life inspires me!!! I hope to have an adorable family to travel to Paris with. Love the dress and glasses combo too!