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We woke up this morning to the most beautiful sunrise – it looked like we were floating on top of the clouds! We slept in this Airstream that I rented on Airbnb and it was such a magical adventure with the family. We drove up the windy dirt road and got to the airstream on a cliff in the middle of nowhere! We immediately explored and tried to find animals – we saw deer, butterflies, and bunnies! We played lots of duck duck goose on the deck, ate dinner, played make believe, and watched the craziest most beautiful sunset!!!! I seriously can’t even explain how amazing it was. We all snuggled in bed and could see the moon and ocean from bed — we fell asleep to the sound of crickets and animals crawling around outside. Such a fun adventure. We were cracking up because Rosie said “oh no” about 1000 times. Not sure why she was so concerned haha but she just kept saying “ohhh noo…”. And Atticus loved saying “shoo!” to all the bugs and flies. He also showed us some impressive yoga moves. He walked to the corner of the deck and just started doing all these yoga poses and his deep breathing! You might remember about a year and a half ago when I said I wanted to get Atticus into yoga. We started with these yoga youtube videos that a lot of you recommended and from day 1 he just really loved it. Since it has been a really great tool for getting him to calm down. If he is ever having a tantrum I can say, “Atticus take your deep breath” and I have my hands together while I say it — he now can calm himself down enough to put his hands together and take a few deep breaths which usually ends the tantrum. Sometimes at night when he is wiggling while I am trying to put him to bed I have him do his deep breaths and it calms him too.

Anyways – it was a really magical experience!!! If you click this link you can get $40 off your first time booking an airbnb! (this isn’t sponsored by airbnb, I paid for our stay. They give each user a coupon code to give people and that is mine). We drove back today — in the crazzziest rainstorm no less. We are back in Arizona and we are going camping this weekend. Then my cousin who has been teaching in China for the past few years is coming to stay with us and I cannot wait. She is leaving to teach in Dubai soon and I am so happy we get to hang with her before her big move. I am also hoping we can get out there and visit her next year! The flight is sooo long though yikes. I am not sure I could ever go that far without the kids either so we will see but I really hope to.

We will be back in California next week for a pop up I am doing for Barefoot Blonde Hair in LA!!!! The pop up will be on August 11th at Nine Zero One Salon from 4-6pm! The girls at Nine Zero One are insanely talented – I am sure a lot of you already follow them so definitely come and get your hair looking fab! Even come to just say hi – you don’t have to get hair extensions or you can even just get matched! These are just for fun for me to say hi to customers and you guys!!!! So come say hi and party with me!


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  1. Ahhhh serious family goals!!! After finding out we were pregnant I instantly scrolled back to all of your NYC instagrams with kids! We hope to soak up life in NYC like you all did while living here!! Any tips?!


  2. Your best post ever!! The light, the emotions, the editing, the place, the mood, everything!! You guys are beautiful! ahah <3

  3. Oh these are my favorite. Such amazing light! Magical Adventure, just perfect!

  4. Hey there! Lovely photos as always! Wondering where Rosie’s dress is from? So cute!

  5. Hi Amber, why goes to Dubai without kids? After all, You’ve been flying with them everywhere- take them to Dubai 🙂 It is such a great place!
    These photos – pure magic!


  6. Wow this Airbnb looks magical! I am local to the LA area and would love to rent this for a night! Ahh thanks for sharing Amber, love following along!

  7. I have been wanting to stay here ever since I saw it months ago! Beautiful pictures!! I am definitely going to try the yoga moves with my little dude.. willing to try anything to get thru those toddler tantrums!

  8. It all looks like such a dreams! Those pictures are just so beautiful, with the soft sunset behind… Just wow, really, I just wanna be there and take a break from everything! It just looks stunning!
    Lucie, xx


  9. Amber these photos are incredible, what a special memory for your family <3 I need to book this place, Malibu is only 2 hours away from me!

  10. I now have an incredible urge to buy an Airstream!! LOL The photos are absolutely stunning!

  11. I’ve seen this place before online and it looked like such a dream, but now it looks even dreamier! How awesome for you and your fam to get to stay there!

