Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde
IMG_4119^^Because it wouldn’t be a normal day without a little yellow poop on my shirt! Haha thanks A 🙂Barefoot BlondeBarefoot BlondeBarefoot Blonde

TOP: Chicnova (old; similar here) // JEANS: Rag & Bone (also love these) // SANDALS: Sam Edelman // SUNGLASSES: Ray Ban // A’s SHIRT: Gap // LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Pink Nouveau’

Since moving to Alabama I have pretty much been as casual as can be while we unpack and get settled. Basically whatever is at the top of the box I grab and put on and I don’t even bother to get rid of the wrinkles. Oh yeah and can you tell I love baseball tees?!?

Haha and yes that is yellow poop on my shirt! When you wear white you are bound to end up with a little poo on it by the end of the day. Its so funny because I am of course a new mom and one day Atticus was being really fussy and he hadn’t gone to the bathroom in a while (he usually goes every three hours) and it had been about ten. So I was thinking he for sure was constipated.. I call the nurse and ask what I can do for this and she said not to worry and not to do anything because some baby’s only go a couple times every FEW DAYS! What in the world?? How can I sign up for that?! Okay but seriously I was thinking I would hate changing diapers but I actually don’t mind at all and I don’t even mind getting poop on me because he is just too darn sweet. However I am in complete aw at the odd directions poop can travel.. I mean seriously I will open up his diaper and its like it just shot straight up the back somehow? Science, man.

PS don’t forget to check out my SheKnows article on how to acheive a quick smoky eye using Q-tips!


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  1. With every double or triple braid you do I can never see the back good enough to figure out what you do with the first braid? My 7 year old has the most incredible long thick hair that I double and triple braid, but it always looks so structured because I generally incorporate the 1st braid into the 2nd? Do you just Bobby pin that one down and then continue to braid? Sorry for the question but I can never get hers to look so natural and tight?

    1. I wonder the same thing…. About this hairstyle, do you pin the top braid in the back and start a new braid on the side with the rest of the hair ? 😀

  2. Loved this! Clearly you are beautiful, but totally relatable. I have 5 mo. old and 3 year old sons…there is no way my whites are staying white…but I’m gonna keep trying, darnit! 🙂

  3. I live outside of Destin, this has to be the first place you road trip to!! The shopping, food and beaches are the best! Did I mention the shopping?! Remember to drive down 30A(Seaside, FL) when you come, it’s the most gorgeous beach front hwy you will ever drive down, and it is very dog friendly. Hope y’all enjoy the South! 🙂

  4. The fact that the majority of this post is about poop makes me love your blog that much more! Haha ok, that kinda sounds weird but I just love how down to earth and real you are. It’s great!

  5. What size t-shirts do you usually wear at ASOS?

    Love the post! I usually have some sort of bodily fluid on my clothes with 2 kids in tow.

  6. Hi! Love your blog…the hair, the clothes, the BABY! He is adorable and kinda makes me want another one!? What color is the MAC lipstick? The link brings me to the site but doesn’t show your color? Thanks!

  7. Oh my I understand! I have four and my youngest had the biggest poo explosion I had ever seen in my seven years of motherhood, and it was in the car seat and all over me and a parking lot. I was one that always wanted to be a mom, so in moments like that, I remind myself- I’m livin the dream:)

  8. Hahaha I love this post! Totally real life. You still look stunning though (even with a little yellow poop)! Haha! Those jeans are perfect and so is your braid! I tried a crown dutch french braid for the first time yesterday because I was inspired by your gorgeous braids! I loved it!! Thanks for the daily inspiration! 🙂

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina