this is who i am. i am anxiety girl. i stress. i break out because of it. and i lose sleep because of it. (not really.. i slept in til 12:30 today. whoops. lauren came home and said “youre still in bed” my response…”youre NOT in bed???”
where does all this stress come from you ask?
well let me tell you.
i planned a car wash. (for breast cancer) however winter came barging in one night uninvited.. so that fell through.. OBVI. ugh.
soo im now planning a charity auction!
i had no idea so much went into planning a charity auction..
its stressing me out so bad! so much to do!
if anyone has anything they can auction off or knows anyone who has connections: TELL ME!!!
i need gift cards, day passes to ski resorts, haunted house tickets, gift baskets, electronics, ANYTHING!
the auction will be on October 24th.. Im inviting Arlington, Belmont, King Henry, Highland Park, and Alpine Village wards and it will be a MASSIVE FHE NIGHT! anyone is invited and i want everyone there! so spread the word sparky.

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  1. haha jess you are too funny!!! but if youre seriously getting rid of them id be happppy to take them!!! what all is there?! that would be so good!! and so funny about your thank you notes haha i hate doing those so bad so i dont blame you for putting off hundreds!! love you!!

  2. If you want unwanted wedding gifts..they’re all yours. Haha we have no where to put them and I’m about to just leave them on the streets!