YAY! Almost time for Valentines!!!! Reasons I love Valentines:

(keep in mind I am 100% a hopeless romantic)
1. Everything in stores in lovey dovey and romantic. 
2. There are always amazing chick flicks that come out on Valentines. (The Vow.. eek)
3. Its an excuse to get dressed up and wear red/pink lipstick.
4. I love doing cute things for my Valentine (won’t have one this year though..poo)
5. Valentine parties.
6. Getting dressed up and going out with all my single friends 🙂
7. Passing out old school Valentines
8. Everything is PINK and RED and so girly. Which is nice to have.. for a month.
Some ideas for your Valentines:
DIY decorations:

 Hearts on Twigs
 Streaming Newspaper Hearts
Cut-out Heart Garland
1. Hearts on twigs: click here to learn how
2. Streaming newspaper hearts: click here to learn how
3. Cut-out heart garland: click here to learn how
For your Valentine:

 DIY Vintage Arrow Valentine
Free Valentine Printables
 DIY Chalk Heart Cards
 DIY Light of my Life Valentine
 DIY 52 Reasons Why I Love You
 DIY Picture in Mason Jar with Oil
 DIY “I Love You Because..” Dry Erase Board
Free Printable for your Nerd
1. 101 Handmade Valentine Ideas: here
2. Alphabet of Love: Learn how here
3. 101 Valentine ideas under $5: here
4. DIY Vintage Arrow Valentine: Learn how here
5. Cute Valentine Printables: Get them here
6. Chalk Heart Cards: Learn how here
7. DIY Light of my Life Valentine: Learn how here
8. 52 Reason Why I Like/(or love) You: Learn how here
9. Picture in a Jar with Oil: here
10.  DIY “I Love You Because..” Dry Erase Board: here
11. Free Nerd Valentine Printable: here
Valentine Party Ideas:
 Chocolate Covered Sparkle Pretzels
 Sparkle Red Velvet Cake Pops
DIY Balloon Decor
 Red Velvet XOXO Cupcakes
 DIY Glitter Garland
 Heart Shapes Red Velvet and Cheesecake Brownies
 Heart Shaped Cookies
 Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookies
 Easy Flower and Candy Centerpiece
 Cute Sprinkles and Candle Idea
 Candy Cane and Chocolate Heart Pops
DIY Valentine Scavenger Hunt Idea
1. Chocolate Covered Glitter Pretzels: here
2. Glitter Red Velvet Cake Pops: here
3. DIY Balloon Decor: here
4. Red Velvet XOXO Cupcakes: here
5. DIY Glitter Garland: here
6. Heart Shaped Red Velvet and Cheesecake Brownies: here
7. Heart Shaped Cookies: here
8. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookies: here
9. Flowers and Candy Centerpiece: here
10. Sprinkles and Candles: here
11. Candy Cane Chocolate Heart Pops: here
12. DIY Valentine Scavenger Hunt Idea: here
Valentine Attire:
Red Dress
Simple Pink and Gold Necklace
 Red and White Dress
Tail Dress
 Red Scarf
 Black Heart Cut-out Dress
 Simple Outfit w/ Red Pumps and Salmon Bag
Multi Colored Blouse
1. Mod Cloth Red Dress: here
2. Simple Pink and Gold Necklace: here
3. Red and White Dress: here
4. Tail Dress: here
5. Red Scarf: here
6. Black Heart Dress: here
7. Red Pumps: here
8. Multi Colored Blouse: here

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my Alphabet of our Love mini book with a direct link to my Etsy shop…wow, how nice!