Alexa, Turn On The Lights!

I am super excited about today’s post because we have used this product
since it came out. We got our Amazon Echo about two years
ago and have since gotten another Echo Plus and an Echo Dot
because we love them so much!

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Echo Plus


I love the new white models because they look so good and it blends in well with our kitchen’s modern design style.
We mostly use ours for:

Music – we love to have dance parties in the kitchen or play room.

Reminders – this is a big one for me since I am a
really forgetful person ha.

Alarms – especially while cooking or baking, white noise
for when Rosie is asleep, and random questions
for Alexa to settle a good debate. 😉

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With our latest Echo – the new Echo Plus, which has a built-in smart home hub, we were able to easily connect to smart devices by simply saying “Alexa discover my devices” and in minutes Alexa will find and set up connected devices. It is super simple and easy. We connected our Echo Plus to the Sylvania Smart Indoor Plug to turn on and off devices like our Christmas lights just by using our voices. It is such a cool feature.


Hue Smart Table Lamp


We also got this awesome Phillips Hue Smart Table Lamp that
I love because it gives off this really magical glow in your
home. I wish photos did it justice, but you have to see
it in real life. We especially love to read stories by it
at night.We can also use our Echo Plus to turn the
lamp on and off simply by asking Alexa.

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Using the Echo Plus and the Phillips Hue Smart Table Lamp has helped make our home brighter and happier this holiday season.

Thanks to Amazon for sponsoring this post.


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  1. Do you have the Alexa lightbulbs? If you do, what do you think of them? We have the Google Home, but we have been thinking about switching to Alexa because everything is so compatible with the Amazon system.


  2. Love all you do, Amber! Do you have a PO box address if I wanted to send you a gift? Not for any other reason than to say thanks for the rich content and the fact that you are a bad ass mama! Keep up the amazing work. You deserve all the opportunities and success you receive!

  3. I’d love to try out an Amazon Alexa product, they sound so other-worldly and super useful! I think it would definitely give me a fright if it started talking reminders out of the blue in a silent apartment though haha!

    Lovely photos. I hope your family have happy holidays this year <3

    Abigail Alice x