SUNGLASSES: Raen | BACKPACK: Shop Terrain | DRESS: Athena Procopiou c/o

  1. Rosie in the first pic haha. And her poor forehead – she fell. And her mouth was covered in raspberry juice from eating raspberries!
  2. I love farmer’s markets.
  3. We ate at the same restaurant every day because it was so good and every time we ordered Gratin de Crozet every time. Crozet pasta is pasta cut into tiny squares! It is baked into a casserole with cream, cheese, ham, and butter. It is soo good. Here is a recipe for it, if you want to try it at home.
  4. I love to visit new places but I also love the feeling of visiting somewhere that feels familiar.
  5. We stayed at this airbnb which ended up being so great. It was cheap and right in town.
  6. This dress is in my top 3 for favorite dresses I have ever owned.
  7. After this we went up to our room and changed into swimsuits and spent the rest of the day on the lake! We rented a paddle boat and paddled out to this giant slide that is in the water. It is so big that people fly off the end of it because you get going so fast. Atticus really wanted to do it though — I was sooo nervous and probably wouldn’t have let him but David said he could sooo he did haha and he loved it.  Him and David went down together so that made me feel better.
  8. Rosie is sitting next to me and keeps pointing to the picture of her and David and saying “DADA!!!! DADA!! DADA!”
  9. I go to NYC tomorrow and I cannot wait.
  10. I only worked out twice on our trip which isn’t a lot compared to my normal routine.. so when I got back home and did a few really solid workouts it made me sooooo sore. Like can’t lift my arms.
  11. Started watching Vikings and I like it — again the hair.
  12. When we got down to the farmer’s market I realized I forgot my sunglasses – as soon as I said “I forgot my sunglasses!” David was already running back up (it is 4 or 5 flights of stairs up to the airbnb). Then we started walking and I saw flowers I wanted to get for our host and said they would look so cute in that backpack I brought so again David leaves before I could even say another word and grabs it. He never complains about having to do anything like that and loves to do it for people. Nothing ever “inconveniences” him. If I forget something or want something he jumps right up and wants to get it for me. I think its so sweet.

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  1. Hi Amber, Just wondering if you had restaurant recommendations in Annecy, you mentioned you ate at the same place everyday and my family & I are traveling there this month and wanted to try that pasta dish (looks delish). This looks like the most adorable family trip!

  2. So I’ve been folowing your blog for a few months now…..And the last few entries sounded different then the usual. I looked a bit closer and noticed they were not actually written by you. (Amber) I must say I found it a little odd to see someone else named Amy writing the blog posts. It’s just not the same. It seems that your blog is what it is because you are are who you are. The secret to barefootblonde is Amber Fillerup… offense to Amy! Just an opinion:):)

  3. Awww the part about David going back to the Air Bnb to fetch your glasses without you asking was my favorite! So inspiring. Always inspired by you two and the love that you have for one another.

  4. You are such an inspiration! Atticus and Rose are very blessed to have you as a mother 💕 that was very sweet of david!

  5. #12 – that is so sweet of David! That’s amazing. Not every man is like this though. What a catch 😉 xoxo M

  6. I LOVE your dress and sunnies! They both compliment you so well! And the first pic of Rosie is priceless!!! Happy Saturday gorgeous babe and good luck in the Rebecca Minkoff show, I’m sure you’ll kill it!
    Xx Brandi

  7. no. 12 is my absolute favorite. Your love for each other is so evident, and your children are lucky to have parents that adore each other so dearly. Also, you were right about the flowers in the backpack 😉

  8. OMG Rosie is so precious, but when did she get so old?! She looks like a mini grown woman here I can’t believe it

  9. Ahh Rosie is so gorgeous, I love her little dress! Your dress is beautiful too Amber, I can totally see why it is one of your all time favourites!

