Barefoot Blonde Hair by Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde Hair by Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde Hair by Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde Hair by Amber FillerupBarefoot Blonde Hair by Amber Fillerup

I am sooo excited to write this post!! All of you probably know by now that I love and always wear hair extensions! I am always open about the fact that I wear them and have talked about them over the years. I started wearing hair extensions in high school. My hair is long but naturally VERY thin. So I loved that I could have thick hair and do more hair styles. I became obsessed with them and eventually they just became a part of my every day routine. Even on lazy days I throw in a couple hair extensions and they make top knots look 100 times better! Some of you maybe remember when we first moved to New York City and in the first initial blog post where I announced the move I mentioned we would have an exciting announcement soon. WELL.. over two years later (not so soon after all) here we are! We have never created a product based business before and we learned that it is HARD! Especially since we had all of these other projects going on with deadlines and having two babies during the time we started too! So many times it was taking so long and things seemed to just not be working out that I hit a point where I was so done and was like — this is just not happening! But it ended up being such a blessing in disguise that it took so long because things ended up working out better than they would have.

I am so excited and feel so incredibly happy with how everything turned out. David and I worked on this alone – meaning we didn’t have a partner or investors or anything like that and this is our first time doing anything like this so we may need to get the hang of this at first but I am confident it will all go as planned! Our PRE ORDER will begin Monday October 24th at 12pm EST and it will go through October 27th or while supplies last!! This means you will get the hair before the actual launch day and make sure you get your color before any sell out 🙂 We will have a color matching video to help anyone who is trying to decide between two colors but my best advice if you are unsure is to ask your hairdresser! Just text her the link and ask her which of the two you debating would work best with the color she used. Having been a hairdresser I would have loved to have done this for a client! We will have tons of how to videos to come to help make sure you are using and blending them perfectly. Even if you don’t wear them everyday like I do, you can wear them for a wedding, prom, or just to have for special date nights or times when you want an extra chunky braid or your top knot needs some help 😉

We are starting with 12 colors and I know a lot of you have asked about certain colors but just know we will be adding new colors ASAP and I want to use this pre order to get an idea of what colors specifically you guys want. All of the feedback we can get would be awesome!! Even if you could tweet me a good photo of your hair so I can see the color I will do my best to find a color that matches! As soon as we can get a new color up on the site, we will. We plan to add new colors each couple of months. So please let us know, even if its pink or blue or grey or anything.

I also just want to say thank you so much for all of your sweet comments, emails, tweets, everything in response to my first announcement over social media. Honestly, it means so much to me and I really really love you guys! Thank you so much for supporting us through the years and I hope you guys love your BAREFOOT BLONDE HAIR!!!! These are all of the things I was looking for with my hair extensions!!

#1 Obviously, overall good hair. I have worn over 30 brands of clip in hair extensions and feel like I am a good judge of knowing when a girl has good extensions or not. The hair needs shine but not too much, you want thickness but the ends can’t be too blunt.. etc etc!! There were tons of things that factor into this, I could go on for hours!

#2 Thickness. Not all hair extensions come the same… when someone says the grams that come in a pack – that is talking about how much hair you get. BUT some extensions are really thick on top and get thin on bottom. That is not helpful at all for any girl wearing hair extensions because the whole point is to get thickness on bottom! I wanted thickness throughout the entire weft so girls would have thick hair without it feeling to heavy at the base.

#3 Good clips. I am lazy so when I put in my hair extensions I want it to take me literally 60 seconds. And I could probably clip all of mine in 45 seconds 😉 (granted I have been doin this a long time ha) but because I like to do it quick I want to be able to clip them super quickly and know they will stay in, even if my kid tugs on my hair. Ain’t no one want their hair fallin’ out in public haha! These clips hold SO well. You don’t need to backcomb or add hairspray or any of those tricks, just clip them in.

#4 Packaging. AH I love our packaging so much! I wanted to have beautiful boxes that someone wouldn’t want to throw away. All the extensions I bought came in such boring boxes or just in a plastic sleeve and nothing else. I wanted it to be fun. We are also switching up the pattern on the box every few months to make it fun! They are and all will be custom prints! So excited about our next print too!

#5 LOTS of other stuff that will come shortly after launch to help the extensions buying process easier and less intimidating, but I will try not to totally bore you guys today!!!!!



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  1. Hey! I love the dress featured in this blog post and I would love to wear it to my senior prom this year! Where did you purchase it?

