soo everyone has their must haves right? like the things you would rather go a day without food to have. yeah. well these are my beauty must haves.

vaseline: here and here
im a nut about eye creams (wrinkles people, wrinkles) and most of them are like a million dollars…
sometimes i go to nordstrom and ask for samples of the expensive ones just to try them and see if they are even worth the money, they arent.
vaseline is cheap and keeps wrinkles away and not to mention is a fab conditioner for your eyelashes. (always apply with ring finger, has the least muscle, wont pull skin, aka you wont cause more wrinkles)

sugar: here
i ALWAYYYS always always have a bowl of sugar by my sink.
i once watched a interview with cindy crawford (if you dont know who she is you should commit. jk dont that would be awful but google her she is like 50 and looks 20) and they asked her how she stays looking so young and she said ANYTIME before she puts make up on she will scrub her face with sugar. (she also uses vaseline as eye cream 🙂 )
and honestly its a dream come true.
it makes your make up go on 1000% smoother and more amazing.
i just get my face wet, and then put face wash on my face and pour sugar onto my hands and then scrub the sugar in with the face wash for like a minute. you will love your face.
and also.. scrub your lips and hands. (makes your lips soft and hands looking young)

Latisse: (you can find it at a medical spa)
happy one year anniversary to latisse!!
thanks for providing me with lush long eye lashes for one year now 🙂
honestly people screw eye lash extensions… its all about latisse and its the same price. you just apply it every night and no joke it does what the picture says.
everyone always asks me if my lashes are fake and they are not (sorry for the humble brag), but a year ago no one would have thought that because they were depressed sad thin short little lashes.
i will never go a day for the rest of my life without it.
not exaggerating either.

Moroccan Oil deep conditioner: here
if you have had your hair blonde then brown then felt you were ugly so went back blonde then saw a pretty brunette and decided to go brown then got over that so you went back blonde, (like me), then this is the greatest.
i only wash my hair like twice a week so when i do i only use this.. i use shampoo (obvi) then leave this on for 20 min and rinse with cold water. my hair is finally beginning to be healthy and grow again!

Fav tanning products: here, here, and here
if you go to tanning beds then……… HAVE FUN LOOKING LIKE YOURE 50 WHEN YOURE 30 🙂 jk…. not really though. just stop the tanning beds eh?
trust me..
meaning: i cannot be white. i cant. i wont.
but i am WRINKLEOREXIC also
meaning: i have the greatest fear of wrinkles. when they come i will embrace them and rock them. buuuut i will try and delay the aging process as much as possible.
that being said, i have literally tried every tanning lotion imaginable.
ask all my friends in junior high, high school, and college.
i would wake up bright orange with streaks and then go to the next lotion and alas, i have found my soul mate. it goes on brown so you see where its going (aka NO STREAKS and NO ORANGE) and you instantly see the color you will be. it takes about 5 days to fade. it doesnt smell bad. and its cheap. at least for me because i get it 50% off so if you would like some, talk to me.

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  1. Love all of these tips! I’ve been getting eyelash extensions for a long while and my lashes are slowly but surely getting weaker and thinner 🙁 so I NEED to try Latisse!! WHERE, can I buy it? Is there a specific site or place?

  2. Hi amber- is it possible to try he tanning lotion? Is this still your favorite?

    Thank you!

  3. I was interested in the fake bake you are talking about. You said you can get it for 50% off. Please let me know how I can get mine for 50% off.


  4. I absolutely adore your blog and your tips are priceless! Also, your little boy is the cutest – you are very blessed!

    I have two questions for you:
    1. Where do you get your tanning spray??
    2. Did you find that Latisse messed up your eyes at all? I wear contacts and am a little worried now that I’ve read about the side-effects on the label … :/

  5. Hey! So literally for the past two hours I have been looking at your page and I love it! The tips and everything, I am currently in the process of growing out my hair because I want my hair long not just with extensions (my hair is right below my breasts and I’ve been using 20 in. extensions for about 3 years). I’m very excited to try out all the tips you posted regarding growing out your hair. P.s your hair is gorgeous!(: I am mostly interested though in the airbrush product you posted! I myself am on the same boat and I honestly have not found a tanner I’m pleased with! My mom is totally against tanning beds because of the cancer crap, etc. and I also agree. Do you think you can help me with the tanning product?

  6. Are you still using fake bake or have you found something you like better? Thanks!!

  7. Hi there-
    Very interested in getting a few bottles of the Fake Bake airbrush canisters?
    I am in Nova Scotia, can you point me in the right direction? Do you sell them?


  8. Hello!

    You’re my most favorite! I would love to look into getting some of that tanning product and ohhhhh I cannot wait to try all your other nifty tricks 😀

  9. I would love to find a tan in a bottle that works like you say it does! 🙂 If i can get it for 50%off even better!! I want one 🙂

  10. Hi,

    Just curious. Do you know if the latisse and tanning lotion are safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women. I am pregnant and waiting to use latisse, but didn’t know if I could use it during breastfeeding.


