5 Hydrating Skincare Products

5 Skincare Products for Easy Post-Summer Hydration


Whether you spent your summer in the sun or at the office, our faces need a little extra love after the harsh summer heat and changing weather. Rehydrate and calm your skin with some of my go-to hydrating skincare products, perfect for unveiling your outer glow on a busy schedule. Yes ladies, even with acne prone skin!

5 Hydrating Skincare Products - Tolerance Enzyme Peel - Natura Bisse | Barefoot Blonde | Amber Fillerup Clark


Tolerance Enzyme Peel

Natura Bisse

This is honestly the weirdest exfoliator I have ever tried and I am hooked. You only need to use it about every 4 days. Put the gel over your entire face after a good cleanse and leave on for about 10-15 minutes. A little goes a long ways! You know it’s working when your face starts to feel a tickle sensation; so weird! Then, wipe it of with a wet washcloth and your skin feels baby soft! It loosens all of your clogged pores and makes them easy to extract!

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5 Hydrating Skincare Products - Water Sleeping Mask - Laneige | Barefoot Blonde | Amber Fillerup Clark


Water Sleeping Mask


​The perfect light refresh after a day in the sun or a stressful day at the office. Infused with calming mineral water, it helps to cool and rehydrate your face while your skin absorbs it in your sleep. Use up to twice a week for those extra dry days.

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5 Hydrating Skincare Products - Essential Creme - Amorepacific | Barefoot Blonde | Amber Fillerup Clark


The Essential Creme Fluid Moisturizer


​Easily the lightest cream I have put on my face but with some major power. This moisturizer helps your skin to hold it’s moisture and feel light all day long. The impact of it’s green tea leaves your skin feeling silky smooth with hardly any effort on an early morning.

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5 Hydrating Skincare Products - Tsubaki Swirl - Boscia | Barefoot Blonde | Amber Fillerup Clark


Tsubaki Swirl Two-Part Gel & Cream Deep Hydration Moisturizer


​Great for every skin type, even sensitive, this gel and cream combo is one of my favorite pick-me-ups at the end of the day. After cleansing, apply to your under eyes, cheeks, and mid-forehead to wake up with refreshed and radiant skin. It also helps to minimize the look of wrinkles, which seem to be more obvious after a (short) nights sleep.

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5 Hydrating Skincare Products - Brightening - Sunday Riley | Barefoot Blonde | Amber Fillerup Clark


C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum

Sunday Riley

Stayed out too late or just plain too lazy to mask the night before? No worries! Sunday Riley’s C.E.O serum is the perfect quick fix to brighten any skin. Rich in vitamin C and it smells amazing; brighten your cheeks and under eyes with this serum and you’ll be hydrated all day. Going for an all-over glow? This also helps to minimize the look of your pores, dark spots and gives a firmer appearance to your overall face.

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