Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Apple Picking with her FamilyBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Apple Picking with her FamilyBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Apple Picking with her FamilyBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Apple Picking with her FamilyBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Apple Picking with her FamilyBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Apple Picking with her FamilyBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Apple Picking with her FamilyBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Apple Picking with her FamilyBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Apple Picking with her FamilyBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Apple Picking with her FamilyBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Apple Picking with her FamilyBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Apple Picking with her FamilyBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Apple Picking with her FamilyBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Apple Picking with her FamilyBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Apple Picking with her FamilyBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Apple Picking with her Family

SWEATER: Maje (similar here) / JEANS: Rag & Bone / BOOTS: Hunter / ATTICUS’ JUMPSUIT: Rylee and Cru / ATTICUS’ SHOES: Hunter

  1. Every time we go visit a farm I say, “thats it family, we are movin to a farm!” oh man, it looks so great. But I can’t keep a plant alive let alone a whole farm.
  2. One of the best parts of apple picking is the apple cider donuts afterwards!
  3. Atticus was so thrilled to ride a pony until he realized we wouldn’t be the ones walking around the little path with him! He lost it!
  4. Both my lil sweeties lovvvve apples! They were munching on them the entire time.
  5. David told us it was going to be “so cold” so I got everyone in long sleeves and sweaters. After apple picking we were all so sweaty!!! We were shedding the kid’s layers but I didn’t have anything under mine wah. It was 72 degrees that day.
  6. We love to jam out to Jimmy Eat World in the car.
  7. Every single time I am in charge of gps/directions, I get distracted and we end up missing at least 2 turns and add on at least 20 minutes to the trip. Sorry Davey :/
  8. Atticus has been doing so great at his speech therapy this week and we have seen some big improvements, I am soooo proud of him!!! He is trying so hard and I love watching him be so proud of himself. I just look at him and can’t believe he is mine. He gives me the best and tightest hugs. Even though I long soooo bad for the day he is able to say “i love you” I will take a million hugs until then. I will probably burst into tears when he is finally able to say it though. He is so smart and sweet!
  9. We have only 26 days left in New York City.
  10. A while ago we randomly went to this amazing Italian restaurant by accident – it was a small menu and expensive so we considered leaving – but it ended up being one of my favorite meals in the city so far! We wanted to go back but couldn’t find what the restaurant was and finally found the name – Scarpetta!!! Guys, its so good. Get the ravioli with mint and peas! And you will die at how yummy the bread is that they bring out before the meal! We plan to go again this weekend.
  11. The election is coming up and stressin me out. Who to choose.. Alec or Kate… 😉
  12. Rosie turns one year old in exactly two weeks!!! So excited to celebrate our darling angel!

David’s brother and his wife get in town today so we will be partying with them this weekend! We also filmed a little vlog/video while apple picking so if you want to watch. Have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. What Camera do you use to take the pictures! 🙂 Beautiful family <3

  2. Hey Amber!
    Was wondering what lipstick you’re wearing? Its so so pretty!!!

  3. This is such a cute post! Your family is so adorable (as always)! It made me so happy to read what you had to say about Atticus, you’re such an amazing mother!

    Lauren Emily Lindmark

  4. Hi,
    I loved your sweater too & I did find one here that is perfect!
    Have an amazing day.
    X t.

  5. I love all your family photos! You guys always look like you’re having such fun <3


  6. Amber- love your vids/vlogs and your adorable little family. Could you and your husband do a special vlog about Atticus’ speech and your journey through that? My son is also speech delayed as many of the moms on this thread have kids who are… and all of us our going through the same struggles and worries. It would be great if you Spoke about your personal experiences with that and all the progress that he has made.

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet comment, so glad you are following along! And I love that idea, thank you!! It is nice to hear from other moms going through the same thing 🙂

      1. Yes!!! My daughter is speech delayed and I would love to hear more about your story! I also wanted to share some things that seemed to have helped my daughter (along with a lot of other kids).

        Fish oil supplements! The Nordic Naturals ProEFA seems to be the most highly recommended for speech delay. Definitely google it.

        Also, and don’t think I’m crazy because I’ve never been one of those essential oils people, …… but Frankincense!! I just recently started this for my daughter and I really see it making a difference. Google this too!! 🙂

        1. I would love for you to do a post about that too. My son is currently in speech because he was a “little behind” and its been so comforting to know that others are going through the same thing.

  7. Great blog. Being a fellow blonde…I like to see the hairstyles.

  8. So cute! Rosie and Atticus look adorable in their outfits! I also really want to buy some extensions but unfortunately i live in New Zealand. I didn’t even realise that Atticus had trouble speaking but i am sure that first time he says I love you it will be magical!

  9. Atticus’s little giggle as he petted the goat!!! Priceless, good luck with the move. I didn’t realize it was so soon, can’t wait to see what your new place looks like.

    xoxo, ︎ rachael | Instagram

    1. He was soo excited!! I love rewatching it 🙂 Thanks for the nice comment! We are excited for what’s to come 🙂

  10. I can’t believe Rosie is almost a year old! I’ve been following since you had just had Atticus, and it feels like you -just- had baby Rosie! Time sure does fly.