  11. I would like some fake bake airbrush instant self-tan.
    Are you still doing the 50% off?

  12. hello there amber,I love your blog and I’m also a follower on Instagram 🙂 just sayin… I wanted to find out about the tanning spray… please let me know where I can get it. oh and also by the way, my best friend Tanya live in Alabama also she’s residing in the city Huntsville:) maybe our paths will cross someday I would love to meet you. God bless xoxo

  13. Hey hunni! I woul love to try the sunless tanning spray you recommend! How do I get my hands on some?

  14. I’ve had the same problem with self-tanners and I’d love to try Fake Bake out. How can I get it 50% off? Thank you

  15. I would LOVE to try the Fake Bake tanning spray. Like you, I’ve tried every tanning lotion there is with no luck. Would love to try this stuff!

  16. Hi! I was wondering where I could get the tanning lotion/spray? I have tried everything and always come out looking orange or jaundice. I would love to get a good tanner that will save my skin from tanning in the sun. Thanks!
    Have a blessed day!

  17. Can I buy the tanning product from you?! and do you use a glove when you apply it? i have the st tropez product but i want to try something new.

  18. Okay I don’t even know if you’ll see this but I was creeping through your blog and found this, I’m so glad I did. I’m a senior in h.s and all my friends are going to tanning beds for prom but I couldn’t decide if I wanted to or not, glad I never started. Are you still getting the half price tanner? Or is there another tanning product you like more since you posted this like 3 years ago? Haha hopefully you’ll see this! Thanks!

  19. Hi Amber,

    I was wondering if you still use Latisse and how your feelings about it are after continuous use? I also wondered if you tried ‘Careprost’ as it is only around 11 USD per bottle and active/inactive ingredients seem to be the exact same?

    I know your post was 3 years ago but it would be great to get an answer 🙂

    Thank you!

  20. Hi,
    I’m really interested in the airbrush tanning spray. Where do you buy it?



  21. Hi,
    I’m really interested in the airbrush tanning spray. Where do you buy it?

  22. Love all of your posts! What do you tell your hairdresser as far as color when you get it done? It’s the perfect shade! I used to be blonde and I miss it a lot. I’ve been a more natural light brown for a few months now and am ready to be light again!

    1. Thanks so much!! I tell my hair dresser I want a partial highlight with bleach 30 vol. and a 7N to break my base!! She should know what break the base is… if not then maybe consider a new one haha its my favorite thing for a blonde it makes it look so great! xx

      1. Hi Amber, just came across your blog and hooked!! Feel like I have to catch up with months worth. Haha
        Would you be able to let me know how you apply the Vaseline for eye cream and how often. I’m terrified of wrinkles and am trying everything possible to prevent it. I’m going to try the sugar scrub, sounds amazing!!
        Thanks Vanessa xx

  23. Do you just use regular sugar?
    not brown?

    i adore your blog!

  24. Hey I’m serious about getting that tanning spray if you could e mail me! Your skin looks beautiful:)

  25. Hi, do you know where can i get that moroccon oil and latisse in europe? I live in Portugal, so not sure where for.. Unless they sell it online. Thanks. Filipa

    1. Hi Filipa!! I am not sure where but I am sure you could get them both on – have you tried that? Hopefully that works for you! xo

  26. Hey! Im such a huge fan of you blog I check it every day! I was just wondering where you got the Fake Bake tanning spray from and how much it costs because I would really want to be nice and tan for my senior prom this year! Please let me know!

    Your biggest fan,

    Kelsey :))

  27. How do you get the self tanner on sale? I WANT!! I’m a pronounced coupon queen 🙂 and tanorexic .. Being brunette means you must be perma tan (grr)

    Also sorry to be posting on like every page but I’m loving your blog. I wish I could take my dessert/misc. blog to the next level. Keep up the amazing posts!!


  28. Hey r u still getting discounts for the tanning product ?? I’d love to give it a try I’ve been trying to let go of my tanning bed relationship but haven’t found a product to win me over yet…

    1. Yes but unfortunately I do not sell it anymore. It is almost the same discount though when you order on Amazon! 🙂

  29. Hello Amber!

    A friend had to show me the cutest little blonde blog she found about a year ago, (you!), and I have been hooked ever since! I used to a tanning bed Tanorexic…. I know bad Bad BAD!!! Those were my teenager years…. but now I know the harm that i have caused my skin, and I CAN NOT be white either…. I just hate it.. I feel so much better with a glow… I wanted to try that self tanner you suggested if it really works the best! I wondered if you could direct me where to get it, and how to do it without being orange and having streaks! If this really works you will be my HERO!!! 🙂 I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks so much!

  30. Hey amber! Can you please do a self tan tutorial on YouTube? Yours always looks amazing and I still end up with streaks. How do you do it?!?!

