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Hey all how are you doing?! I spent the weekend organizing like crazy and trying to stay busy and keep up with work at home! Not always the easiest with 3 distractions (hi Atticus, Rosie, and Frankie).I wanted to share more about the serum I have been using the last couple weeks! I posted on insta that I was going to be using the Olay Wrinkle Correction Serum with Vitamin B3 + Peptides and have been using it morning and night! I absolutely love using serums – I use them religiously. 1. Because I notice a difference with my skin when I use serums and 2. I love how my make up looks overtop a serum! It somehow adds an extra glow to your face! Above are unretouched pictures of me with no makeup and just the Olay serum and then one with my makeup overtop the serum!

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With schools out we now have lots of entertaining to do with the kiddos! I shared these Pokemon cards that Atticus colored and thought I would share them on here for anyone else who wants to do this with their Pokemon obsessed kiddos! We sent this to our cousins too and they all colored them and then we all compared Pokemon so you could always do Zoom pokemon battle play dates along with it 😉

To make these David got a blank template and then googled each character and dragged them over in Adobe Illustrator! Lucky to have a hubby who enjoys doing and making fun things with the kiddos. Enjoy xo

*a note from David, these blank cards are made to scale of the actual Pokemon cards, but if your printer has any margin settings on it by default, it might shrink them to fit those margins, so just remove all margins when printing;)

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Two of my favorite times of the day are waking up to the morning light in our home and coming out to a clean kitchen and enjoying a simple morning with my fam, and when the kids are asleep and the house is quiet and clean because that means it’s time to relax, catch up on work, and enjoy time with David. Lately I have been doing “turn down service” for me and David hehe which means before we go put the kids down I close all the shades, take the “decorative pillows off the bed, turn the lamps on, get ice waters for us, and turn on our diffuser with a relaxing scent. We used the new aromatherapy blend Forest Therapy last night, – it’s inspired by the new trend of Forest Bathing, which is about improving your overall happiness by getting outdoors and enjoying nature..

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Hey guys! It has been a while since I have posted on here. I hope everyone is having an amazing February. I thought I would pop on here and share the most recent hair tutorial I posted. This tutorial will show you how to do a mega wrapped ponytail, it is a fun little take on a classic ponytail.

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Photos from Mega Wrapped Ponytail Tutorial