  2. I really really love the hair and the color of my extensions, but 5 of the clips have already broken on my set. I have only had them since mid December I don’t sleep with them or anything and I always store them in a good place, but I am a little disappointed in the fact that they have already broken. If there is a warranty or anyway to replace them that would be great. I will be a repeat customer, but I have had several sets of extensions good and bad but none of the clips have ever broken on me.

    Thank you,
    Paige Dillard

    1. Hi Paige, so sorry to hear this! Yes absolutely let’s get this taken care of. This is our first case of reported broken clips so we’re happy to make sure you get a new set and figure out what happened. Please reach out to our customer service at and they’ll take care of you. So sorry again!

      1. Thanks for the awesome and speedy customer service from you and your team! Will be a repeat barefoot blonde extensions customer and avid blog follower!!


  3. I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS DRESS! I can’t find it on the attatched link… do you remember the name of it? Do you also remember the price? That and the hait combination is just perfect!!!! Please let me know, thanks sooooooo much!

  4. I cannot wait for the “blondes” to be back in stock. Everything you describe about the extensions sounds awesome

  5. Hi Amber!! I love reading your blog, you have the SWEETEST little fam. I have a golden too that looks exactly like Chauncey! I am wanting to go to cosmetology school, and wondered if you had any tips in terms of how to make sure you are picking a great school. Keep being beautiful, best wishes to you and your family!!! <3

  6. Amber , I L❤️VE your new line . I have a couple of questions that I could t find the answer to on your website . 1). If the color doesn’t match , can we return them ? 2). Everything is sold out- when will your launch take place so we can place an order ?

  7. When will you get a new shipment?? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Melt My Heart (#8/613) and would love to have extensions for my New Years Eve wedding. Any information about when you’look be stocked again would be fantastic!

  8. Hey amber, I am 15 and looking for extensions. I love love love your hair and what you do to it. You are so uplifting and beautiful!! I can’t afford all the expensive hair extension prices though. Do you have any suggestions or know of cheaper extensions. What did you use when you started using them?

  9. Back in 2013, I spoke to you when I became Little Miss Calgary 2013. I have been literally following you since I was 8! I turn 13 next Sunday & want to order some extensions but need help on what colour would match…I’m on INSTA now at @grace.pound if u have the time, would love the follow too! Xo Gracey

  10. I can NOT wait for you to restock, I’ve got my eye on honey dipped. I love the fact that it has three colours, so many ombre extension only have two. My own ombre goes from a medium dark brown to a light caramel blonde, so a lot of time the blunt difference in colour in the extensions can be pretty noticeable. This is so exciting!

  11. Hey Amber! This is so awesome! I’m a redhead and I’d love to send you a pic to see if you’ll have extensions in my color but I don’t have Twitter. Can I send you a pic via snapchat? Can’t wait to see all the video tutorials and try them out!

  12. Beautiful! I would love to buy 26″ extensions as my hair is too long for the 21″. 🙂

  13. Looks wonderful and SO very happy for you! I will be ordering Sweet Cola when you get more in stock. I can hardly wait as this is perfect for you have the best information and videos about extensions ever. All the best on this endeavor.

  14. Yay! I’m currently wanting to buy new extensions! Could you show what the clips look like and how to put them in and/or what order to put them in? Also it would be great if you could show how to create different styles with the extensions!

  15. Hi Amber!
    I saw that my color- brown sugar is sold out- do u plan on restocking the colors?
    Thanks so much!

  16. Love it!! I just ordered some extensions elsewhere and wish I had waited a week to purchase yours! That being said, I’m a shade somewhere between “Sweet Cola” and “Blackberry”, so I don’t quite have a match with your brand (yet!)…But I can’t wait to see how this new endeavor unfolds for you Amber!! Sending so much love, light and positivity your way! xx

  17. I am very disappointed that your site does not include information on where the hair comes from, whether the people who sold/donated it were adequately compensated, how you monitor for ethical problems etc.

