I am in the office today catching up on work and meeting with employees! I recently re-designed our vision board here at the office and updated it a bit. I wanted to  share a few reasons why I love to have a vision board and what I put on mine. This has been especially helpful recently since I have kind of had a creative block, so this really helps to remind me what has previously inspired me and motivated me. If you are looking for more tips on getting out of a creative block or becoming more productive, check out my post on 12 ways you can be more productive here.

3 Reasons to Make a Vision Board 

1. Daily Visual Reminders of Your Goals and Vision : I love walking into my office and immediately seeing my board to remind me what has inspired my goals and purpose. Currently my vision board has lots of affirmations to help me stay positive during the day because this pregnancy has had me really moody, so these have been helpful reminders. I also have a lot of hair inspiration to get me inspired to try new hairstyles – because obviously that is a big part of what I do and I often get in these hair ruts so these help to remind me of any fun ideas I had come across that month. I also have a lot of images of what I would like Barefoot Blonde Hair to embody and feel like to our customers and to remind me the direction and goals for our company. I also love to hang pages from books that I have highlighted and torn out. Because how often do you ACTUALLY go open a book you already read? I pretty much never do so I tear out anything I want to remember and implement into my life.

2. Get Inspired : I always feel inspired when I am flipping through Pinterest or Tumblr but again how often do I go look at already pinned things on my boards? I love to take any pins I find to be really inspiring and add them to a dropbox folder right then. When I get about 30 or so in that folder I print them and hang them in my office!

3. Keep Organized : For big shoots we have coming we always use our big vision board to have out in the room for all models and photographers to see. We have inspiration images for the models to reference that give them an idea of the feel of the shoot, poses we love, and the overall feeling we want to evoke. We also make sure to have images for the photographer as reminders of lighting and moods we are looking for.

Q : What do you put on a vision board?

A: Affirmations, pictures from Pinterest (I usually print mine from Costco on matte photo paper), pages from magazines, quotes, excerpts from books you have read, special mementos, personal photos or really anything that inspires you!

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  1. I never thought of printing out the mantras that I’ve pinned… I don’t know why not! Do you ever do these with your kids? That would be a really cute way of finding out what they are interested in. If you do, please share!


  2. I started one for new years and have been slacking on it so this seriously just pumped me up to start on it again! I loooove pinterest and find so many amazing things on there. What a great idea to stay inspired and creative. Love your blog so much!

  3. I just started my vision board a couple months ago and it was so fun! Plus I find myself planning the trips and goals on my board already!

  4. I just created a vision board couple of weeks ago using images and inspirational words from magazine. Loved the process!

  5. how do you get started in a vision board? i’m inspired but have no idea how to execute it and still be inspired after i’m done