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3 Common Fitness Struggles & How to Overcome Them


“It is not about being perfect.
It is about your effort.
And when you bring that effort every time,
that is how transformation happens.
That is how change occurs.”

Ever since I finished my track career, I have had to figure out an exercise routine that works for me. I was no longer a collegiate/professional athlete, I no longer had access to the BYU gym and no longer had personal trainers taking care of me. Now, it was just me! I had to figure out normal life and set myself new and different goals. I asked YOU guys what your biggest fitness struggles, and the top 3 were:
Consistency/Motivation, Fear of Failure and Diet.

1. Consistency and Motivation : First of all, one of the most IMPORTANT lessons I learned for myself was, “knowing that if I miss a workout it is not the end of the world.”Have you ever felt like you’re on a roll, then you miss 3 days or even a week and all of a sudden you tell yourself that all your hard work went out the window? I totally have!

Just because you miss a couple workouts doesn’t mean that you’re done. Set reachable goals and if you hit a slump, pick right back where you left off.

As for consistency, I wrote down a schedule that I try to follow. I do all my workouts at home. Some days I finish them while others I don’t and that is OKAY. I love doing my workouts in the morning, so I change into my workout clothes right when I wake up. This helps me get in the mood.

2. Fear of failure : Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, run a marathon or whatever your goals are, it takes work. We get so eager to achieve our goals RIGHT AWAY that we forget about the journey to get there. Because we are so eager, we expect immediate results, so when they don’t come, we give up.
Progress is progress no matter how small it is.

When I was training after I had my first baby, I remember going through so many different excuses like “I just had a baby”, “I am a mom”, “My body has changed”, and “everyone else didn’t have to take a break,” etc. I was pretty much giving myself reasons incase I did fail.

What changed me was my mindset. Who cares if I just had a baby? Who cares if your friend has reached her goal before you? Because guess what? It is not about them, it is about YOU and YOUR journey. What happens if you fail or if you don’t reach your goal? You keep going, you keep trying, you keep working your butt off until you get there!!

3. Eating : I am going to be completely honest here, I love food, hence my nickname fatty ;). This is such a touchy subject because of the different problems people deal with. I personally do not believe in diets, I believe in balance! I love to cook, I love to explore in the kitchen.

“I want to eat healthy but I don’t know what to eat/cook” Have you ever felt that way? My tip to you is PINTEREST! It is full of amazing recipes and ideas that you can go off of. Write down your grocery list before going to the store to avoid impulse buying. Be patient with yourself as you are trying to figure out what you and your family will like. Again, a lot of times we just give up because things may not turn out exactly how we want right away. Enjoy the journey instead of pressuring and restricting yourself.

We love to snack in our household! One of my biggest weaknesses is treats haha so we make sure to have healthy snacks on hand. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’ve got this!!

Article and images by Fatima Dedrickson. You can view more content by Fatima on her blog stylefitfatty.blogspot.com and on her Instagram here

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Fatima Dedrickson in the mountains.

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  1. I’m a bit late to this post. But thanks for sharing! It’s definitely what I needed to read this evening, very relatable.

  2. I think I still see your linea nigra in the last picture. If so, wow! You look so great! Thank you for the pep-talk and inspiration!
    P.S. – I just checked out your Instagram. Your family is beautiful!