    1. This will be added to the FAQ by launch day! Feel free to do any research on this topic in the meantime! Thanks!

  18. Ahhh! This is so exciting!! I have never worn extensions (having naturally fast-growing long and relatively thick hair), but I still can’t seem to get the fullness you do in your hairstyles…. so maybe I’ll have to give these a try someday. Honestly, knowing that you have worn so many different extensions over so many years makes me trust that I would be happy with yours. Going to put it on my “Someday” list! VERY excited for you and David. Starting a new product line business on your own from scratch, that’s no small feat! I hope you two do something fun to celebrate the beginning together! Congratulations!!! (PS I looked just for fun and my color is already sold out – so looks like others are just as excited as I am!) xoxo

  19. I just ordered! Congratulations… Your extensions will be going to Cape Town, South Africa!

  20. I am so incredibly happy for you and David! This line of work totally suits you and I think it’s important that you care so much about what your customers want!! I admire you more and more with each post you have on social media (I’ve been following for a few yrs now) and I sure hope I can be as successful and happy as y’all are someday. Love this & love everything you stand for ? Best of luck on your new venture!

  21. Hi Amber!
    So excited to get these beautiful extensions :). I have shoulder length hair and wonder if 21 inches will be too long/unrealistic for me. I know you’re site is just up and running, but I wondered if you have a rough time line of when/if you might be adding some other lengths. Thanks so much!

  22. Hi Amber! I have NEVER used ectendions, but I am obsessed with your hair! SO definitely wanna try them out. Just wondering what colour I would need. Not sure between “Blackberry,” “sweet Cola” and “black liquorice.” I saw that you had asked if we could tweet a pic of our hair or something so you could help with colours. I don’t have twitter, so if someone from your team could maybe check out my blog at or my instagram @olivebell to look at my hair? lol.. Maybe I can get some help with choosing the right colour! Thanks in advance,

  23. This is so amazing!! I have read all your posts about extensions! I’ve been afraid to try any yet, but would buy your brand of extensions in a heartbeat so… please let us all know when you add some options for all of us gingers:)

  24. I really want to order some of your extensions, they look lovely! However I was wondering what the return policy is incase the hair does not match/work out before I purchase. Thanks!(:

  25. I’m disappointment to see there aren’t any shades of auburn or red 🙁 Hopefully this will be changed soon?

  26. Wow Amber! This is amazing! I am so incredibly overjoyed for you. I have been following you for quite a number of years and it is amazing to see you grow into a marvelous successful business woman! I am currently about to graduate college and I gain so much confidence about the future from you in the way that you live your life. If you want something, make it happen. Wishing you all of the happiness in the world. You have created a beautiful life for you and your family. PS. You are rocking that gorgeous mustard dress. May be my all time favorite photo of you. <3

  27. Hi Amber! The extensions and presentation are gorgeous. I am considering a purchase, but after looking at all the photos I realized that my hair is in-between Melt My Heart and Honey Dipped (although not ombre), and I don’t think either one is a great fit for my dark blonde base and highlights. I’m looking forward to seeing more color options!

    Good luck with your new venture!

  28. Wow this is so exciting!! I’m sure the hair extensions will be amazing and the box is absolutely adorable. You’re so good at hair, this is perfect for you!!

    xx, Hannah

  29. The hair is absolutely beautiful, Amber!!! Thick!

    I was wondering, is it real human hair? Please share more about it! 🙂

    Blessings!!! Net

  30. Yay!!!! Can’t wait to replace my ratty old extensions with some of these!

  31. These extensions are so beautiful!! Please do a giveaway once the site starts up officially! I’m a poor college student, but want to have beautiful locks of hair lol!

  32. I am so excited that my first experience with hair extensions will be from your brand (just placed my order)! Congratulations on perservering the years of hard work & delays to get this launched! Can’t wait to try them out and give you feedback. Love you guys!!

  33. So happy for you launching this! They look gorgeous and will definitely be ordering some after Christmas!!! Congratulations on finally making it happen xx

  34. Congratulations!!!! I’m definitely going to check these out, I stupidly cut my hair short for summer and want it back so badly!!
    Gorgeous photography as also, your hair looks so fabulous! xx

  35. Just placed my order-can’t wait to try them out!! Congratulations on the launch, and best of luck!! xo

  36. Hi Amber!

    Congratulations on this very exciting line! I love the look of these extensions and wish I could order. In the future, will you be coming out with any more color options? I’m a dirty/medium blonde (7N toner) and none of the extensions are really close to my hair color.

    Thanks so much 🙂

    1. from amber’s post above “We are starting with 12 colors and I know a lot of you have asked about certain colors but just know we will be adding new colors ASAP and I want to use this pre order to get an idea of what colors specifically you guys want. All of the feedback we can get would be awesome!! Even if you could tweet me a good photo of your hair so I can see the color I will do my best to find a color that matches! As soon as we can get a new color up on the site, we will. We plan to add new colors each couple of months. So please let us know, even if its pink or blue or grey or anything.” 🙂

  37. Whoo hoo!! I just ordered some. I can’t wait to try them out. These will be my first hair extensions. 🙂 Thank you so much!

