A Rainy Day in Vermont & 12 Things

Hope everyone is having a good week! This is a goooood week. It started off yesterday (Sunday) where I seriously had an epiphany that I can’t stop thinking about and it made me realize that everything happens for a reason – ah I wish I could tell you guys more (I will later) and I hate being secretive but am only mentioning that because it is like crazzzy on my mind. Then today was just a good day – I got to see baby at the doctor and baby is healthy and good. After we went to our house and seriously just stayed for a couple hours.. it is getting so hard to leave because I just want to stay at the house and never leave.. I love it so much it hurts! I just finished making little treats for Atticus to take to school on Wednesday (just did simple little spider lollipop things). Tomorrow I have a date with Atticus that he is SOOOO excited for – it is so so adorable how excited he is! And its just a good week. Things are moving along with the house which has me feeling sooo excited and the closer December gets the more it feels real. Clearly this house is a roller coaster of emotions for me. I thought I would do a 12 things since my brain is going a million miles an hour right now! (it always does at night when the kids are down and I am doing work stuff!) *Also linking to outfit details in number 10.

1. These rainy day in Vermont pics are some of my favorite. It was actually supposed to rain almost the whole time we were in Vermont but as it got closer to our trip the weather slowly started looking up. I brought our rain boots and umbrellas just in case and we only had one rainy day which ended up being SO fun. The kids had a blast splashing in puddles and getting all wet. It was cozy being in our hotel room with the fire on and the door open listening to the rain.

2. Sooo excited for Halloween on Wednesday!!!!! The kids picked our costumes this year so stay tuned to see what we are – lol.

3. We go to Hawaii on Friday and it is weird because usually I feel a tiny bit anxious before trips – regardless if I am excited – I just feel a little anxious I guess hoping that everything will go smoothly and hoping I remembered everything we needed and did adequate planning etc. but for Hawaii I feel zero anxiousness. I cannot wait to be back there!!!!! I guess the main reason is I don’t feel like we need to plan anything because we just want to go with the flow and I honestly just can’t wait to be sitting on the sand watching the sunset and soaking it up.

4. I have been spending so much time at night planning the kid’s bedrooms for the new house. I really want them to be super special and feel really fun for them. I have gotten so many special pieces and things I think they will really love and I have also been trying to get pieces that fit their personalities and interests! Even if they are just little things like Rosie is obsessed with peaches (you should see her eat them – she can eat a whole peach in 2 seconds haha also why we are planting peach trees in the backyard) so little things like having a peach pillow that she will love. Just the little details. I can’t wait to show you guys and to also link to a bunch of the pieces because I have discovered so many incredible kid shops. I have been making a list and when I am done I will share them all with you.

5. I mentioned Atticus and I are going on a date tomorrow – we are going to paint some pottery (a piece he can put in his new room!) and then go see a special premiere of The Nutcracker!! Then we will probably go get a lil treat after.

6. Under Armour sent the kids some winter jackets in the mail and we went to my office and opened it. Atticus was so in love with his jacket he wore it that day and has since said “hey mama, thank you for that jacket” about 30 times I kid you not! He will randomly just think of it and be like hey thank you so much for that – haha its so cute and makes me giggle.

7. I seriously cannot wait to be snuggling my newborn. I just ordered our linen sets for our bed in the new house and just dream of laying in those sheets holding my newborn nursing. AHHHHH. Can February come sooner?! But also not because I love the holidays and want to soak that in. Also I need time to move. So actually take your time. But I can feel the baby kicking like crazy right now 🙂 🙂 🙂

8. The other day I started planning all the fun holiday things we will do with the kids this year and booked our Polar Express tickets! So excited for all of the fun holiday activities!

9. Kids in trench coats has to be the cutest thing ever. Especially holding umbrellas in the rain. Killlllin me.

10. Just realized I didn’t link outfit stuff above so going to here. Rosie’s trench is Greenberry Kids, A’s trench is Zara, their matching boots are Hunter, our umbrellas are from Amazon, my dress is old but is Topshop, blazer is from & Other Stories, glasses are old but Miu Miu

11. I just got done researching the best and biggest towels. I think I had talked to you guys last year about finding good ones.. I have ordered a few different ones but we haven’t loved any to be honest. I found really great reviews on these from Restoration Hardware so I might get these for our master bath and then get these for the guest baths and kids baths since those also had really great reviews. Will keep ya posted which I like better.. Hoping one of them is a winner.

