3 Simple Steps to Create a Capsule Wardrobe Flawlessly


One of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to create a neutral, mini capsule wardrobe for each season. When I cleaned out my closet the other day I realized this would be harder than I thought. I LOVE color! It brightens up my day and often times complete the perfect outfit. However, at other times, I find myself struggling to find classic outfits I can mix and match on a day-to-day basis.

The reason I decided to do a “mini capsule” is so that I can throw in my more color and printed pieces with my neutrals and it will help expand my wardrobe’s potential. Here are a few easy steps on how to create your own personal mini capsule wardrobe!

1. Decide on a daily color palette to base it off of: I love shades of beige and will always be a grey girl! You will be shopping for your missing staple items in these colors.

2. Find your staple styles for each season: For me this would be different types of turtleneck sweaters and skinny jeans for fall and winter; more of a French, casual style. During the warmer months I thrive off of dresses and mini skirts. Once you know what you are more likely to grab off the hanger on a rushed morning, you can shop for styles that will mix and match in your “capsule palette.” For example, I also wear a lot of different pinks. I love how these Free People pants are almost neutral, still bring color into my outfit, but I can wear a lot of different solid tops with them to switch it up.

3. Instead of Prints, gravitate towards texture: I’m not saying you have to throw out your prints, because those are your accent pieces! What I am saying though, is that having solid textures or monochromatic prints helps you mix and match more. One great thing about sweater styles right now is all of the different weaves that are perfect for adding detail to your look. Find a nice pair of textured pants you can wear to the office with a blouse but can change into a fitted top with those same pants when you head out for dinner.

Just because it’s a capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean it has to be boring and basic, it just means it has to fit your current wardrobe to elevate and expand it. Happy capsuling ladies!

Article and images by Haley Stutzman. You can view more content by Haley on her blog haleysdailies.com and on her Instagram here

Meet Haley

Hi there, I’m Haley Stutzman! I was born and raised in Arkansas, but I’m totally not a country girl. I have always had a deep love for fashion and started my blog as a creative outlet in college. It has turned into so much more than just a fun little hobby and has grown into my own little world beyond just fashion. I share everything from fashion to beauty, travel, and home decor.

I love to paint, am passionate about skincare, the beach is my absolute happy place, and I’m so obsessed with my grey kitty, Maui.

You can find me on my blog www.haleysdailies.com.

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