3 Hair Products I am Loving

Lately I have been asked a ton how I have been curling my hair! Which is funny because I have been curling it the same BUT I did get a new curling iron and it must have made a big enough difference for a LOT of people to notice. I also just have a couple products that I have been really really loving so I wanted to share the curling iron I bought and the 2 hair products that have been used regularly.

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Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron


So this is it! This is the curling iron I have been using and its only $35!!! I love it so much though. I have been using the 3/4th inch curling iron and that is what I used in these photos. It is a tighter curl which I love but the best part is that when you sleep on them the second day curls are sooo good. AND the third day curls are these loose waves. So its like you get 3 days of awesome and different curls — if that makes any sense.

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Texturiza Spray


Want to know who actually uses this product religiously?! DAVID! He has loved it for a while now and he doesn’t really do or care about hair products and never has – he will just use what I have. Well I had this one and he used it and it was the first time he was like .. wait I really like that and now he requests more when he runs out. For a while I forgot to order more for us and then when I did I remembered how good it is.

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Kevin Murphy

This hair mask is magic you guys!!!! MAGIC! It isn’t the consistency of most deep conditioners – it feels more like a shampoo without the suds when you put it on. BUT it is incredible. It makes your hair soooo silky smooth. This is also a really good one to use if your hair is really tangly – sometimes my hair gets so tangled when I leave it up in a top knot for 3 days (lol) and this instantly gets all the tangles out and leaves my hair feeling so fresh. Anyways you just have to try it!!!!

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  1. Hey Amber, can you recommend a heat protecting spray for curling?
    I find that many protectant sprays are designed for straightening and they contain oils which I find causes curls to drop.
    Thank you.

  2. I LOVE your hair like this, and I agree you should do a tutorial on it!


  3. Can u do a tutorial w your new curling iron to achieve these waves❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous! I absolutely love getting 3 days worth of hairstyles without having to do it everyday haha

  5. I love those curls, and the fact that the curling iron is affordable! I don’t curl my hair often, so I wouldn’t want to spend a ton. Also, are you going to do a post on laser hair removal?


  6. I am literally ordering all these products! Maybe the conditioner will be better then me borrowing my two year old’s Sauve green apple detangle lol it does smell good lol. Love the tighter curls. How do you sleep in them? Mine never look good after the first day. Thanks babe! TrueBlondeStyle.wordpress.com

  7. I love your hair! How do you sleep on it to avoid tangles and keep the curls looking nice?

  8. Wow your curls look amazing! I love this curling iron, it’s so cheap! The cheaper the better, right?! Thanks for sharing your faves, I need to order this hair masque!
    Courtney || https://courtneylivin.com

  9. Hi Amber! This might sound like a silly question but what is the best way to sleep on your curls? Do you leave them down, put them up, or wrap them?

  10. Hi Amber! Do you have any recommendations for hair products that help your hair grow? Thanks so much 🙂 I love your blog and your instagram!