12. Another thing I need to order for the new house is silverware – I keep looking at them online and just can’t decide what to get because there are so many options and they are all kiiiinda the same but not. Anyways if you have a favorite that you really love let me know!

*oh wait and a bonus one because I told you guys about my back pain – it comes and goes but I got this acupressure mat about 4 or so months ago and seriously am obsessed with it!!!! It helps my back so much and I feel instant relief and relaxation when I lay on it. Anyways, it is super affordable and since a lot of you said you also have back pain I thought I would share!

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  1. Hi Amber! I was just wondering if you think about your carbon footprint at all? Considering that you travel so much and flying is one of the biggest environmental crooks out there. I’ve travelled a lot myself, but just feel like I can’t justify it anymore if I want my son to grow up in a world we haven’t totally messed up..! I’m sure you’ve got some interesting ideas on this subject and look forward to hearing your thoughts! Much love from Sweden.

  2. Love your gold necklaces….could you share where they are from? I am looking for one like your pendant. Thank you!

  3. Silveware: check out ‘New York’ from Georg Jensen. Simple but beautiful!

  4. OMG! I loved this this such a realxing thing to read on a cozy fall night. I was wondering if you ever consider a gold silverware. I’ve seen them everywhere and they look so luxurious.

  5. That is so sweet reading your thoughts as they go through your mind…love 12 things! And also – I’ve always wanted an umbrella like that and I might actually get it one day! 😀 😀

  6. Just need to point out that David does an incredible job behind the camera!! He gets better every post.

  7. I am soooo excited to see your Hawaii pics!! I swear when you guys lived there I checked your blog daily for your beach pics:)

  8. Congrats on your pregnancy, can you please talk more about it? Pregnancy updates/purchases/thoughts etc. The reason I ask is because I am also pregnant and really struggling with first trimester morning sickness (all day and night). And also with all the emotions it brings.. and none of my friends have babies so it helps knowing I’m not alone <3

  9. Super excited to see your new place! So cute that you are personalizing the kiddos rooms. 🙂 When you get some time can you link some Christmas tree ornaments that you like?

  10. I love the rain coats!!! And those clear umbrellas are perfect for pictures! Will you be in the house by Christmas?

  11. I love these pics. Have you tried going to a chiropractor for back pain? My hubby is a chiropractor and I swear it made such a huge difference between baby #1 (we had him when hubs was in school) and baby #2. Not only does getting adjusted relieve pain but because it puts your spine in proper alignment, baby has a better path to exit. Reducing labor pains and times <3

  12. Have you looked at Costco’s bath sheets? They are massive and thick and cozy and the best towels ever!

  13. I love Matuk towels from Bloomingdale’s . I recently bought bath sheets from Matuk’s Milagro line . Very nice quality, super soft .

  14. Those pictures are so lovely, and I can’t belive how amazing autumn looks in Vermont (even on rainy days!) I really like the whole theme with the transparent umbrella. Your coat is very beautiful as well!

  15. I love abyss towels. So soft and thick and fabulous color selection. As for silverware check out Michael Aran. I have his beaded hammered like set which I loveeee. Kinda oversized and nice weight. No bent prongs on these forks!!!!

  16. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love the look of Joanna Gaines’ silverware! It has a matte black finish, which is refreshing from the boring silverware you typically see. Here’s the amazon link, but I think you can also find them at Target.


    I love your 12 things posts!


  17. I’m so excited for you to have your house finished by the time your new little one gets here! Love your pictures, rainy days are the best (:

  18. We are still looking for the perfect bath towel. I would get bath sheets because regular bath towels are a bit small. We tried RH but they are really thick and take ages to dry. Have you tried Boll and Branch? Let us know what you decide? Lovely pictures! xxx

  19. These pictures are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! I love reading your blog posts!

  20. Hey Amber,

    your pictures are so beautiful and I like your glasses.
    I like the silverware from Alessi and have the Nuovo Milano line. Maybe you like it, too.

  21. So glad to hear everything is good! All exciting things – no wonder your mind is going a million miles a minute LOL. I can’t blame you! You are seriously just the chicest mom – also the chicest pregnant mama! Keep us updated on the towels – my husband is really tall and we love giant towels

    xx http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog

  22. Love the twelve things! Your positivity and care you put into your family is inspiring. Soak up the sand and enjoy a tropical mocktail for me!

  23. NUMBER NINE. I can’t even deal! Also, that photo of Rosie hugging Atticus. I want a child now. Also, I am so excited to hear about your trip back to Hawaii. I can’t believe that at one point you all lived there!