Barefoot Blonde Aveeno Natural Beauty ContestBarefoot Blonde Aveeno Natural Beauty ContestBarefoot Blonde Aveeno Natural Beauty ContestBarefoot Blonde Aveeno Natural Beauty ContestBarefoot Blonde Aveeno Natural Beauty ContestBarefoot Blonde Aveeno Natural Beauty ContestBarefoot Blonde Aveeno Natural Beauty Contest

LOTION: Aveeno Positively Radiant Face Lotion // PAJAMAS: Splendid (Sold out similar here.)

Hi guys!! In today’s post, I have teamed up with Aveeno to share no makeup pictures and share what my beauty tips are. In all of these pictures, I am not wearing any makeup what so ever (except I do have permanent liner between my lashes that I have had for almost 6 years now!!) and I only have on the Aveeno Positively Radiant Face Lotion. I haven’t brightened, enhanced, edited or filtered the photos. I try really hard to keep my skin blemish free and clear because I HAVE to try really hard. I am not one who can just wash my face with water every night and get away with doing nothing. When I do that I get blackheads; my pores get clogged, my skin looks dry, etc., etc. I always use a good moisturizer and make sure ALL my make up is off even if I wash it a third time just to be sure. Then I moisturize – that has been my biggest skin problem lately! I have never had dry skin before but lately it is always dry and ends up not looking smooth with makeup on. I also get dark spots with my pregnancies and am SO happy that they are finally almost gone! I have been working really hard on keeping my skin moisturized, and somehow that also helped with the dark spots. My biggest advice is to wash your face twice because sometimes there are tiny bits of make up left that you don’t notice but while you sleep its busy clogging pores. And of course, my next I am sure you can see coming and that is to moisturize. Aveeno’s moisturizer is great for the mornings before you put on your makeup and helps give you a fresh look!

Right now PEOPLE and AVEENO are conducting a search for natural beauty. Upload a makeup free photo or video to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with #PEOPLENaturalBeautyContest for a chance to appear in PEOPLE’s World Most Beautiful issue. For more information visit

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  1. I love this! You are so pretty! I wanted to ask your advice on dark circles under eyes because I have really dark circles. I’ve tried many natural remedies but nothing works and many creams that work are very expensive, or they just don’t do anything to get rid of dark circles. Id love to hear if you have any suggestions to get rid of dark circles, and not just by using makeup!
    Thank you 🙂

  2. hello… you look very beautiful without makeup… do you do your makeup every day?…

    1. Aww thank you!! That’s so nice of you!! And yes, I typically wear some sort of makeup every day but sometimes it may just be mascara or something quick 🙂

  3. I love this post! So brave going online makeup free, but you don’t even need the makeup! I use a pillow called the NIGHT pillow and it has helped a TON with my skin and hair being dry. Some how the silk actually moisturizes your skin and hair while you sleep and lets your creams and everything stay on your skin and not your pillow. If you haven’t tried something like this you have to try this one! Thank you for always sharing your tips and tricks!

    1. Thank you Hannah!! I love the tip! I have a similar pillowcase and I love it too!! Thanks for reading!! 🙂

  4. I knew I remembered reading a post where you had mentioned you had gotten permanent liner! I have been thinking about getting permanent, but subtle liner for a while now. Although you mention that yours is faded, I was wondering what color you originally got, and what setting you got it in (salon, spa)? Would you ever get it redone? You are literally my beauty guru, your skin is flawless, and with or with out makeup you look amazing!

    Thank you!
    xx, Emilly

    1. Hi Emily!! Thanks so much for the sweet comment!! 🙂 And I got my permanent eyeliner done in college by a friend that was in cosmetology school, so unfortunately I can’t be that much help there. But I believe I got a dark brown or light black.. And I do think I would get it redone maybe in the future but not at the time. It’s definitely a great option though! I would just recommend going to someone with a lot of experience so you will be happy with your results! xo

  5. I love these pictures of you! You are literally a natural beauty and your skin looks amazing. Your beauty posts are without a doubt my favorites. I would love to hear about your love for La Mer and even about your permanent eye liner if you wanted to share about it. I had no idea you had that, and I can’t even tell you have it in the above photos. Does it make a big difference?

    1. Thank you so much!! What a nice compliment 🙂 You totally made my day!! And I got the permanent eyeliner done years ago while in college, so it definitely has faded A LOT which is why it isn’t that noticeable 🙂 Thanks for the feedback!! xo

  6. Hey Amber,

    Awesome post! I work for Ulta and think you’d be a great fit for a partnership. I’d love to send you more information! If you’re interested please email me at

    Have a fabulous day!