  38. So happy for this new endeavor for your family! This makes so much sense for you!
    I have red, strawberry blonde, and blonde hair so I cannot wait to see the red/blonde extensions!!!

  39. I was really excited to order extensions, but although it says “free shipping worldwide” I was charged $20 for shipping to Canada when I checked out!

    1. So sorry about this, obviously we’re still working out some kinks. We’ll take care of it immediately though! If you wouldn’t mind emailing we’ll immediately get it sorted for you. International shipping definitely is free:) As a side note, thank you Canada for the “America, you’re already great!” video:)

  40. Love that you’re doing this!! I already have long hair that is somewhat thick but I’m debating buying them just for braids/buns! Just trying to decide if I can justify the cost to my husband haha but it’s totally reasonable for good quality extensions!! So proud of you!!

  41. How long are the extensions? I couldn’t find a length option. Thanks xx.

    1. Sorry you couldn’t find it Stacey. They are all 21″ for now. You should find the length in the product description. We’re collecting feedback now to see what other lengths, weights, and colors everyone is requesting and we’ll slowly grow our collection. Thanks!

  42. Amazing!!! I absolutely LOVE the packaging & how exciting his this for you & your family!!!! Good job & God Bless!!!

  43. This is so exciting! I’ve got to say, you have me sold on the extensions! I don’t really need any as I have long hair, but I’m thinking I might just order some to thicken my braids and top knots! Also, the packaging is absolutely beautiful!

    Congrats again!

  44. Hey, I’m really looking forward to trying hair extensions. Your hair styles really inspire me. But I have 2 questions: 1. Will you be able to ship to Europe? 2. I have a shoulder lengh blunt bob, is it possible to add extensions to that? Or will it look totally unnatural?

    Wish you guys all the best in the adventure! Keep at it, you two!!!

    Love from Berlin

  45. Congratulations Amber! I have been following you for quite sometime and your hair always looks so beautiful! I have been wanting extensions for quite sometime and haven’t ever made the push to actually get some. I think this might be the sign that it’s about time that I do x

    Liz | LotsofLoveLiz

  46. Loved this post! Super excited to order your extensions. I have been a huge fan of yours, and you are a total inspiration. If you’re interested check out my blog at . We just started blogging and our style and topic are totally different, but I would love if you checked it out 🙂

  47. I am SO excited about this!! And so happy for you! You seriously deserve this so much and I can’t wait to support you and buy some! ?

  48. I am Sooooo Excited I have been wanting extensions so bad!! Also is it possible to just buy the boxes in the future I am dying over the packaging ??❤

  49. Congrats on this new adventure! I’ve been reading your blog and following you on instagram for years now and it’s been so fun to watch all of your project–but I’ve never seen you as excited as you are for this one:)

    Also, a question… I have never worn hair extensions and was wondering what they feel like? I’m 20 years old and have mid length hair but it gets flat when it gets long! I am interested in trying them out!

  50. Congratulations this is amazing! Will you guys, ever do a greet and meet here in Mexico? We’d like to meet you!?

    Luisa & Jessica from Chihuahua

  51. I can not wait! I’m so happy for you and so excited to get my hands on these extensions! I’m just hoping my hair might look nearly as lovely as yours #hairgoals ?

  52. I am so excited for this! I couldn’t be any happier for you both. I however was wondering if you will also carry thin because my hair is super thick, but I need more length.

  53. Wow Amber and David I am sooo impressed by you two it is amazing how you manage all that!!! I am really excited to see the different extensions and I love the box can#t wait to order some!

  54. Congratulations both of you! Such a hard work you two have put on this. I am so excited, and also wondering if you will do international shipping. I live in Malaysia right now.
    Big congrats and wishing you the best for your new business.
    Carolina MJ |

  55. You are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING my friend!!!!!!! Breathtaking!!!!!! So in love with the box!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  56. Hi Amber! Oh I love so much this news!!! Since I follow you on your blog and socials, I dreamed to have long hair just like you.. I searched for so long the perfect type of extensions but I was never satisfied of the quality or if the price ( very expensive). I hope you can delivery in Italy too!
    Good luck for your work!
    Eleonora from Italy

    Instagram: Dains84

  57. Congratulations Amber! With all the dedication and work you have put on them I am sure they will be awesome! <3 <3

  58. I am so happy dor you it finally can happen!! And glad for me too, that I can buy extansion that I can trust to stay put with young children pulling it 😉 I hope you have my color ( dark blonde), and the price is ok. I also really hope you will ship to europe.