  31. First of all you are stunning.
    Second of all – how can I order some fake bake? I would LOVE to try it 🙂
    Love your blog,


  32. Okay so 2 things! Did latisse change you eye color? Because I have always wanted to buy it but I’ve heard so many horror stories about blue eyes turning brown and spotted. And I don’t want to lose the pretty baby blues!!! 😉

    Also, what’s the tanning lotion you use???? I’m sorry if you already said t, but I’m super curious!!!!

    Love your blog, thank god for pinterest that’s how I found you!!! 🙂

  33. Hi Amber

    I have two questions

    Do you scrub with sugar twice a day? or just once?
    The Vaseline as an eye cream..twice a day? and just pat it with the ring finger as you would any eye cream? and then continue with your concealer and moisturizer as normal??

  34. Anonymous- I am sincerely sorry… I honestly do not use that word as a derogatory term and I have had to remind myself several times what it actually means. Growing up in an LDS community it just meant “idiot” but that is no excuse and I am so sorry. I have absolutely nothing against gays and I have the upmost respect and love for them. My boyfriend’s brother is gay and I do not see him any differently than I would anyone else. I also have relatives and friends who are gay as well and I love them. Again, I am so sorry.

  35. I love love your blog and had so much fun reading this post until I got to your description of “faggot lashes”. I am gay and was offended. I don’t know if you’re just ignorant or unaware of recent social issues, but I have no doubt other readers think you are as stupid as I do.

  36. i get it from a friend who knows a doctor and it costs me $90 but if you go to a spa that does collogen and botox and all that good stuff they usually have it there! or you can get it from your doctor!! 🙂

  37. madison!! youre so sweet! its the best huh? its so simple and it makes the hugest difference! youre already so stunning though you dont need the help!

  38. i have retina stuff i think! i will take an insta of the stuff i have and tell me if its the stuff youre talking about!! and i will have to go get that stuff from wal mart!! as soon as i get my next pay check 🙂 thanks for the recommendations love!!!

  39. Oh don’t worry, I’m about as cheap as it gets too! So the CeraVe you can just get at like Wal Mart. It is a little pricey, but honestly not too bad and TOTALLY worth it. It also lasts a long time! The P.M moisturizer feels like putting heaven on your face haha. And the generic for Retinae is super cheap…I think mine was even free with insurance. You just have to have a doctor call it in to a pharmacy. Totally worth the efforts, and I can probably get samples for you or have my brother in law call it in for you if you look into it and want to try it 🙂

  40. hi um i totally love your blog! I tried your sugar trick and my face is silky smooth, i am in love:) thank for that!

  41. cait! really?! all those products sound amazing! i love hearing what works for other people!! i feel like my skin gets used to what i do so i always have to switch it up! how much is the stuff you use?! im just such a cheapooo is my only problem!!

  42. Amber you are so cute… I just love looking at your blog! These are great tips. I use the moroccan oil too and it is a dream come true! I also have a dream soap for my face…literally my skin has not been the same since I started using it. It’s called Cerave, and I also use the Cerave AM moisturizer for the morning and PM for the night. My bro-in-law is a dermatologist graduated #1 from med school (brag moment!) and he told me to use this. It is so gentle and he says its one of the best soaps for your skin.

    Also, it seems as tho you are as anti wrinkle as I am! USE THE GENERIC FOR RETINAE!!! It is a little harsh at first (causes some peeling until your skin is used to it) and I’m sure some people are anti it (but mainly they are ignorant because it’s sooo good for your skin) but my skin is literally brand new since I started!! It is anti-wrinkle and also helps with acne. My mom uses it, my sisters, even my bro-in-law the derm. It’s amazing! Text me if you have other questions about it 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your other tips too! Can’t wait to try the vaseline as my eye cream! Never thought of that!

  43. oh and the tanning lotion is usually $32.00 online and in salons but i get it for like $17.50 (i believe) and i would love to get anyone some!

    1. I am interested in the tanning lotion! I have tried everything, my neck and my legs are always streaky. 🙁 Do you use a self tanner on your face?

  44. bre- seriously do!

    jackie- k so i actually lost the battery for my clarisonic so i havent been using it but when i did have the battery i would use my clarisonic at night after i washed my make up off (now i use sugar and loreal go 360 clean scrubber) and then in the mornings i would wash and scrub my face with sugar before getting ready! seriously try it! its so great! and scrub your lips and hands too! if you get your hands wet and then put soap on and get lots of sugar and scrub for a couple minutes and then wash it off and put lotion on your hands will be a dream boat! and supposedly it keeps the wrinkles away!

  45. Question! So do you use your Clairsonic with the sugar? I use mine day and night but I want to try the sugar thing too, maybe just a little with the Clairsonic or will it rub my skin off? 🙂 thanks! oh and how much is the tanning stuff? I would probably totally love to try that 🙂

  46. haha i will totally give you one!!! and i will show you how the tanning lotion works! it is so amazing and you guys can see if you like it! and then ill get some for you if you do! 🙂

  47. Um, yeah. So my sister and I were just reading this. And we decided we need a tutorial from you haha. We seriously want to try everything. And my sister wants to buy that tanning stuff from you!