Children’s Library

5 Ways to Build Your Children’s Library With Books on a Budget


I’ve read to Ryland and Rori almost every night since they were born. They both love books, so they made it difficult to skip even on our exhausted nights. Our library of children’s book keeps growing and it makes me so happy! Books can be quite pricy, so I wanted to share 5 ways you can build your children’s library without breaking the bank!

Amber's Favorite Children's Books
Children’s Library

1. Library : The library is the perfect place for completely free books and your children will love checking out with their library card. You can rent several books at a time and if your child is absolutely obsessed with the book and your book return date is approaching, don’t worry! You can always extend your checkout date online or in person. Ask your librarian when their next library sale will be – so many books go on sale for cents!

2. Garage sales : Find garage sales in your neighborhood and check to see if you they have any books for sale! You can snag books for such a good deal (I’ve seen some for .25 cents!)

3. Ask for books in lieu of a birthday card or holiday card : cards today can be quite pricy, instead of cards that you will eventually toss because of clutter ask your guests to bring a book instead. When sending out birthday invitations, include a short poem: an example can be “Please bring a book instead of a card. It doesn’t matter if its loved or brand new, you can sign the book with a note from you” (unknown) or get as creative as you want!

Children’s Library

"Ask your librarian when their next library sale will be – so many books go on sale for cents!"

4. Amazon : Amazon has a section on their site and you can search “bargain children’s books”. All of the books on sale for that day will populate and if you check it frequently enough you can get kindle edition free e books – these are so good for when you are on the go or traveling with your children. Sometimes you can also get free audible books for children which is great for long car rides!

5. Book swap party : This is the perfect way to have a play date with friends, but also to hang out with a purpose.  I am sure your mama friends have books that their children are tired of. This is the perfect time opportunity to get rid of your old books and exchange them for something ‘new’ and exciting.

Children’s Library
Children’s Library

Encouraging reading can be so much fun, it allows Ryland and Rori to explore their imaginations. I hope that these 5 tips help you save and build your child’s library while building their imagination one book at time.  

Article and images by Jennifer Vatthongxay . You can view more content by Jennifer on her blog and on her Instagram here

Meet Jennifer

Hi! I’m Jennifer, I am a mama to two – Ryland and Rori. I work from home full time doing administrative work while attending University of California, Davis studying Human Development. I created my blog as an outlet from my busy life, it’s a place for me to be creative and inspire other women. Pieces of Emerald is a platform where women can go to and feel inspired, while connecting with other like minded women that have a love for all things fashion, beauty, and motherhood.

A question that I get quite often is how I came up with my blog name: Pieces of Emerald. Truth is, it came very natural to me because I was born in the month of May and so were Ryland and Rori – May’s birth stone is Emerald – Through my blog and social media, we are sharing a piece of our life.

Fun favorites of mine: I am a terrible baker, but I love sweets and enjoy the baking moments with my children. I am a foodie, I love all foods especially spicy foods – Thai food is an absolute favorite!

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