5 Ways to Get in the Fall Spirit Early


For those of us who are obsessed with summer, August and September can easily make us bummed because we don’t want it to end. However, when you start to think of everything fun that fall has to offer, it can be way easier to mentally prepare ourselves to say “goodbye” to summer and “hello” to fall! Follow these 5 ways to get in the fall spirit early.

1. Buy a Fall Candle : Fall time doesn’t feel complete without the aroma’s that go with it! Fill your home with some scents that make you feel warm and cozy. In my opinion, Bath & Body Works, has some of the best candles that are long -lasting, and come in a variety of scents. Plus, they’ve already launched their new scents for the fall season!

2. Go Shopping : To me, fall time has always felt like a fresh start. It’s when kids are starting their next year of school, and for me at work we’re starting to make plans for the upcoming year. Going shopping for fall clothes is a great way to get ready and be excited for fall. Before you shop, look at your current wardrobe and make decisions on what you can donate, sell, and keep. Re-organizing your closet will allow you to prioritize what you need for fall and will make room in your closet. I love buying new boots, socks, and coats! This year I’m rearranging my closet so that I can get a capsule wardrobe.


“I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” ― L. M. Montgomery

3. Start Cooking : One of the most fun things about fall includes the delicious fall recipes. The possibilities are truly endless and if you look on Pinterest, you’ll stumble upon so many amazing ideas! If you search for fall recipes, you’ll come across recipes for latte, pumpkin bread, apple pie, white chicken chili, quash-alfredo ravioli, and more!

4. Watch Gilmore Girls : Am I the only one who watches Gilmore Girls on Netflix every fall? Around September I start the show from the first episode and watch it through. The setting of Stars Hollow and the overall feel of the show adds a little something extra to fall that makes it feel so magical. This always gets me excited for the cozy weather and ready to enjoy fall time.

5. Prep for Halloween : Halloween is quickly approaching and planning for this years’ Halloween is such a fun way to get in the spirit of the season. If you haven’t already, you can plan what costume you and/or your family will do this year, or you can start prepping for a Halloween party! This is such a fun time to play dress up and get together with friends.

Fall is just around the corner and with these fun activities, you’ll be SO ready when September 22nd is finally here!

Article and images by Kylie Thompson. To view more content by Kylie you can visit her instagram here

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If we sat down for a cup of tea and macarons, I would tell you that I believe laughter and dancing around your house lip-syncing to Whitney Houston can cure almost any sadness. I’m passionate about family, travel, writing, and photography. I love using my camera to capture the sweet moments of beautiful souls like YOU.

When I’m not working, I’m enjoying the shoreline of Lake Michigan in rain, shine, and snow, or snuggling with my husband and golden.

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