Barefoot Blonde #forever21Barefoot Blonde #forever21Barefoot Blonde #forever21Barefoot Blonde #forever21Barefoot Blonde #forever21Barefoot Blonde #forever21 SWEATER: Forever 21 c/o (sold out, similar here and here)

COAT: Forever 21 c/o (sold out, similar here and here)

PANTS: Forever 21 c/o (sold out, similar here and here)

BEANIE: Forever 21 c/o (sold out, similar here and here)

SUNGLASSES: Valentino (sold out, similar here and here)

RINGS: Madewell (sold out, similar here and here)

LIPSTICK: MAC ‘Rebel’ with MAC ‘Currant’ liner under

Photos by Jessica Janae Photography

I am teaming up with Forever 21 to show you some of my favorite places in my town and I had to start with Bruges Waffles! They have the tastiest waffles ever and the bessst fries that will forever ruin fries for you. So if you are in SLC make sure you go if you haven’t already 🙂

I wanted to say thanks for all your guys advice on the move! I should have said why I was even considering moving post baby because that probably seemed silly and it is because if we move before it will cost a big chunk of change extra but I am definitely convinced to move before now though 🙂 I really appreciate all of your comments and wanted to reply to each one but I felt like I was just being redundant and just wanted to give a group thanks!

Also, the Burn Book notebook and Mean Girls pencils I instagrammed, here, can be bought at this cute Etsy shop! And the instagram I did here I also had a lot of emails about asking if I am doing a tutorial and as of now, no, because it was thee hardest hair style I have done yet haha. I know it doesn’t look hard, but I tried copying Julianne Hough’s hair, here, and watched tutorials on youtube but they are all wrong, its not knots (although knots are cute).. its this weird complicated twisty thing that is so cute in the end but such a pain! So once I have perfected it and come up with tricks I will do a tutorial but as of now, probably not! 🙂 I don’t always have time to answer emails so hopefully I can answer the FAQ on here more often for you!



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  1. Where are your shoes from? This outfit is so so cute! Ugh I aspire to be like you when I grow up!

  2. Hi Amber! You have such amazing style! You are my favorite blogger out there. I really am looking forward to a blog about your favorite beauty products and what you have been using recently! Everything you recommend, I buy, haha! I totally trust your advice!

    I read in a previous comment that you avoid doing personal posts because of the mean people out there. That makes me so sad! You are truly such a star and unfortunately not all people like to see others shine so brightly. For every one mean person please remember you have a thousand supporters who want what is best for you and look out for you! Have a great day!

    1. Hi Hilary!! Thank you so much for the sweet comment, that means so much to me!! Stay tuned for more posts!! xoxo

  3. Hello! I was just wondering what size you wear in that Forever 21 jacket! I love it but am wondering sizing 🙂


  4. I just found your blog, and the whole time I’ve been thinking you lived in New York! I’m so happy you live in Salt Lake/Utah! Your fashion blog is such a nice break from the stereotypical fashion blogs in Utah! I love this outfit by the way. Oh my gosh, and Brugees!! There is a place in Provo called The Aweful Waffle, and they sort of have waffles like brugees. So, it’s nice haha. But I still make trips up there for one! If you’re looking for a new place to try, there’s a new store called Pop ‘n Sweets and they have tons of candy from around the world and soda! It looks super retro and cute. I’m going there today haha! But anyways, I love your blog

  5. Hi Amber, you look great in this F21 outfit! Those waffles do look so yummy, too bad I live way too far to go check that cute place out! Hope you have a great time today watching the Super Bowl : ))

  6. Hey Amber,

    I’ve been following your blog for a long long time and I just never really comment. It’s great to see how much your blog/lifestyle has changed and you just get more and more gorgeous with all these shoots that you’re doing!

    I would really like it if you would post more about your lifestyle, diet, health and life with david on here, since i really enjoyed when the blog was a bit more personal. I looked forward to checking your website everyday just for updates, and I felt as though you were a role-model or an older sister of sorts (promise i’m not creepy though!). I’m also Mormon and I adored how traditional, modest, and proud you were of this faith. I’d love some more insightful posts about your life/faith/family etc 🙂

    Anyways, congrats on the pregnancy and keep up the great posts 🙂

    -Jen J.

    1. Hey Jen!! You are too sweet!! I am glad you have been following so long that makes me happy and I love when people say they feel like they know me!

      Because of really mean people out there I have kind of kept some things private although I would like to do more lifestyle posts and will try to do that more once David has normal work hours! He has been working crazy hours so he leaves when the sun is down and comes home when the sun is down which isn’t ideal for picture taking 🙂 Thanks for the advice though I will definitely try to make it a little more personal! 🙂

  7. I’m so excited for this collaboration! Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores.
    Loving that jacket and the dark lip combination.

    1. Thanks Monica!! F21 is definitely one of my favorites too, its just so cheap and good!

    1. Thanks so much!! Yeah you will have to try it out! But luckily you have Awful Waffle down there 🙂 another fav of mine!

  8. LOVE that you include more affordable looks for girls who want to look stylish on a budget. One of my favorite things about your blog is the variety of posts you offer. Some outfits are quality pieces and therefore slightly expensive but you still rock lower priced items too. I know these pictures weren’t taken by you but i’m curious what camera you use in your own photo diaries (The travel ones especially). Your pictures look so great and i’m looking for something of equal quality. Thanks!

    1. Aw thank you that means so much to hear! I love hearing feedback from you guys and really try to listen to your advice so I am glad you like!!! For my travel photos I used a Canon Rebel T3i with a 24-70 2.4 lens!! 🙂

  9. love the outfit! as always… 🙂
    and that hair style is to die for–man, I wish I hadn’t seen it, because now I know what I’m going to spend the next three hours trying to figure out! haha

    1. Thanks!! And haha thats about how long it took me!! Its pretty confusing! But I am going to keep practicing and will share a tutorial soon when I figure it out 🙂

    1. Haha yeah thats what I am thinking now!! Obviously this is my first time being a mom and I think I am underestimating how difficult it will actually be! Definitely planning to move before if we can make that happen!

  10. That is a lot of money!!!! But after the trouble and exhaustion I went through, I still would have rather moved before! You are looking fabulous Mama!!!!!

    Jessica Fay

    1. Thanks so much girl!! And yeah I am definitely thinking we will move before now!! 🙂

  11. I just did a search through your blog but I couldn’t find a post where you get your stacking rings (I know you’ve done one though.) What spots online have some of your favorites?

    1. I actually just added the links for the ones I am wearing in this post! They are from Madewell 🙂

  12. I love how you can make cheap-o Forever21 stuff look really pretty and expensive. You’re amazing!

  13. Beautiful black and white look on you. Love the deep color in your lipstick.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  14. Bruges waffles? Nice, I am from Ghent (Belgium) only 50 kilometers of driving 🙂 but of course you have them everywhere in our country, next to the Brussel and Luik ones hehe 😉
    I really love the coat you’re wearing! Nice that you’re in a collab with F21 🙂
    xx Lyn

    1. Thanks so much Lyn!! Jealous you live in Belgium! I have always wanted to go 🙂