  59. AHHHHH! I can’t wait! I’ve wanted to try extensions for so long but have shied away because I didn’t know where to get them or what to look for! I am so excited, I will be your first customer! Could you make some more extension tutorials because I am obviously a rookie! Can’t wait to pre-order! Woohhoooo!!

  60. Hey amber! I wanted to know what the prices will be for them are going to be?

  61. Ahh amber you are so amazing! Definitely going to buy me a pair of your fabulous extensions!❤️

  62. Where is the hair from? I read an article about the hair extension industry and how they force women to give their hair. I know you wouldn’t use any such company but can’t help but be curious about the origin of the hair. Is it real human hair?

  63. As a dedicated fan, I am beyond excited for these!! I love the floral design on the package and the dress you wore for the shoot. You’re so gorgeous!

  64. I’m so happy for both of you!!!! Great job guys and I can’t wait to have the hair extensions❤️❤️❤️❤️?

  65. Congratulations Amber!!!!! You are so inspiring. Can’t wait to order mine 🙂 you are my favorite blogger.

  66. I’ve been following you for like five years now and it’s so amazing to have watched you grow as a person and seeing your family grow too. I’m so proud of you for all that you’ve accomplished these last few years. It’s so refreshing to see good things happening for good people.

    I’m also really excited because I’ve wanted hair extensions for years and have never gotten them and so I’m happy that I’m going to buy yours and support you! I know colors aren’t up on the website yet, but I was just wondering if you could give me some advice about what color to get. I have a level 5 or 6 root and then the rest is around a level 8. It’s all very ash. Do you have a shade you think would work best for me?

    Congratulations again!

  67. I’m seriously so excited and I absolutely love the packaging!!! ?

  68. I’m seriously so excited and I absolutely love the packaging!!! ?

  69. Hi Amber! I’m so excited to hear this! I was planning on purchasing the Laced Hair extensions you last recommended as my first pair, so hopefully I can preorder yours instead! Are they Remy hair?

  70. Amber that’s so so exiting! Wishing you the best with everything:) I know once my hair actually gets longer I will for sure order them!:)

  71. I am so so so incredibly happy that this is happening and I can finally do the same styles with my hair (my thin, short, fine hair)!!! I’m also so so so happy for you Amber, may sound weird but I’m proud haha

  72. Love the idea of hair extensions but I dye at home every 6 weeks and can’t imagine you’ll have a color match or that they’ll be dyeable? Fingers crossed! Best of luck 🙂

  73. wow – these pictures are gorgeous, amber!!! and of course congratulations to you guys!!! <3 <3 <3
    by the way i just saw your helicopter ride vlog and it's just stunning!!!!


  74. Quick question!! I have always stayed away from hair extensions because I had a friend who wore them so often that she got bald spots from them. But my hair is so thin that I’ve been doing a lot of research on it lately! Have you ever dealt with that/do you know any tricks to keep that from happening? Could she have just been using cheap clip ins? Let me know, can’t wait for these!

  75. Congratulations, Amber! I have thin hair and keep losing more. I’ve never considered getting extensions before, but you’ve got me intrigued now. I’ve heard though that it can harm the hair you have by pulling on the hairs and causing it to rip out. Have you had any problems with this?

  76. I am so stinking excited for this!! I have been having the worst hair loss since having my second baby a few months ago and can’t believe how much my hair is thinned! I really love long hair but have been worried I might end up one day with a “mom cut” haha! I am already saving up so I can order these!! So happy for you, this has to be so exciting!

  77. You’re so gorgeous it’s unbelievable. <3
    I'm so excited for these extensions!! And I hope you ship to APO addresses! We are stationed in Italy with the Navy.
    Excited for your new business venture! You're an inspiration, lady.

  78. Oh my gosh! Must be a sign that pre-order is on my birthday!! Now officially know what present I’m getting myself. Love your blog and I’m SURE I will love the extensions just as much 🙂

  79. Amber I’ve been following you for quite a few years and I just wanted to say congrats!!! Seriously it is so cool to see you following your dreams plus being a mama, wife and add to that entrpenuer. Wow you are GOALS for all young women.

