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Since I am the biggest procrastinator ever and end up ordering things last minute and paying double for shipping every dang Christmas I figured I would make one last gift guide for all those ladies like me out there 🙂 or if you just want to buy something for yourself that is cool too.

I just ordered the Vogue Covers book and literally cannot wait for it to get here. It is filled with all the covers of Vogue all the way from the beginning when they had their first cover in December of 1892! I am giddy and cannot stop thinking about it.

Hope you all have a fab day and get all your presents ordered!!! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for some NYE jewels in yesterday’s post! xoxo

Photos from A Gift Guide for the Procrastinator

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  1. I am usually a procrastinator also but I promised myself that I would start earlier this year and get it done two weeks before Christmas, which I did thank god lol!! Loving all of these picks, that book would look great on a coffee table and I am loving those adorable flats!!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

    1. Haha way to go girl! I think I tell myself that every year and it never happens ha 🙂