A Day at the Flower Fields

Ah you guys I feel like I have been major slacking on my blog! I know I have been MIA with announcing book club books and keeping up with series etc. Honestly I have been really busy with Barefoot Blonde Hair and just spending time with my kids. But I am trying to get back on track. I really notice a difference when I don’t schedule things out and use the different “tools” I normally use to stay on track with all I have going on.

What I wore : 

Outfit One : Dress

Outfit Two : Top | Skirt

I actually thought I might do a blog post on the different things I use to stay productive because it made me think of it this week when I realized I hadn’t been using them! I really thought I would read more while we were in Europe but it ended up being super busy just with coordinating and working while traveling so I didn’t get much reading done.. SO that being said, I am still reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle! I have also been intentionally reading it slow because I have been trying to really soak in and practice what he talks about. I really love the book so much!!!! Now about these flowers… HOW PRETTY ARE THEY!? Last time we were in Netherlands we went to his farm so we went back again this year! They are sooo nice!!! They hung out with us as we shot and picked us bouquets of flowers to take home! Being in Netherlands for the tulip festival is definitely a bucket list item!


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  1. oh my GOSH!!!! these photos are an absolute DREAM!!! i mean, those are like trite and unsubstantial words for how delighted my eyes are beholding this loveliness, haha!! love it, sister! i bet you had the best time!! xoxo brittany | http://www.lifeofcharmings.com

  2. Would love that blog post on what you use to stay productive!! Always looking for new ideas to help me stay productive 🙂

  3. These photos are so beyond gorgeous Amber!! Love love love them.



  4. Pretty pics, I tried really hard to take pics in a flower field not too long ago and it was just WAY too many bees for me! I freaked out and left lol. You make these shots look effortless lol.

  5. What time of day did you go for this amazing light?! Bucket list for sure!

    1. I was just about to ask the same question about when you guys were shooting! Was it early morning or late afternoon? The light is amazing.

  6. These photos are amazing! Love how professional the photography and look of the blog is as of late!

  7. When we went this year no one would let us on their property! I was so sad to not get pictures Luke this. What farm? Could you share the address so if I ever go again we know where to go? Thanks! @herestohealthywomen

  8. I would seriously LOVE a post on your favorite tools to keep your business and blog organized! And these flowers are so DREAMY! It’s my new bucket list item to visit the tulip festival!

  9. Thank God about the book! I am taking forever to listen to it lol. I love it and I tell so many people things I learn from it but I still find that I need to pay very close attention and take it slow. It has helped me so much. I’m excited to discuss it with everyone here (:

  10. These flowers are gorgeous. Honestly the images are breathtaking. One day I want to travel to Europe and just go from flower field to flower field, that’s definitely on the top of my life bucket list.
    Have a wonderful rest of your Monday, xAllie