Barefoot Blonde Amber and the kids in nursery with Joss and MainBarefoot Blonde Amber and Rosie in her nurseryBarefoot Blonde Amber and Rosie on the pink couchBarefoot Blonde Amber and the family with Joss and MainBarefoot Blonde Rosie in the hallwayBarefoot Blonde Amber and the family in the bedroom with Joss and MainBarefoot Blonde Amber and fam in the nurseryBarefoot Blonde Amber and Rosie in front of the cribBarefoot Blonde Amber and Rosie in the Nursery with Joss and MainBarefoot Blonde Amber and Atticus on the couch Barefoot Blonde Pink CouchBarefoot Blonde Amber and Rosie through her dressBarefoot Blonde Rosie in the cribBarefoot Blonde Amber and the kids in front of the cribBarefoot Blonde Amber and the kids playing in the nurseryBarefoot Blonde Amber and the family on the bedBarefoot Blonde Amber and Roise playing in the cribBarefoot Blonde pink couchBarefoot Blonde Atticus playing in the nurseryBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Master Bedroom in NYC ApartmentBarefoot Blonde Amber playing with Rosie in the cribBarefoot Blonde Amber and Rosie playing on the rugBarefoot Blonde Rosie playing in the cribBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup Master Bedroom in NYC ApartmentBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup in NYC Apartment

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YAY!! Today I am finally revealing Rosie’s nursery and our master bedroom! I love how they both turned out and Rosie’s room quickly became the hang out spot because we all just love being in there. Rosie’s room suits her so well! I love pink everything and since she has such a sweet personality we went with a very girly theme. We worked with Joss and Main to get most of the amazing pieces in there. I think my favorite piece is her light fixture. I have already said this before on here but that is always my favorite part of the decorating process – getting the light fixture up! Just ties everything together. A lot of you had been asking about her new rug too! We had a shag rug in there but it would shed evvverywhere and it was super annoying so we got a new one from Joss & Main and I am in love with it! I also love the fur rug to layered on top!

I also really love the white dresser in our room. We previously had a vintage wooden dresser (that I do love) but as soon as we got the white one in there it felt like a breath of fresh air and so much cleaner. I think for small spaces white is the way to go so it feels bigger and more open. I always have to have color though so I love this rug from Joss and Main and the art and pillows for pops of color.

I will do a video tour of our apartment soon so you can see the layout and my closet and everything. I love our apartment so much!!! Going to miss it for sure.

Thanks to Joss and Main for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Lovely spaces!— I think we all really want to know you PAINT COLORS!!! 🙂

  2. What is the name of the white/ivory rug in the nursery from Joss & Main? I can’t find the it anywhere and I love it!! Thank you

  3. Hi Amber! I love your style! Just curious how do you keep your babies from getting into everything? I have an 11 month old & she’s literally crawling up our fireplace (which we had blocked off) but she just gets in there! Would love some mom advice ?

  4. Your home is stunning!!! Love how shabby chic it is! Also, love all the usage of colors!


  5. Amber, Love, love, love your blog. I’m wondering what your paint colors are. They look like two different whites here.

  6. Beautiful! I love the simplicity of the design! I’m happy to hear that you will be doing a video tour, looking forward to take a peek into your closet. You have such a great wardrobe. I’ve always wondered how you manage to store all of your clothes/baby items. I’m struggling myself, never enough space!

  7. I think these pictures are among my favorites that you’ve ever posted. Everything is so perfect. I love how simple and classy everything is. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  8. Looks amazing, of course! Such great inspo as we are about to re-do our master and add a nursery for the first time to our home 🙂 I love the bed and how it has an “end” to it, I am searching the internet for something so similar! I did click on the Joss and Main link but that bed isn’t listed there – just a similar blue one that’s tufted. Is that bed from Joss and Main or is it from somewhere else? Thank you!

  9. Oh my gosh Rosie’s room is so darling! I love how you decorate. I can’t wait to see all the fun you have decorating your new home too! Also would love to see an apartment tour video so I’ll be on the lookout 🙂

  10. It looks amazing, that elephant print is so cute! I love this look and Rosie looks darling in that dress!

  11. I can’t believe I’m the only one asking this but please share where your dress is from! Love everything about this post ?

  12. i just saw on your Snapchat your studded boots that you wore today – could you pleaseeee tell me where they’re from? i’ve been looking everywhere for those kind of booties! am such a huge fan of you!

