3 Easy Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas


Valentine’s Day… whether you love it or hate it, it’s here to stay.

While I get the argument that it’s a hallmark holiday made up to make $$, I still think it’s fun to celebrate the theme of love. Whether that be with your beau, your bffs, or your family, I enjoy a day where it’s solely focused on telling the people you love how special they are to you. 

When it comes to dressing up for holidays, I always try to pick outfits that I could also wear almost any other time or season. Themes are my JAM, but nobody likes spending money on something you can only wear 1 day a year. Below, I created 3 Valentine’s Day looks with pieces that were already in my closet (hello multi-purpose items!), and are things you could wear all the time.

Whether you’re into being incredibly extra (I’m guilty of this lol) or are more on the subtle side, these 3 Valentine’s Day Outfits have you covered. Some of the pieces I’m wearing are sold out, but I linked super similar ones for you babes below. All of the pieces I’m wearing were super easy to find, so mix and match your own to create something beautiful. I hope this gives you guys some inspo and gets you excited for Valentine’s Day. Let me know if you try out any of these outfits! Can’t wait to see them.

BFB Contributor Katerina Seigel in her comfy/cute outfit for Valentine's Day.

1. Comfy/Cute Valentines Day Look

This outfit is something I wore last week and thought – “this could work for Valentine’s Day.” I’m big into blouse/skirt combos since they’re comfortable but still look put together, and I added my favorite heart sunglasses to bring the sass up a notch. Pair these pieces with your OTK boots and you’re good to go!

BFB Contributor Katerina Seigel in her classy outfit for Valentine's Day.

2. A Look for a Dressier Valentines Day

I call this the “I’m extra but I don’t care” look hahaha. You guys know dresses are my favorite article of clothing so when I saw this little pink number, I knew I had to have it! I love how this dress is perfect for Valentine’s Day, but also for a summer wedding, or a cocktail party. The back is also to die for.

BFB Contributor Katerina Seigel in her casual outfit for Valentine's Day.

3.  The Perfect Casual Valentine’s Day Outfit

I might be a bit biased but this outfit is my personal favorite of all 3! Since jeans are a comfortable day to day staple, I paired them here with this little heart sweater. I’m honestly a sucker for anything with hearts on it and loved how subtle this one was. I’ve worn it a handful of times with skirts and leather leggings before this too! Never under estimate the power of white turtleneck.

That’s it loves! I hope these outfits gave you a bit of inspiration and get you excited for Valentine’s Day! Thanks so much for reading.

Article and images by Katerina Seigel. To view more content by Katerina you can visit her blog www.sincerelykaterina.com or her instagram here

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