The winner of last week’s giveaway is Callie Bower!! 
Yay I can’t wait! She is way too adorable!
So Callie, call me soon and lets set something up 🙂
Thanks to everyone to entered, you guys are the best! There will be more giveaways soon!
With yesterday being Valentines and being bombarded with lovey dovey instagram pictures, and seeing single girls wallow in their singleness, I couldn’t help but think about my relationship status. Which is.. single. And extremely content with it, might I add.
I was recently at a wedding for a good friend of mine and while we were outside the temple I heard “a human”  (whom I know very well), say to my friend, “Why isn’t Amber married yet? Man, we gotta get her married!! Whats her deal? She just needs to stop being so dang picky, I mean come on!”
My first thought was…. “um…. I am literally right here.. are you dumb as rocks?”
My second thought was rather long.
First off, I am 21. 
That is so, SO young!!! Why do I have to be married? Why should anyone feel like they have to be married? 
I think a year ago I would have been longing to be married like all of my friends are. But now I just have all these dreams and ambitions and things I want to do with my life that thinking about those dreams consumes all of my time and I don’t even think about “wanting to be married”.
I am going to live in Nice, France in July.
I may move to Manhattan in April until I leave for France… I am still praying about that one. 
I applied for a few amazing internships that I am crossing my fingers for.
I have a million things on my bucket list and dream list.
So I am going to continue checking things off my list and if an amazing boy happens to come along in the mean time, then great. 
People think that us girls need to be married and that if we are over the age of 23 and single, that something is wrong with us! Why is Utah (and Mesa) so distorted in that way?
Its not like any single girls here have a problem getting guys. They just haven’t found the one.
You have freaking eternity to be with someone for heavens sake!
So chill out, us single girls are doing just fine.
Here are some pics from my Valentines!

 Ian and I went to Velour for open mic night and watched his sister perform, who is AMAZING, and we also got to see this adorable couple get engaged after he sang her the song from The Wedding Singer! Sooo stinking cute!! (ps Mia is performing March 1st so everyone should go to Velour and watch!)
 Me and my homemade flowers! Yes, that is my to-do list on my hand haha 

 He made these!!!! What the heck.. So cute right? Homemade gifts are THEEEEE BEST!

Thats all! Hope everyone had a fab Valentines, single or not single! 

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  1. MC- Yeah I am so jealous that you are there right now! I have been stalking all your pictures! Hope youre having a blast!! Girls night when you return! xox

    Hayden- I know right its so awful! People will be like so are you married? and when I say no they get so awkward as if I should be or something! Congrats on your engagement I am so excited for you! you will be a beautiful bride!

  2. congrats callie!! haha i also wanted to add i hate the stigma of everyone thinking they have to be married so young. I’m 25 and just got engaged and I can’t tell you how many awkward conversations i had about not being married and people thinking you have issues for that. Think of all the amazing fun things you can only do while you’re single! Thanks for this post. 🙂

  3. Amber you’re going to live in Nice??? I just went there last weekend it is absolutely amazing. so beautiful!!! I am way jealous!

  4. Amber you’re going to live in Nice??? I just went there last weekend it is absolutely amazing. so beautiful!!! I am way jealous!