3 Must-Have Multipurpose Beauty Products


Today, I am talking about my 3 top beauty products that are a must for me. If I could say I need all my beauty items then I absolutely would, lol! But, let’s just narrow this down to 3 items that are versatile and can really enhance your beauty for when you are on the go and limited with products.

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Jennifer holding nars foundation one of her top favorite multipurpose beauty products.



Multipurpose Beauty

With foundation you can cover all of your “imperfections” and even out your skin, use your fingers to blend. The warmth of your fingers will help the foundation blend easily and set nicely. Foundation can also as a concealer by ONLY spot treating. Foundation is also great for when you don’t want to put on a full face, you can just apply foundation under the eyes as a brightener. You can also use foundation an eyeshadow (or lipstick for the eyes) primer.

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Multipurpose Beauty

I like to always carry dark brown eyeliner with me. Eyeliner can used to shape the eyes, but it can also be used to fill in/shape eyebrows as well. When I am limited on products, I will also use eyeliner as a contour for the nose, temples, and light sculpting of the cheek area – just to give my face some dimension.

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Mac Lipstick "Chili"

Multipurpose Beauty

Lipstick is a girl’s best friend! Lipstick can be used for the lips to complete any look, dab a little on your cheeks to add some color and act as a “blush”, add a little to your eyelids and blend with your fingers to wake up those eyes like an “eyeshadow”.

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This blogpost is not meant for you to get rid of all your beauty items, lol, but it is intended to make use of the products you have on hand if resources are limited and you want to go from day to night with just a few beauty products. I love how each product can be used in so many ways, it helps with being minimal. These are 3 beauty products that can instantly change up your look and save space in your makeup bag!

Article and images by Jennifer Vatthongxay . You can view more content by Jennifer on her blog piecesofemerald.com and on her Instagram here

Meet Jennifer

Hi! I’m Jennifer, I am a mama to two – Ryland and Rori. I work from home full time doing administrative work while attending University of California, Davis studying Human Development. I created my blog piecesofemerald.com as an outlet from my busy life, it’s a place for me to be creative and inspire other women. Pieces of Emerald is a platform where women can go to and feel inspired, while connecting with other like minded women that have a love for all things fashion, beauty, and motherhood.

A question that I get quite often is how I came up with my blog name: Pieces of Emerald. Truth is, it came very natural to me because I was born in the month of May and so were Ryland and Rori – May’s birth stone is Emerald – Through my blog and social media, we are sharing a piece of our life.

Fun favorites of mine: I am a terrible baker, but I love sweets and enjoy the baking moments with my children. I am a foodie, I love all foods especially spicy foods – Thai food is an absolute favorite!

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  1. I love that lipstick but the link doesn’t seem to be working. Can you share the color name?

    1. Hi Yanet, the link has been fixed. The lipstick is Mac red lipstick in the color “Chili.” Thank you!