  7. Thanks for this post!! Aveeno is one of my favorite brands. I’ve been using their shampoo for years and I’ve been looking for a good moisturizer so I will definitely give this a try.
    Thanks so much! 🙂

    1. I am so happy you liked it and share a love for Aveeno 🙂 Thanks so much!! xo

  8. Hi Amber … I posted a question to this post few days ago and I used to see my question without answer , now I don’t see the question anymore which means you deleted it and ignored me completely which I think is not nice of you at all . My question was regarding your teeth only where I asked if they were vaneer ; I wanted to hear from you because I am interested in having them but apparently it was too private for you. I understand and I would have appreciated if you just replied saying i cannot answer your question but deleting it and totally ignoring me is not nice. I used to be a very big fan of yours , I read your blog and follow you on insta and snap but seriously what you did made me think that what you do is only a show off and you can easily ignore your followers who support you constantly and love you . Thanks anyway

    1. You’re a psycho. Calm down. You’re not entitled to know anything about her she doesn’t want to share.

  9. You look so pretty in these photos <3

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee

  10. Absolutely LOVE this!! I recently have had issues with my skin, and realize that I can’t do what I used to do. It makes a difference when you can-love, even- your skin. Thank you for a beautiful post 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! And yes!! I totally agree 🙂 I love hearing that! Thanks for reading!! xo

  11. Hey I just saw you in People magazine!! I got so excited, like “I ‘know’ her!!!” 😀 You are beautiful inside and out. Congrats!!!

    1. Aww thank you!! It was a cool moment to see it 🙂 You are so sweet!! I appreciate the support! xo

  12. I love this post. You are stunning with and without makeup, and it’s a nice reminder that we don’t need to rely on makeup to give us our confidence! I struggle with dry skin and clogged pores, and the tip about washing at least twice is so true!! It took me years to find a good moisturizer that really works for me, but I’ve started to see positive changes, and just love those mornings when I look in the mirror and don’t feel the need to cover everything up 🙂

    1. You are so sweet!! Thank you so much for reading!! And yay! I am so glad to hear that you found a good skincare routine that works for you 🙂

  13. You are just beautiful, even without any makeup on!! Love these photos. I need to be better about moisturizing for sure 🙂

  14. Hi Amber!
    You look as beautiful as always! Just wanted to say that you could try using some oils for your face if you have dry skin. Might sound intimidating at first, because one would expect them to clog pores or be too heavy. However, some oils will absolutely not do any of this. Argan oil and hemp seed oil are, for example, considered to be completely non-comedogenic (comedogenicity is 0 on a scale from 0-5), while very nourishing (and natural SPF!), especially argan oil (hemp seed oil might be too drying on its own). Hope you give it a try!

    Have a nice day!

    1. You are too kind!! Thank you so much! And okay awesome!! I will keep that in mind 🙂 I appreciate that suggestion! xo

  15. Amber, you are stunning! Your routine must be working for you 🙂 I am such a big proponent of moisturizing too. As long as I am sure to use a daily cleanser + moisturize super often, my skin is generally happy. Great post, love!


    1. Aww thank you so much!! I am happy you liked the post 🙂 Have a great week!! xo

  16. You look stunting!!! Unfortunately the contest is only for “Usa/Canada” entries 🙁
    Have a great day! Xoxo from Italy! 🙂

  17. Beautiful pictures!!!!:):) I definitely wanna try these!!! Also been wanting to ask what camera you guys use for your pictures and what editor you use on you pics:):)

    1. Thank you so much!! 🙂 And we use a canon 5d mark iii, we edit our pictures with a program called Lightroom. I hope that helps!!

      1. Love your photos too ! Do you know which presets you use in lightroom?

  18. I was reading the conversation about drinking water and staying hydrated. I think that drinking water is key to keeping your skin in shape. The best my skin has ever looked was two years ago when I had my baby girl and was hooked to an IV. Hey it could have been that new mom glow too ????. Amber if I looked like you without makeup, I would never wear it!

    1. Yay!! So glad you liked the tips 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!! You are too dang sweet!! xo

    1. Aww thank you so much!! And believe me, I was definitely nervous 😉 Thanks for being so sweet!!

  19. You look so pretty in these!! You seriously don’t even need makeup! Thanks for the great tips!

  20. What a natural beauty! Your skin looks flawless! I have a question about the tattooed eyeliner, what was that like!? Did it hurt? And they can do it in between your lashes!? I’m naturally blonde and have been thinking about doing it because my eyelashes are so light! Love your blog and your little family 🙂

    1. You are too kind!! Thanks so much Mallory 🙂 And I don’t remember it hurting too much, but my eyes were a bit swollen and puffy for a couple of days. I would definitely look into it! It lasts SO long!

