NUDE LIP: here

RED LIP: here



I am a total lipstick junkie and thought I would share some of my favorites and some that I have been dying to go get! Every time I go into Sephora my lips come out dry as can be from trying so many on 🙂 hope you guys enjoy and have a good day! Xo


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  1. Great Post!!! NARS is forever a fav!!What do you think of the Miss Adoro make up? , I have tried their lashes and I really like them but I was wondering how the make up is, the high def. lipstick looks really good, they have a pink that i really like but I’m wondering about the quality of it!?

  2. I’m obsessed with this lipstick guide. Lipstick is my ALL TIME favorite makeup product. I want to buy every single color, in every single brand. A new lip stain that I am becoming seriously obsessed with and need every color of it this one here!
    My goal is to buy it in EVERY color. I saw a girl post a video of her putting it on, and then rubing a wine glass on her lips and ZERO product came off. This stuff lasts forever if your looking for something where you don’t need to reapply.

  3. Same here, i’m a lipstick junkie too. thanks for sharing this article. i love nude and red lips the most. for everyday use, there’s no substitute of nude. and red lips are just perfect for any party <3 nice post

  4. I was wondering how did you make this collage? I only know about polyvore, but it does not do everything I need it to. I’m currently working on making a blog, and this is the exact type of collage I am looking for. Thanks!

  5. I’m always a sucker for a nude lip so I’m not crazy obsessed with too much color, however it’s always so much fun to try lipsticks on in Sephora. I can’t believe certain colours can change your look so drastically! Love this post

    xo Mel

  6. Obsessed with this! You always wear the best colors! I’ll need to try a few of these for sure 🙂

    x abigail, the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  7. I am such a lipstick junky also and I totally know what you mean when going in Sephora!! My lips get so dry also from trying on so many lipsticks!! I have been meaning to try that Candy Yum Yum!!

    Sincerely Miss Ash