5 Fun St. Patrick's Day Activities for Toddlers


One of the best things about having kids is all the fun you get to have with them during holidays. Activities, dressing up, decorating, all make for a great time for everyone. St. Patrick’s Day has always been a favorite day of mine because it is such a fun holiday! This year, I wanted to make it a fun and special day for my toddler. Get in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day and celebrate with your kids with these 5 fun St. Patrick’s Day activities.

St. Patrick's Day Mint Chocolate Donuts

1. Dress Up

One of the best ways to get into the spirit of a holiday is to dress for it! Kids LOVE dressing up so go grab some silly hats and fun glasses from your local dollar store and start the day by dressing up together!

2. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are so special  for kids and so easy to set up! Hide little clues throughout the house for your child to find that eventually lead to a pot of chocolate gold coins or another form of treasure underneath a rainbow! If your child is too young for clues (I have to make them super simple and read them to her), then just make a trail of shamrocks cut from green craft paper leading to their treasure and have them follow it.

3. St. Patricks Day Slime – St. Patrick’s Day themed slime was always a favorite of mine. This sensory activity is sure to keep your toddler busy for a while! Make a couple batches of clear slime and put some green and gold glitter in little bowls so your child can mix it in. This can get a little messy but the fun they’ll have will make it worth it!

4. Cookie Decorating

Bake some of your favorite sugar cookies and set up a little cookie decorating station with green icing and sprinkles and let them go crazy. It’s fun and makes for great memories! Tip: make the cookies the day before so all you have to do is set up.

5. Crafts

Doing holiday themed crafts is a great tradition to start with your kids. St. Patrick’s Day crafts can be especially fun because you can get silly with making fun hats or leprechaun faces. This year, I cut a face and hat out of craft paper and had my toddler glue them together. Then I had her stick eyes on and go crazy gluing pom poms on as a beard.

I hope some of these activities inspire you to get into the spirit and make some memories! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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