    And I’m so bummed the event on Friday only goes until 6 😩

  12. That airstream looks like such a dream!! What a fun time making memories with the sweet babes! Also, I love being able to just swipe up and read this on IG during nursing sessions!

    xo Angela

  13. You are just the sweetest! I would love to go to the pop ups but I doubt you’ll have any in Tennessee haha 🙂 love your post like always!

  14. I LOVE this post! The pictures are truly magical! Definitely adding this kind of adventure to my bucket list 🙂 I have been reading your blog for a couple years and I just love following fun updates about your sweet family! <3
    xoxo, Anna

  15. Amber those photos are so magical, that sunset is absolutely stunning! It looks like you had such a fantastic stay, it looks like the most incredibly location. I absolutely love your white dress too, I need to get myself a white dress for summer!

    Sarah Lilly || The Lilly Mint Blog

  16. Omg! I rented this exact airstream in Malibu a year ago on my birthday. Sooo beautiful!

  17. Oh, such beautiful photos. I want an airstream for my tiny home, so I love that customization of the screen doors so you can look out. Your family is lovely, and I’m glad you guys had such a good experience <3

    Natalie | Natalie’s Alchemy

  18. You are amazing mum! Do you think to come to Turkey? Please come! Love you <3

  19. These pictures are so magical omg im so jealous. You guys seriously have the dreamiest life. LOVE it!

  20. OMG. The little butt crack!! Your mom heart must be exploding looking at these pics. The kids are getting so big it’s unreal! I am for sure going to book an airstream with my family (when I have my own little family) in the future!! These pictures are incredible!!!

  21. I love these pictures so much it looks like such a magical place! Love all of it!
    xxxxxx Isobel

  22. Oh my goodness, camping in an airstream is such a huge dream of mine!! Now I HAVE to do it! Question if you have a minute to answer… where is that cute mattress from!?! I’ve wanted something like that for in the reading nook of our playroom. 😍😍

  23. Omg…these pics are amazing!! I’m all the way on the east coast but I just showed my hubby and said “we have to go there!”…I LOVE all your travel posts…especially with that sweet little family! Have a wonderful weekend mama

  24. This is a “glamping” dream come true. I’m so happy for you and even more for your children that they get to experience such beauty! You guys are a rockstar parents. :-*

  25. Absolutely stunning. Those precious moments with you and Rosie, and laying in bed together. What an extraordinary life. That airstream looked amazing! Have a beautiful day. xoxo Tiffany http://www.bwtiff.com

  26. What a neat way to get away and be alone as a family! Beautiful photos to remember your stay!

  27. My absolute favourite pictures of you guys so far!! Amazingly gorgeous!

  28. I think those are THE LOVELIEST PICTURES I HAVE EVER SEEN!! I mean, how perfect is this lightning *-* so beautiful and the AirBnB looks so gorgeous too!
    This is just such a perfect getaway for a romantic stay and also perfect for a unforgettable trip with friends!
    I also think that its so cute that Atticus does Yoga and deep breathing! I really want my kids to do yoga too! It is just so good for everybody mentally and physically 🙂
    Super exited for the camping pictures! They will be so cute and beautiful as well, I already know it 😀

    Love from Germany
    Xx Paulie <3


  29. What a beautiful getaway destination! So peaceful. Wish I could come to your pop-up!

  30. I’m so so excited for the pop up! I have been following you since you had maybe 20 photos on IG it has been so fun to watch your business and family grow. I just can’t wait to meet you 🙂

  31. This is AMAZING!!!! So beautiful, this makes me so excited to have a family of my own, and just been so in love with my husband and our babies!!! Hope you’re well!! Xxx

  32. Crazy, I was just looking at this rental on there the other day! Have you seen the Taylor swift/Karlie Kloss photoshoot they did there? …At least I think it’s the same trailer! What a dream road trip!

  33. Hi Amber! I love your blog! I’m a makeup artist based in Boston and would love to do a shoot with you if your travels bring you to the area!

    All the best,