Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup wearing Free People and Marissa Webb

Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup wearing Free People and Marissa Webb
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup wearing Free People and Marissa Webb
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup wearing Free People and Marissa Webb
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup wearing Free People and Marissa Webb
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup wearing Free People and Marissa Webb
Barefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup wearing Free People and Marissa WebbBarefoot Blonde Amber Fillerup wearing Free People and Marissa Webb

TOP: Marissa Webb c/o / PANTS: Free People / CHOKER: Adornmonde

Every time we are on the highway I see this “aloha its a lifestyle” art and always want to go take a picture by it! So we finally pulled our mini van over and snapped a couple pics. Which by the way – mini van life?? Its the best.

ITS FRIDAY!!!! We are working over the weekend but its fun work so I don’t mind too much 🙂 This week I did two yoga classes with friends and it felt good. Except at one point the instructor came over and asked, “are you okay?” …. lol. I was genuinely just trying to do what everyone else was doing so I must have been doing a really bad job haha! But either way it felt good. We also saw Beauty and the Beast this week, had a couple really amazing beach days, a sunset that I still can’t get out of my head, and I finish week 10 of BBG today.

Excited for next week because we have lots of fun stuff going on! Hope you all have a good weekend!

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  1. Hi! My husband and I want to go to Hawaii to celebrate Christmas this year. We are dreaming of a remote cottage near the beach with local seafood and tropical fruits! Which island should we go to and which beaches are the best for toddlers? I am a good swimmer, but my husband is not too confident with his skills and we want to be near a place that is safe. We are thinking Kauai. I have been to Oahu, but it has been awhile! Would consider going again.

    It would be awesome to hear your Hawaii tips for young families. I love the idea of unplugging and taking care of ourselves for a week! Seems like you are doing well in Hawaii.

  2. What is BBG??? And Hawaii is so amazing I use to live on the island of Oahu bc my husband was in the service. I want to go. Ack again someday, I am a major beach lover and Hawaii is just so beautiful!!!

  3. My family is traveling to Oahu this summer and we’re looking for lots of fun photo opps and super yummy fruit stands to visit! Do you have any recommendations?

  4. Hi Amber! I know you get a ton of comments but I wanted to know what you use to tan and how you get it to go on evenly? I would love love to know what you use. Thanks!

  5. you look gorgeous! that top is to die – makes want to get ready for warmer weather. love it!

  6. I totally saw you taking these shots. Drove right by. I almost turned around just to come back and give you a hug. Loooove your cute lil family blog.

  7. Beautiful! And I had to treat myself and order the choker because i mean it’s adorable! I love you and your family and pray that one day you will come to know Jesus. Please feel free to email me more. xoxoxo, Addison

  8. You are absolutely beautiful! I love your hair like this and that top is amazing! LOL, I always feel great after yoga too, but definitely feel like I don’t do a great job – doesn’t matter because it’s still fun xx

  9. okay i have never liked pants like that until now! I love that they are white and over the top flared. It looks like a super flattering skirt but in reality they are cozy pants… GENIUS!!

  10. I love all of your posts. I admire you and apsire to be like you becuase my dream life is what you have. Granted, I understand you have delt with hard times (the death of extended family members, and I am sure it was/will be hard to explain to the kids what happened) and I realize that life isn’t always easy but I hope to be the mom and wife you are. If you do not mind maybe considering (you don’t have to) having some more fitness routines of things that have worked for you. I know everyone is different but I too amd tall and lean but I find it hard to eat healthily. Seeing your fruit pops you made and the granola and fruit bowls imspires me. Enjoy this beautoful day in Hawaii (I do not even know what the weather is like but I am sure since it is in Hawaii, even rainstorms are mesmerizing). God bless you and your family.

    Love, M

  11. I LOVE this look!!!! So pretty and light. These images from Hawaii are my favorite of all time on your blog 🙂
    Jahaila @ Girl Nesting
    (we have a FP Giveaway on my blog – hope you’ll check it out xo)

  12. Cutest pants ever! Beauty and the Beast was such a cute movie 🙂

  13. omg!!! did you buy the minivan or waiting until you go to Arizona? If you know a way on getting a car short-term without renting that would be GREAT!! I need to short-term rent a car but dont want to rent it every day for months!!! Thanks and love your outfit, you are the cutest person EVER!!!! xoxoxo

  14. I cannot imagine such a well-dressed lady such as yourself stepping out of a minivan. Such an oxymoron. Love your joi de vivre.

  15. Dying to know how you have been achieving this “effortless” beach look!!! … Your hair looks amazing!

  16. Love this outfit! It’s so boho and flowy and adorable!


  17. Amber,
    It seems like you guys haven’t done a vlog in forevvvver. You must have some awesome videos of Hawaii so far. If not, make one:):)

  18. Hi Amber!
    Can u p l e a s e (!!!) make a post about your tanning routine? 😊 I always end up totally orange og with stripes, def NOT pretty..

  19. Haha, I always feel like I must look really uncoordinated in my prenatal yoga class, I swear my yoga instructor has laughed at my poses. On the inside I feel good, but I must not look it. Sometimes I wish the studio were set up like a dance class (with mirrors), so I could see if my poses are correct.

    I grew up in a large family and always hated the van…they just felt so uncool. But now with my family expanding they seem to make a whole of sense, I’m def warming to the idea of owning one. Especially for road trips, its very squishy to nurse and changes nappies in a packed sedan!

    Also…Beauty & The Beast was amazing! Very nostalgic experience.

  20. Those pants are amazing, how flowy and wonderful. I totally thought it was a skirt at first! The print is beautiful and I love how you’ve paired it with the crop, such a chic boho look! x

    The Lilly Mint Blog

  21. I love those pants! They definitely match the aloha lifestyle. Yoga is so amazing 😌

  22. I feel like those pants being pants was a plot twist; I was completely convinced they were a skirt! Cracking up at the yoga piece! It took a couple months before I finally got to the point where I could enjoy yoga because my muscles were so tense! Also, it took just under a million years for me to learn the names of all the poses haha!

    xo, Sofia

  23. I love this bohemian look on you Amber. You guys always find fantastic spots for your photos, I am genuinely impressed! How do you guys manage to do all that work with the kiddies? Have you found a good baby sitter for the kids while you attend events and shoot? Life in Hawai really seems effortless;)! Have a fun weekend! Big hugs from London, Julie xx

  24. We see Beauty & the Beast this Sunday and I am SO stinkin excited, cannot wait! Also, LOVE those pants. They look super cozy, I love it! And you definitely manage to make mini vans look cool…I almost want one now! Haha 🙂


  25. Amber!!! Are you doing bbg everyday? How often do you do it and what else do you do? 🙂

  26. You’re basically vacationing in Hawaii, isn’t everyday your Friday? Lol

    1. We run two businesses – so we enjoy weekends just like everyone else 🙂

      1. do you have other businesses besides the blog and bbbhair? please do share!

  27. In the second photo it looked like you chopped your hair and all I could think was, “Wow! Her hair looks fantastic long or short!”

    Glad you’re loving the minivan life.

  28. I love that y’all drive a mini van. My husband thinks they are the coolest, “hippest” rides and that he looks “gangster” in them, but I just can’t seem to come to terms with it! Haha! Rock your minivan girl! Xoxo-JS

  29. Totally thought those pants were a skirt haha…they look soooooo comfy and cute!! Love!!