Here are some pictures I took backstage at the Alice & Olivia show during New York Fashion Week. And at the actual preview itself. They know how to throw an awesome party. After I interviewed the red carpet.. which was the scariest thing ever… I stuffed my face with ice cream and cupcakes while looking at all of their amazing pieces.
But first.. here was my hair for the event:
(this hair style I have gotten the most compliments on BY FAR.. ever in history of my hair styles)

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  1. what brand shirt is it please the one that you wear in grey? Thank you so

  2. Amber this is an awesome post! Could you make a tutorial of that gorgeous hair style? I can’t stop looking at it.


  3. Love the hair , teach me please!! also people can be so mean. I am so sorry you did get some rude comments. I feel like its always the ones who vote the way we are that do get the rude comments. I have a bumper sticker on my car yahhhhhh! Love you trying the blog thing out and its doing ok so far, im not that good haha. check it out sometime its called scientista

  4. love your hair!! teach me please!!! plus people are silly at what they say about the mitt thing. I back you all the way girl!!!

  5. Hey girl! Who makes the tee you’re wearing here? I’m in the market for a new scoop neck! Also, great shots of the models – they all look fabulous!

    Ps. I know you changed your comment settings so you can moderate comments (totally understandable after people literally harassed you after your Mitt post) however it makes it pretty difficult for bloggers like myself with our own WordPress domain’s to comment. I had to log out of my work email (that is run by Gmail but has strict settings that don’t allow me to comment on blogs) and log in through blogger (which is attached to an OLD blog) and then leave a comment. Perhaps you could do that required name/URL option that Blogger allows you to do and then still moderate comments? As opposed to requiring Blogger ID or OpenID… Just a suggestion!


  6. You look beautiful as usual! I love your hair!

    Mind me asking, what camera do you use? I NEED a new one and don’t know which one to go for.

    xx, Martha