    I wish I’d had more time to go apple picking this year, I love going to Linvilla orchards during the summer and fall for the fresh produce. :))

    xx Kate

  11. I love love love your instagram and blog! You have such an amazing family, blessings to all of you! I wish you the best( btw congrats on your hair extensions!) i just wanted to write to you and let you know that atticus will speak when HIS time is right. I have a three year old that JUST started speaking and saying complete sentences but at first I was just as worried as you. I even remember his playschool teacher telling I needed to get some speach therapy help. But my very wise grandma said to me that it was nonsense and he was going to speak when his time was right…and just like that it happened. Now my boy wont stop talking!! Haha its really funny. Anyways, be patient and keep being that awesome that you are. Greating from Chile!!! Lots of love

  12. Being in boston, we LOVE apple picking and YES, the apple cider donuts are the best part!!!!! probably why I always love going…until I realize that I ate three by myself 🙂

  13. So so so sweet to hear Atticus calling you “ma!” on the vlog. Loved this one so much. Your little ones look like they had such a blast munching on apples, watching David juggle, petting the goats, oh gosh. Just made me so happy! Seriously, I can’t watch your vlogs when other people are around, otherwise everyone asks me what I’m smiling at 😀 Enjoy your last few weeks in NYC, and can’t wait to see the celebration of Rosie’s first birthday!

    1. Aww thank you!! And wow really?! I love hearing that!! I love seeing his progress so far 🙂

      1. Yes. From Kindergarten to grade 2, they worked with him on his speech. He would go twice a week. Really helped him. Atticus will do soo good!
        -Sanjay ?

  14. Wonderful, wonderful photos of a beautiful family! Simply L O V E the kids and you:-)

  15. Rosie’s bonnet and her little chubby thighs are sooooo cute! I miss the time when my teenagers were little!

  16. Can you please tell us where you really got the sweater? The links don’t look like it at all

    1. I couldn’t find the exact sweater unfortunately but I linked the brand- Maje and tried to find similar ones. Sorry about that!

  17. Omg, #7 happened to me the whole day today!!! It’s so frustrating whenever you have to add an extra 20 mins to a already long trip. Beautiful photos like always!

  18. You look beautiful as always! My son is in speech therapy too and I can’t wait for the day when I hear his sweet little voice, I hear ya. We are longing for more Fall like weather down here in the South too…?

  19. Ohmygosh these photos are gorgeous, Atticus and Rosie look soooo cute! I love that picture of David and Rosie, its just beautiful. xxxxxxxxx Isobel

  20. such a cute little fam! i love the idea of having traditional apple picking in the fall!

  21. Can’t wait to see what you have planned for little Rosie’s birthday!

  22. Hi amber!! These pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Where were these photos taken?! xoxo

  23. Loved this post! The pictures are so cute! So proud of Atticus- I love hearing updates on him! 🙂 And can’t believe you only have 26 days left in the city. I’m sure it’s bittersweet. Have a good weekend!

  24. ‘Tis the season! SO excited for the holidays and this post gets me more excited! Such a precious family x

    For more fashion and lifestyle from LA check out my blog and don’t forget to subscribe!

  25. Amber. The bee part of the vlog was the best. lol I had to watch it a couple times. Lol
    Love you guys

  26. these are the sweetest photos ever. I’ve never been apple picking and your entire post made me want to go now!

  27. All I have to say is ….. apple. cider. doughnuts. I am so jealous.
    Also, you guys look lovely as always and I absolutely am in love with your sweater <3 So pretty !


  28. You look gorgeous in the pictures !! Your sweeter is so pretty and looks so comfortable! Your family is adorable, you seem so happy together!! ??

  29. Awh this is so sweet! I absolutely love being able to see the joy of your family on here and it makes me so excited for my own future! I’ve always dreamed of moving to New York and traveling the world with a loved one, so watching your YouTube inspires me so much. It gives me a little push every day to work hard to achieve my dreams. I hope you know that you inspire many girls with your beautiful family and soul. 🙂

  30. Amber, when are you restocking your hair extensions?! So happy for you that they sold out so quickly but sad I didn’t get any!<3

    1. Hi love!! We will be restocking November 25th for our official launch 🙂 xoxo

  31. Aw these photos are gorgeous! I am in love with that pink sweater. Apple picking is so so fun – definitely on my to-do list for next year. Look at Rosie’s sweet little baby teeth! Such adorable babies. Have fun this weekend! It is always the most fun to have great Italian food 😉


  32. Every time I’m in charge of directions, I do the same thing! I completely get distracted and then our trip ends up being longer! So funny. I love Rosie’s little bonnet! She is a doll!

    Carrie |

  33. I love the apple orchards too!! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you so much!! I die at her teeth, if only they could stay like that 😉