  80. SO excited! I am curious how extensions would look on someone with already thick hair?! I have long-ish hair but it’s like a horse’a mane!!! Tips!? Thank you, you’re the best!!!

  81. Awesome job Amber, you have addressed all the things that annoy me about clip ins. Another thing is when each weft is like 5 clips wide and I have to cut them because they could wrap around my head twice!! Please tell me you have sensible width wefts? ☺️ And when you pay so much for something it’s a shame when they come in a cheap plastic sleeve! Love the box ? Please say you will ship to the UK? Xoxo

  82. Omg I’m so excited for you!! I’ve never had extensions before but I’m excited to finally have my first pair from you! ❤️

  83. I never seriously considered buying hair extension but I may need to beg my husband now!!

  84. This is so amazing! Congratulations! Clearly, all your hard work, creativity and attention to detail shows! You go girl!! xx Becky

  85. This is so exciting. Will they also be available for uk shipping?? We have a great shop here that i buy from but my hair is niw longer than their longest length which is not helpful. ?

  86. IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS!! I also have long but thin hair and I’m SO excited to actually have thick hair! I’m so excited/ happy for you! You are my total inspiration in hair/style/life and I’m so happy that I can look up to you 🙂 ❤️

  87. I love the box idea!!! I always hated the plastic sleeve and would end up hiding the packaging in my closest during college – who wants an obvious bundle of hair hanging around??!! Haha. Congrats!!

  88. Sooo excited for you Amber! I’ve never worn extensions before (or even thought about it), but I feel like I may have to try yours!

  89. Hello, I have followed you for a long time. You are sooo beautiful and kind. I love everything you do. You are very good. Lots of love from Turkey.

  90. i am so beyond excited about these! I fell for the ombre trend in 2014 and ended up ruining my thick, long naturally black hair, so these are going to be so handy! I’m also obsessed with the packaging, so happy for you and David!

  91. Congratulations on your hair extensions! I am absolutely so excited. C an’t wait to have rapunzel like hair of my own! Love u! Xx

  92. CONGRATULATIONS, AMBER!!!! THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s weird b/c extensions are probably the ONLY beauty thing I haven’t played with before…. They can be intimidating for a newbie! Wishing you and David luck on your new venture!! xo

  93. They sound amazing. I used to always wear extensions but hated the time they took. My hair is fine too, so I want it for thickness but I’m so lazy too. Haha. I want it to take a few seconds and also not have to backcomb or ANYTHING else that would damage my natural hair. I’m SO excited to try these!!!! They sound perfect.

  94. So darn amazing! So happy for you and David! I will be placing my order soon for sure! Can not wait!!!! You look so stunning in your pictures! Xoxo

  95. Congratulations Amber! This is so exciting! I wish you all the best with this ?

  96. Will the pre order start at a certain time or just midnight? I am so very excited Amber, so proud of you momma! Cant wait to have these in my hands! Yay!

  97. A huge congratulations!!! Can’t wait!!!! It has been said “the best is yet to come” and everything happens for a reason! It may have taken two years, bumps in the road, but in the end it woks out and always for the better!!!!!! I wish the best for you and your beautiful family always!!!!!! ??ya!!!!! xoxoxoxoxxoxoxo

  98. Your hard work and dedication to such a fun personalized idea to you is such an inspiration!! Thank you for sticking to and through that showing us how commitment pays off 🙂

  99. Sooo proud of you Amber! YOU’RE GREAT!!!! I’m so excited for barefoot blonde hair! Can’t wait!!

  100. Awww so excited for Barefoot Blonde Hair!! I was wondering if there is a meaning behind ‘Barefoot Blonde’? No hate, just wondering! XOXO ?☺️

  101. I absolutely love this Amber!

    I’ve been looking for so long at hair extensions, I get all the way to checkout and then worry about the quality of them so I don’t end up going through with the purchase! I just know that these will be the most amazing quality and style to suit everyone.

    I hope you will be shipping internationally!?

    I wish you all the best for this new project, if anyone deserves success, it’s totally you 🙂 xx

  102. I’m SO excited for you! This is so amazing and your photo shoot could not have been more beautiful! Congrats! 🙂

  103. Wauw Amber! What an achievement. Congrats! I wish you all the best of luck with your line. Beautiful pictures

  104. Wauw Amber! What an achievement. Congrats! I wish you all the best of Lucky with your line. Beautiful pictures