Majority of Provo is going to hate me after this post haha but here it goes!
disclaimer: this post is 100% from an LDS perspective
I’m utterly confused as to why people think it’s okay to take adderall during finals week?
like what is up with everyone thinking they have ADD?
you can’t concentrate in class and you cant focus doing homework?
yeahhhh guess what? 
that’s called school sucks and no one wants to sit and listen to stupid lectures and work on tedious assignments. youre the norm. not the exception darling.
that doesn’t mean you have ADD.
and just because your doctor prescribed you to adderall… that means nothing.
doctors get money for writing prescriptions and we are all smart enough to sit down and take a, “do you have ADD” test and mark the answers that would lead the doctor to believe we have ADD.
granted, there are some people who ACTUALLY have ADD and taking adderall makes them normal, but for everyone else, adderall makes you perform at a hyperactive level. which is not normal. and in my opinion, against the word of wisdom.
but for some reason, people think because they have “finals” that them taking adderall.. doesn’t apply to the word of wisdom.. because helllllooooo they need to study! like omg.
yeah we all do.
if you can’t study and do your work without being dependent on adderall maybe you shouldn’t have gotten into BYU in the first place?
I guess I just never want to take adderall because I know it would be amazing and I would get so much accomplished. but what happens when two days later, you have the BUSIEST day and you just can’t do it without adderall? that is why people get addicted. it’s so stupid!
and ambien? you cant fall asleep? ohhh so naturally, take ambien. haha no! thats not how it works people. just because i have a headache im not going to go take a freaking percocet. there are pills for everything these days and it bugs me that people assume they dont apply to the word of wisdom. 
I’m by no means saying I am perfect. 
and I am not necessarily judging people who do this.
I just think it is silly.
I laugh every time I see a tweet that says, “finals week. thank heavens for adderall!”
that’s not okay….
and I like to think I can accomplish all I need to accomplish without the help of some stupid pill.

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  1. Love reading your posts. Side splitting, belly aching, face cramping laughter. Keep calling it the way you see it! Couldn’t agree more with you on what you said about the WOW in this post. While you may succumb to peer pressure in lieu of cookies, glad to hear you’re not doing what others say is OK in this regard. I have to admit though, I’m really surprised to hear that this happens at BYU.