Having Fun in Haarlem

While we were in Holland (or Netherlands? interested which one locals call it?! I got corrected to both a few times on my insta so now I am left confused which one to call it ha!) we went to Haarlem! It was my first time there and wow it was amazing! It is the most charming little town and sooo quiet .. it felt like an empty movie set because hardly anyone was on the street except for in the main square. We roamed streets, ate some lunch, went to the fair that they had going on, and got treats. The view from the ferris wheel was soo beautiful! This was probably my favorite outfit from the trip. I actually brought this dress as a backup and didn’t know if I would wear it but last minute threw it on and I love the fit of it. These photos are taken by Jessica and Tessa.


BOOTS | JUMPER (similar here & here) | SUNGLASSES 



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  1. Love The Netherlands! Being half- Dutch I consider it my second home. Ha – too funny about what to call it. It really depends on where you are – what the locals will call it. There’s a really funny YouTube video about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eE_IUPInEuc
    Looks like you had a great time!

  2. The whole country is called the Netherlands and there’s two provinces called North and South Holland! Holland is apparently just a nickname for the whole country too?! haha most people think Amsterdam is the country, so you’re a step head of most!

  3. Hihi, this is actually where I grew up. Even though I don’t live there anymore now, I still love visiting my family and friends there and still think it’s one of the best places to live ever! As a kid I particularly liked the fact that we could (and frequently would) just bike to the beach in under 30 minutes..

  4. I really love you with shorter hair! It looks so healthy

  5. Who makes the ah-dorable jumper you are wearing? I see a link to Free People but just to the homepage. All the best!

  6. Hello beautiful!!!! Your smile is contentious and your joy overflowing! Fun fun!! I began following you bc of your travel and the most amazing sights and pics!! You never disappoint!!! I’m enjoying seeing so much of the world through your eyes 🙂 Question: is Tessa your sister in law ?? I think I saw that but I’m not sure…..
    Also!!!******** ?!?!???
    What’s our next book ??????

  7. Hey Amber!

    Those are really cute pictures 🙂

    To clear up your confusion about why some people say Holland is correct and some say it should be the Netherlands: you went to Haarlem/Amsterdam, which is located in a province called Noord-Holland (literally translated: North-Holland). Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland (literally translated: South-Holland) together make up Holland. Whereas the whole of the country consists of 12 provinces which together form the Netherlands! So Haarlem is both part of the Netherlands as well as of Holland, hope that helps 🙂


    1. Ahhh okay this makes sense!! It was confusing because when I would call it Netherlands I had a few people saying it is actually Holland and then vice versa! Thank you for explaining this!

      1. I’m glad someone finally clarified this for me, as well… Thank you, Sophie

  8. Both Holland or Netherland is fine!! They both imply The Netherlands, and both are used by locals (as I am one)!

    Love your blog! x

  9. So cute!! Love the outfit❤️❤️❤️ Haarlem looks amazing! I can’t wait to see more from the trip!

  10. Love the outfit! I’m a local and we say ‘Nederland’ in dutch, so the answer is The Netherlands 😋

  11. Netherlands and Holland is like Great Britain and England: Netherlands is the name of the whole country (so that one is correct regardless where in the country you are) und Holland is the name of one specific part of the Netherlands, like Scotland or England are parts of Great Britain. 🙂 Love Haarlem too, great to hear you had a good time there!

    1. Uhm there’s a provence called north-holland and one called south-holland But there is no part in Holland that’s called Holland.
      Correct is Nederland. And that’s the Nederlanders call their homeland. The lands down bellow translated. Because almost all the land is below sea level.

  12. I loved the photos!! Definitely a place for my bucket list! Really craving an adventure somewhere soon! Loved this monochrome with the pop of black outfit too! ❤️❤️