  13. Beautiful!!! We are building a home and I would LOVE to know your paint color??? It’s gorgeous and we are having such a hard time choosing an interior color. Thanks so much!

  14. Gorgeous Room Amber!!!! And You can tell she loves it ! One thing I would like to say and please dont take me wrong its non of my business but my baby is a month younger than Rosie and His crib is adjusted to the lowest level for the mattress so he doesn’t try to escape ?? Just a little subjection. Greetings from sunny Sarasota ??

  15. Is the light fixture that you love the lamp on the dresser? Otherwise- I can’t find it in any of the photos!

  16. Love it so much and I’m totally new to your blog so can’t wait to see more we have a lot in common as I read your bio and live near you with my family and I am 25 as well!

  17. I am also 25 and have two kids, a husband and a dog. I live in New York city as well and have similar taste

  18. Her room is adorable! I can’t believe you guys finally got your apartment perfect and now you’re leaving! Where is your dress from, it’s so beautiful I love it!! Love you guys! 🙂

  19. What a beautiful nursery!

    I also want to say how much I love seeing your posts with Atticus. I have a 13 month old little boy and it makes me so sad seeing him get older, but then I see how adorable and fun Atticus is and it gets me excited for what’s to come. So thank you for sharing him with us! (Rosie is adorable too 🙂

  20. These are SO sweet! I love all the white and the touches of pink are just so sweet. LOVE that white dress!

  21. Where did you get the bench? I didn’t see it listed on your Joss & Main page. You can go ahead and send it to me in the mail for my free fan-girl gift! 😉 haha.

  22. Everything is SO perfect I specially love the dress! But how a white carpet in a nursery?

  23. I love the white, everything looks so bright it really makes for a great atmosphere! Love your dress by the way! xxx

    1. Pretty proud to see my sister-in-law’s dress on Rosie!

  24. Cute nursery and beautiful room! We are pregnant with our first baby (yay!) and I have been in nonstop Pinterest nursery hunting idea mode. I can’t get it off my mind and can’t wait to decorate!

  25. I love your apartment!!
    My husband and I are looking to move to NYC next year and I’d love to hear your tips and tricks on finding an apartment in the city! We have a baby and big dog too and I have loved seeing both of your apartments.

  26. Amber the pictures look so beautiful! What time of the day was this? (The lighting was on point too)

  27. Love everything…..was wondering where you got the sheepskin bench in your master? I have been looking for one that wasn’t white….love the grey (or is it blue)!!!!!

  28. I like how bright and clean white can be but so much white in a home can easily look really stark and lifeless. Definitely not the case with your room. Hope you don’t go too crazy keeping everything clean.

  29. Everything is so beautiful! I also really love the wallpaper in (I believe) Rosie’s room. Can you tell me where you got it and what it’s called? Thank you!

  30. Where is the pink couch, floral wallpaper and elephant print from? I love it.

  31. Love it! So cute! I just went and bought the elephant print because my son’s nursery theme is elephants. 🙂 I can’t wait to see the video.


  33. So beautiful! I’m decorating my baby’s nursery right now and am in love with that crib! Who is it made by?

  34. Such an adorable pictures. I love your family. I follow you on insta. However, this is my first post here. Loved the pink sofa and decor around it. Just a quick Q, wall behind this sofa – have you used wall paper or are those wall stickers> Waiting for your video. Takecare and hugs to R & A 🙂

  35. Gorgeous pictures, and gorgeous kids!! I was wondering if you had a a “binder” where I can find your posts concerning travel? Xx

  36. Beautiful lighting everywhere!! Love it!!
    Hope your new house would be as pretty as this one??

  37. Everything is SO perfect and I specially love the dress!! But how in the world a *white* carpet in the nursery? -.-

  38. Both of these rooms are to die! I love all of the pieces, especially that white dresser and I couldn’t agree with you more that white pieces make a space look so much bigger!


    1. Just wanted to give a shout out to my sister-in-law for the cute dress:

  39. I love your apartment, it is so dreamy! And I swear, Rosie’s hair has grown like overnight!

    I just blogged about making homemade baby food and ways to make it easier for us mamas, would love it you checked it out! 🙂

    Bree |

  40. Hi, Amber! I love your home. I have a question that is unrelated to this post, but when you guys first moved to NYC you said it was because of something big you were working on….was it your new hair extension line?

  41. This is all so dreamy… Love everything!! Can we trade houses please??? Also I can’t believe how grown up Atticus looks in these pictures! What a cutie <3

    xoxo, ︎ rachael | Instagram