    Sarah Lilly || The Lilly Mint Blog

  10. oh my goodness, I’d never even considered this as a place to visit, but now it’s a must!! that picture with the flowers in the basket on your back is an amazing capture, and I LOVE your outfit!! hope you had the most fun. :))

    Kate //

  11. Gorgeous photos. The kids are at such a fun age to travel and explore with! Also, LOVE this bun!

  12. What breathtaking pictures! The first one of Rosie girl KILLED me. I keep trying to get my Hubbs to get into photography a la David but there’s no chance haha. Thanks for sharing your live with us! Xxx, SHR

  13. Ahhh you guys are all so precious!! I too love exploring new places, but love returning to a few of our favorite places for familiarity. I love returning to a restaurant and being remembered by the staff- it makes me feel like a local 🙂 Can’t wait to travel with our growing babe.

    We are actually headed to Paris for a maternity shoot in January. And tips on getting perfect photos maternity photos there? Especially since it will be cold?

  14. That dress is incredible – definitely one of my favorites too. And I’m not surprised at all that you are into the hair in Vikings. It’s incredible! I just finished up the last season available and its sooooo good.


  15. David is so sweet. I feel like ever since I started following you it’s been obvious that David is a great husband who goes above and beyond. I love following you guys. 💖

  16. Rosie is so cute with her hair in that bun! My daughter is the same age and she still almost bald! So I’m always loving Rosie’s hair! Also, that’s so sweet of David to always run back for you. Is the D.C. Pop up still happening? I’ve been looking out for news on it.

  17. Hey amber! Im 24 and my dream is to move to Hawaii. I bought a one-way ticket and leave soon but Was wondering if you have any tips for living on the north shore? I’ve been a nanny for 5 years ( and need help finding connections in the north shore!

  18. i love your style and all the photography! it all look so great! i miss your travel vlogs! i’d love to see those again! <3 xoxo

  19. Oh I love what you and Ro are wearing in these pictures! Your dresses are both so so cute and I love this length on you so much but whenever I wear something similar it looks so weird :/ Your basket backpack is super adorable as well!
    Your AirBnB looks super beautiful as well! I would love to visit this part of france bc I havn’t been there 🙂
    Hopefully we will see many more pictures on the blog soon 🙂

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3

  20. Love the beehive hairdo and the 50’s style dress on you! Also, how cute is Rosie with the hair off her face!

  21. Rosie looks so sweet in these pictures! And David is such a sweetheart! You’ve got yourself one heck of a fam.

  22. Absolutely LOVE the whole vibe of this shoot. The flowers in the bag was such a good idea.


  23. Every picture is so sweet! Beautiful lady, beautiful family! Love your backpack & flowers… lovlieness!

  24. Can you give some tips on staying healthy while traveling? Eating in restaurants, staying fit, etc?

  25. Love these beautiful pictures! Your babies are adorable! I love🌺🌷🌹🌸💗

  26. Aww, I love that first photo of Rosie! And it would be awesome if you could do a simplified tutorial of the Vikings hair, I love Lagertha’s hair so much ♥

  27. OHHH How nice! I am going there nest Spring since I will be a bridesmaid for my friend who lives near by! I’ll have to check Annecy out!

  28. These pictures are seriously so so pretty! I love how adventurous you guys are with little kiddos. As someone without kids, it’s good to know that traveling with kids is so possible!


  29. I have read your blog for about 3 years now, and have never once commented. I am from Ireland, in the Northern part (not too far from where you once visited!) and I just suddenly felt like telling you that your posts always make me so happy to both see and read. Your photographs are always so beautifully taken, your outfits are always styled so well, but reading a little about what you did or some of your thoughts is always my favourite part because you always seem like such a positive spirit and it lifts my day to read about your life (that must sound weird!) I find your family to be just the sweetest thing I have ever seen, and your husband always seems so supportive. Your children are the cutest, and I have loved also watching your vlogs from when you lived in NYC. I realise this must seem like such an out of place comment, but for being such a long-time reader I wanted to let you know how much I really look forward to a new post. Sending much warmth to you, Amy xo

  30. I love that dress and that backpack! There is a similar one I have my eye on from Mur Lifestyle! It looks perfect against that cute backdrop! Also Rosie’s face covered in raspberry is so great! haha!