  21. WOW!!! I know I have said it before, seriously you need to be on a cover of a magazine!!! Even flawless without makeup!! Just gorgeous!!!! ???????????? So in ???? with your style and look!! True perfection!!!! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much!! You always know just what to say to make my day! Thanks for being so sweet!! xo

  22. I love your blog!! You look flawless without make up 🙂 I was wondering for a future post idea if you could show us how you do your everyday make up and any application tips/ brands of make up you love. (Sorry if there is a post already on this!) 🙂

  23. You look gorgeous! I am one that has to work at having clear and healthy skin too, and while I obviously can’t always avoid breakouts and dry skin, I do my best to combat them. 🙂 These products sound great! 🙂

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  24. Wow. No makeup at all? I don’t think you need it, you are so naturally beautiful! I personally don’t wear makeup, and seeing someone like you being confident enough to do the same but on such a huge blog is really inspiring for me!

    1. You are too nice!! Thank you so much 🙂 I was definitely nervous to do this shoot but all the responses have been so sweet, so thank you again!! xo

  25. Amber, I think this was probably my favorite post ever! Not that I don’t love you with makeup on and all of your travel posts and family pictures, because I freaking DO love them… but the simplicity and beauty and naturalness and coziness of these pictures literally took my breath away! You are GORGEOUS! Oh if I could only have skin as beautiful as yours!! Love love this!


    1. Thank you so much Amanda!! That means the world to me 🙂 I am so glad you liked the post yay!! Thank you for sharing your feedback! I loved reading it! xo

  26. Hi, Amber! You look beautiful without makeup, and so radiant, too!
    My face is acne free, although I’m struggling with black heads. How did you get rid of yours?
    Your children are adorable, I love seeing them on my feed!

    1. You are too nice!! Thank you so much for the sweet compliment 🙂 And I love to use Biore blackhead strips!! They are so great!

    1. Hi love!! I like to use a wand to create my “second day” curls. You can curl it at night and then sleep in them and do a few touchups in the morning. xoxo

  27. You look amazing without make up! I don’t wear any and I am very comfortable with my face.
    I always recommend people not to wear make up for your everyday activities (excluding special occasions) so they can accept their face and be comfortable in it.

    You surely are beautiful!!!

    1. Thank you so much!! That is so nice of you!! 🙂 And that is great advice, thanks!!

  28. Hi! You’re so beautiful ???? Love this blog! I’m in love whit your beautiful babies ???? Congratulations for your beautiful family.

    Well, I have a question for you , Did you know is it safe to dye my hair during pregnancy? My natural hair is brown-black, and I’m super blonde like you lol :p , and I don’t want to change my color. 🙁 So, I’m looking for a solution 🙂

    1. Aww thank you so much!! That is so kind of you 🙂 And yes, it is definitely safe! I colored my hair throughout my pregnancy. You can do a little more research on the topic if you are worried though. xo

  29. Your skin looks amazing! Do you have any tips on how to clear acne spots… like they’re not active breakouts but they’re just breakouts that just haven’t healed completely.

    1. You are too sweet!! Thanks Kate!! And to be honest I have never had “acne” .. I’ve had zits here and there and one left a tiny scar but I haven’t been able to get rid of it! I’ve tried oils and creams but still there. It would be too small to see in these photos. I’ll let you know if I ever find anything that works!

    1. Yay!! I am glad you love them too 🙂 And thanks so much!! That’s so nice of you!

  30. Perfection! So beautiful inside and out. Motherhood looks so good on you! 🙂

  31. Love this! A natural beauty and your showing your daughter make up isn’t neccessary (though I love it!) I have fair skin too- what foundation do you use? x

  32. Hi Amber!) You look gorgeous without make-up! 🙂
    It’s a pity that in my country aveeno is presented in really small line. I try to look up some nature cosmetics in different brands. I want to ask you: what cosmetics did you use during your pregnancy and after to avoid or minimize dark spots on face (you mention that you had dark spots)??? I’ll be very grateful for any information! Thank you!

