3 Ways to Get Through Seasonal Depression


Have you ever caught yourself feeling the same type of mood around the same time every year? Some people might say, “oh it’s just the winter blues,” or “you’re just in a summer funk.” It could be – but if it happens every year around the same time, you could be experiencing seasonal depression.

For me, it happens in the months of July (mid-summer), November and December (mid-winter). My depression sky rockets during these months. In July, I find myself staying up later. My bed time is around 3AM and then I wake up around 6AM (when my youngest wakes up). In November and December, I find myself wanting to sleep all the time (oversleeping). I lack energy and my coping mechanism escape used to be sleep (which is different from summer).

Seasonal depression is an actual thing. Some of you are probably experiencing it and not even know it. Yes, just like depression you can get professional help. However, if you want a few tips, keep on reading! Please note, I am not a medical professional. These are just some things that have helped me throughout the years.

1. Be Active : Before you skip onto the next step, just wait. Being active does not always mean “exercise.” Remember to get up and get out of bed, I know it’s hard but do it. Get moving. Get in the car and drive to Target. I bet you can spend an hour at Target and walk away feeling so rejuvenated. Out of all seriousness, be active in terms of get going and get moving every day. Put on some makeup, wear something cute, and get out there. Some examples: hiking, go to the library, Target is always a good idea, go to your favorite coffee shop, go visit an old friend, visit your grandparents, go to the park with your kids.

2. Get A Hobby : Choose a hobby that you are genuinely interested in. Hobbies don’t cost anything and they make you have feel joy and purposeful. Here are some ideas: book club, calligraphy, blogging, photography, sports, gardening, dancing, makeup, cooking, yoga, and volunteering.

3. Bright Lights & Candles : Open your windows and let the light in. Speaking from experience, it is a lot easier to close all the windows and be alone. However, this enables your seasonal depression. If you live in a place where it is gloomy outside most of the time, you can turn on the lights in your home. Create a bright and inviting mood. Speaking of “lights,” light your favorite candle. Bath and Body Works always have these on sale prior to the season. Treat yourself to one or two and have these around your house. Get fragrance notes that remind you of happy things such as the woods, cupcakes, evergreens, etc.

This is a short list but I believe it is a good one! The point is – break those old habits. If you continue to do what you’ve always done when this time of the year comes around, you will only feel sadder, your anxiety will rise, and you don’t get to enjoy the season. I challenge all of you to break those old habits this year. We all deserve to feel happy!

Article by Luci Wormell. Images by Jonathan Allison Photography

Meet Luci

Hello, my name is Luci. I am a mom of two from Arizona. I graduated from ASU with a degree in Social Work. However, after college I wanted to become a mom. My son was born in April 2016 and about a year later my daughter was born. They are my Irish twins who I adore and love very much. Motherhood has taught me a lot about myself. I’ve learned to be more patient, more loving, more open-minded, and more selfless. It has made me become a stronger woman.

I have struggled for many years with depression (before having my children). It played a huge part after having my daughter. In March of 2018, I collaborated with The Commit Campaign and shared my story on depression and motherhood. It reached many hearts and I received many heart-breaking but inspiring messages. I had a platform I never knew existed. By being transparent with my struggles and sharing my story, it had helped many people to feel and know that they are not alone. I cannot wait to share with you all some of the things that has helped me with my mental health and how we should take care of our mental health as a woman and as a mother.

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