A Sunny Day in Cinque Terre

Are you sick of my Europe pics yet?! Haha I know we have so many. I love taking photos but I also love coming home and not taking photos for a while. Gotta have some balance I guess. My sister and her lil fam are in Europe now and since they are in Lake Como I was looking up all our pics we took there as a family and went down a rabbit hole looking at so many old photos. I love looking back on our travel photos they are so special to me!

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When we got to the La Spezia port we took a super quick 10 min train ride over to Riomaggiore. We walked around a bit but mostly just sat and looked at the view. I have been to Vernazza and Manarola but never Riomaggiore and while I loved it, it is harder with kids because there isn’t a great place to hang by the water which is what the kids really wanted to do. So we took a little 5 min boat ride over to Manarola – the boat driver was so nice and just sat in the water so we could enjoy the view before going in. There we had pizza, walked around, laid by the water, watched David cliff jump, the kids jumped off rocks, and we just had fun swimming as a family. We planned to stay a lot longer and go over to Vernazza for a bit since the ship didn’t leave until 8pm that night if I remember right but I was getting so lightheaded and dizzy (something that always happens to me during pregnancy even if I am fully hydrated and have a full belly). So we headed back early and took a nap and had a relaxed evening.

*If you ever go to Cinque Terre the order of my favorite little towns goes: Vernazza – Manarola – Riomaggiore. I haven’t been to the others but Vernazza is a great spot if you want to stay a while  lots of great lounging areas on the rocks. Manarola has a really pretty hike you can do with a good restaurant at the top and a pretty view and also good cliff jumping. Riomaggiore is also incredibly beautiful but harder to get situated but since it is the first of the towns it is a good place to start and take boat rides to the others. The boats run 100 euros an hour but I think ours charged us a flat fee of like 15 euros or something similar.


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  1. Hi Amber! I love these pictures. If you ever go back to Cinque Terre, I would recommend getting the 5terre express train pass and it gives you unlimited train travel to all of the villages. It was only 16 euros so it was sooo affordable and easy.

  2. These photos are dreamy! I’m studying abroad in Florence right now and was in Cinque Terre last weekend. Next time go to Monterosso al Mare. What it lacks in bright colorful buildings it makes up for in the most beautiful beach and best foccia bread