5 Tips to Develop a Love for Training


“Stick to a task till it sticks to you, for beginners are many but finishers are few.”

This is one of my favorite quotes because it is so true!! Often times when we set goals, we expect immediate results. When the results don’t come like we wantt them to, we give up. I know it is easier said then done, but BE PATIENT!

Being a mother of three, I have learned a lot about my own body. Truthfully, I am amazed by the human body and think women are absolutely amazing. Getting back in “shape” after birth is no easy task. No matter who you are, it takes a lot of work. Don’t get discouraged because you may not be where you wanted to be right at this moment. Don’t you quit because you are too impatient or because someone else has already reached their goals.

Progress is progress no matter how small it is.

Ignore what everyone else is doing and achieving. Your life is about breaking your own limits and outgrowing yourself to live YOUR best life. You are not in competition with anyone else, plan to out-do your past not other people.


Training Tips

If you are feeling stuck, or you have a desire to workout but you don’t know where to start, here are some tips:

1. Make it FUN!!! Seriously, be willing to do different things. Not always the typical stair master, or elliptical (those aren’t very fun).

2. Find someone to work out with, your spouse, friend, child or a random person at the gym!

3. Take one day at a time! Sometimes we get too eager and forget that it takes time and dedication to achieve those results we want.

4. Set reachable goals, meaning don’t set too high of goals that will discourage you because it is too hard.

5. HAVE FUN, did I already say that? Being sore is awesome, because you know you worked hard.

Article and images by Fatima Dedrickson. You can view more content by Fatima on her blog stylefitfatty.blogspot.com and on her Instagram here

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  1. This was exactly what I needed to hear today! And that quote is so inspiring! I’ve been a beginner so many times and now I’m ready to be among the finishers! Thanks for the tips!