    1. Hi love!! Thank you so much!! That is seriously so nice of you 🙂 And I love using a brightening cleanser (Aveeno actually has a great one) and a brightening serum (Estee Lauder has an amazing one). I hope that helps!! xoxo|dc_55659144746%7C-%7CFyKbSZmS&gclid=CLDSwrHRo8sCFRSFfgodHqgKZg

    1. You are too kind!! Thank you Lauren 🙂 I was definitely nervous to do these pictures but it definitely wasn’t as bad as I anticipated! xo

  33. Amber what a lovely post, you look stunning with and without make up! 🙂 🙂 One question, how did you get rid of the dark spots, I have some on my cheek I think and tried a few creme already. Thanks, Andy

    1. Thank you Andrea!! That is so sweet of you!! And I honestly feel like the main thing that has helped me is using a brightening cleanser and moisturizer. I definitely still have some dark spots though, so I haven’t found anything that completely gets rid of them ya know?

    1. Well to be honest I have never had “acne” .. I’ve had zits here and there and one left a tiny scar but I haven’t been able to get rid of it! I’ve tried oils and creams but still there. It would be too small to see in these photos. I’ll let you know if I ever find anything that works!

  34. You are such an stunning natural beauty! Thank you for sharing these pictures and showing it’s okay to go without makeup every now and then.

  35. I actually think you look even better with no make up 😉 Or – I prefer the natural make up on you, you look young and fresh (not that you’re not ;)) and somehow you’re just glowing 😉 Dark lips are fun some times, but this look is aaaaalmost perfect 😀

    xoxo Gosia

    1. Oh my goodness you are too kind!! Thank you so much!! 🙂 I was a little nervous to do this shoot but I am so glad I did! xo

  36. I absolutely love this post and you are so incredibly beautiful inside and out! Thanks for sharing!

    Lots of Love //

  37. okay so rude! i cant believe how naturally beautiful you are!! seriously so stunning! Your face really is radiant!! Thanks for sharing babe!!!


  38. Beautiful! I love the no make-up photos! It’s always very refreshing seeing other women not wear make-up & the natural look of a fresh face is what I find beautiful. Loved the post & Aveeno has some really great products out there, I agree! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Emily!! I appreciate that!! 🙂 You are too nice! And I am glad you love Aveeno too! xo

    1. Thank you so much!! That is too nice of you 🙂 And yay! Glad you love their products too!

  39. I agree, keeping my skin clear is always an uphill battle. I try to use natural products that don’t have too many harsh chemicals.

    Katie X

    Pepper & Piper

    1. I totally understand! It’s nice to find a skincare routine that works well 🙂 Thanks for reading Katie!! xo

  40. I love the idea of celebrating natural beauty! Plus, it’s so nice to hear tips from someone who probably has to wear more coverage for shots. I’ll definitely try washing twice and see if that makes any difference!


  41. Annnnnd even without makeup you are gorgeous!! Are your brows naturally dark or did you get them tattooed on? I’ve been debating getting mine done because mine are naturally bleach blonde so without makeup, I look like I have no eyebrows!! haha I’ve used Aveeno products before and I did like them, it’s been a while for me tho! I’ve been looking for a good moisturizer so I may just need to try Aveeno!

    How do you get rid of dark spots?! I am getting some this pregnancy and it makes me so sad cause I’ve been trying to avoid too much sun exposure for a few years and I am STILL getting these dumb spots!!


    1. My brows are naturally dark! They always have been but they are so fluffy and thin haha! So I try to tame them. Honestly last pregnancy I tried a million different brighteners and treatments, it helped but not that much and it cost a lot of $$. This time I have been trying to drink a lot of water and moisturize like crazy and they have faded WAY faster than last time! If you were to zoom in you could still see dark spots there but they are slowly fading. Xo

      1. SO lucky yours are naturally dark!! K that is great to know!! I drink sooooo much water and now I REALLY do need to try the aveeno moisturizer haha Hopefully these dumb dark spots fade quick, I have one right above my eyebrow and it drives me nutssssss!!!

        Thank you for your quick reply!!

        xo C

        1. Drinking lots of water makes a BIG difference in your skin! I am a firm believer of it because about six months ago I started drinking a ton of water throughout the day. After a month or so I noticed one day looking in the mirror how nourished & soft my skin was. It was a big change from before I had started drinking lots of water 🙂

        2. just fyi I have light eyebrows but I dye mine, its super easy I do it myself at home. You can get the stuff from sallys! it makes it nice when you dont have time to fill in your brows! xo

          1. Really?! I’ve always been so scared to dye mine! I tried to lighten them once in college and they turned orange lol. What brand do you use? Maybe I will try it again 🙂