5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping the Sale Rack


I’ve been called a “bargain shopper” quite a few times. I do love a good deal and rarely buy anything full price. But with that comes the addiction to the sale. You end up coming up with great buys, but things you don’t really need. I mean haven’t you heard the “It’s a steal! It’s on sale, you should buy it!” coming out of your head whenever you see your favorite store send you an email with 60% off in large lettering. Sometimes you can actually score big, and other times you spend your whole budget on sale pieces you never wear. I thought I would put together some tips for shopping sales and how to get a great deal.

1. Would you buy it if it wasn’t on sale?
Were you eyeing it before it went on sale? If so, it’s probably a good idea to snag it now when it’s actually is marked down. If it’s something you are buying just because its really cheap, but you wouldn’t have bought it full price, then leave it out of your cart. If you’re on the fence, go ahead and say no. I always tell people if you don’t LOVE it, don’t buy it. There are way too many things out there to just be “so-so” with purchases.

2. Does it fit perfect?
Don’t sacrifice fit for the sale tag. I can’t tell you how many times I bought something too big or too small just because it was on sale and it never fit comfortably so I never wore it. Shoes, tops, jeans. ALL of it. Don’t sacrifice comfort. Save your money and buy the jeans that give you the apple bottom and the shoes that won’t slide.

3. Will it take you into seasons to come?
Most of the time, things get marked down because they are about to bring out new items and seasonal clothing. Is what you’re about to purchase going to be in style next winter or is it a trend that won’t likely be around again. Staples, basics, and timeless pieces are always a good bet, but leave the trendy pieces and “out there” looks on the rack.

4. Do you really like it?
I know so-and-so blogger might say you “need” it, or your best friend has it in black already, but if it’s not you or doesn’t fit your lifestyle, it isn’t even worth the sale price. Follow your gut and your go-to’s. Sometimes it is good to break outside the box when it comes to fashion, but overall, you know if you are truly going to wear it or not.

5. Have I had it in my cart for a while?
You know the pieces you love, but aren’t willing to splurge on. When those go on sale, absolutely go for it. There are some high dollar items that I have my eye on, and I usually wait for them to go on sale before I pull the trigger. Almost everyone has sales. Know the store and what they usually offer, and be ready when they mark your item down.

Article and images by Victoria Schneider. You can view more content by Victoria on her blog thesoutherntrunk.com and on her Instagram here

Meet Victoria

Hi there! I’m Victoria Schneider and I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. I married my best friend and heartthrob, Ian, and we have two little boys named Cove and Jettson.

I cry a lot (95 percent of the time it’s happy tears). I’m a drink hoarder, Chick-fil-a fanatic and my treat of choice is always dark chocolate. My hobbies include frequenting bagel and coffee shops with my boys, watching sunsets and traveling as much as possible.

My boys are my heart and my joy. Being a homemaker is truly a gift. When I’m not taking care of/or with them, I enjoy documenting and writing about life, faith, fashion and styling on my blog, The Southern Trunk. Blogging is something I’ve found so much joy in over the past few years. I have loved being able to connect with so many people and having the opportunity to document this life we’ve been given. Even though it’s considered a job, I see it as more of a passion project.

You can read more over on The Southern Trunk here or on Instagram here.

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