Instax documenting Amber Fillerup Clark's body changes during her third pregnancy.

A Little Pregnancy Update

I am half way through my pregnancy so I wanted to share some updates with you all! I have been feeling really good as of late and pretty much after I passed the first trimester my hormones leveled out and any pregnancy blues I had, LUCKILY went away! I haven’t felt sick or hormonal (well except for my normal day to day being a woman hormonal lol) and I have only had acid reflux and restless leg – but can’t complain because I would way rather have that than major mood swings!


Going in on Tuesday for my anatomy scan and I always love those extra long 30 minute appointments where you get to see the baby for a long time. I have been trying not to look toooo closely though because obviously I don’t want to see any little body parts that will spoil the gender surprise! People keep saying that they know I am having a boy because of the way I am carrying but honestly I have carried the same with all three! Plus I always kinda think those wives tales are a little silly because anyone has a 50% chance of being right 😉 so its kinda easy to throw out guesses and actually get it right but I don’t think it has to do with how I am carrying or any of those wives tales you hear about. I don’t have any hunches and really am not feeling anxious like I thought I would be.

I love taking a minute to sit and feel the baby kicking and imagine us in our new house as a family of 5 🙂 I am really excited to breastfeed again and just to have really slow and lazy days snuggling all day!!! AHH

Amber Fillerup Clark taking a mirror selfie during her 3rd pregnancy.


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  1. I think it was incredible. I haven’t got my pregnancy test yet. But should I? I’ve been having most of the early 1st trimester symptoms. My stomach looks like yours. The second to last right now.

  2. Congratulations! What an incredible time 🙂
    Wishing you all the best over the next few months.

  3. Have you tried taking magnesium for restless leg? I wish I knew about this two pregnancies ago!! Total game changer!

    1. Amen, I found out about Magnesium for restless leg but not until my 7th and you are right, it was a total game changer! (I had to take some zinc to help it actually get into where it needed to go, but…)

  4. Super sweet! Glad to hear you’re feeling better and the blues have gone away. That must have been incredibly hard. Smooth sailing here on out!

  5. Aw this is so sweet! My little boy doesn’t like to snuggle anymore even though he’s only 4 months…so those were some nice days! I think they lasted about two weeks for me haha. So excited for you!
    xoxo Carolyn @

  6. Hey Amber-I just found out I’m pregnant with a 3rd too! Congrats on your pregnancy! I have a boy (5) and a girl (2). I’d love to hear what you are thinking about for a stroller now. I seem to remember you posting about a roller board attachment a while back, but can’t remember the brand. If you have any tips or fun new products that’d be great too – I feel so out of the mix ha!

  7. congrats on being halfway! I just passed the halfway mark last week and found out we’re having a girl – we are SO excited. love being able to follow along your journey alongside my own!!

  8. Awww congrats on being halfway! I am as well and get my 20wk ultrasound on Friday! Due date (Feb 19th-ish). This is my second and I wanted to ask if you had any book recommendations for kids, prepping them about a new baby brother/sister? Thank you!