Barefoot Blonde Family Ice Cream in VansBarefoot Blonde Family Ice Cream in VansBarefoot Blonde Family Ice Cream in VansBarefoot Blonde Family Ice Cream in VansBarefoot Blonde Family Ice Cream in VansBarefoot Blonde Family Ice Cream in VansBarefoot Blonde Family Ice Cream in VansBarefoot Blonde Family Ice Cream in VansBarefoot Blonde Family Ice Cream in VansBarefoot Blonde Family Ice Cream in VansBarefoot Blonde Family Ice Cream in VansBarefoot Blonde Family Ice Cream in VansBarefoot Blonde Family Ice Cream in VansBarefoot Blonde Family Ice Cream in VansBarefoot Blonde Family Ice Cream in VansBarefoot Blonde Family Ice Cream in Vans

With us knowing we are leaving New York City in less than a year, we have made a bucket list of food we must try! I obviously have A LOT of ice cream joints on that list. So we decided to start with Emack and Bolio’s! We walked there, got our ice cream, and watched while Atticus ate his upside down haha. He is so silly how he decided to eat things, very particular about how he eats each thing. After ice cream we stopped for thai food at Spice and split some pork buns and pad thai. Rosie also gobbled up some thai food, which means she still has to be convinced there is nothing she WON’T eat.

We all wore our Vans! These are the shoes I have worn on Snapchat the last week or so. They have been by our door and just so easy to slip on and somehow go with so many things. I love the velcro shoes for Atticus because if anyone thinks I am going to attempt to tie laces on a busy 2 year old – you crayyy. Once in a blue moon does that happen now. I love when David and Atticus match!!! DSW has so many kids shoes with tons of back to school options!  I love how I can go to any of their 200 stores and get shoes for my entire family. I also love these and these. DSW also offers free shipping and returns on orders $35;)

*Thanks to DSW and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post! All thoughts and opinions are my own! Thanks for reading! xo

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  1. These are some of my fav pictures of you guys! I love your hair in “these days” of all your photos around the city. I especially loved your hair when you had bangs. These are such cute photos of you three!

  2. I didn’t think I liked vans but these are really cute. I love these for running around with my baby!

  3. This skirt is stunning? where could i find one like it? also your necklaces are gorgeous! thank you for being my inspiration!!!

  4. These are the type of pictures I send my boyfriend mentioning #familygoals
    Thank you for being such a great mom and woman and thanks for sharing all the love you have for your family, with us!

    All the way from Belgium 😉

  5. If you’re ever in the San Francisco area you should check out Noci in Mill Valley (15 minutes north of SF). They have speculous gelato and mint chip made with fresh mint 🙂 I love you’re blog

  6. Haha! I love the bit about not tying shoes on an active 2 year old 😉 These are adorable, as always!

  7. How do the van slip ons run with size? Are they pretty true to size or did you order down?

  8. I love that skirt! It looks really cute in the summer, and I bet it would look stunning in the fall/winter seasons as well.
    xo, Rowan |

  9. Looks yummy. What else is on your bucket list? Can you share ? We live in NYC and have a little babe and would love to check out the places that made your list!!!

  10. Your post is amazing , your pictures are so beautiful!! What’s the name of the brand you used for your nails ??? love the colour. Love x

  11. Hi Amber!
    I’m from Australia and love following your blog. I know you get this a lot but what camera do you use for most of your photos and do you edit much? What editing program do you use? Im looking for a good camera, and im so impressed with your photos and the colour.



  12. obsessed with these photos! You’re family is the cutest

    xo Maggie

  13. Hi! I was wondering where you found that color matching game you had your son playing with today on snap chat! I totally need one for my son! (Sorry that this is unrelated to your post lol)

    1. Oh of course!! It is the Eureka Counting Bears with cups activity 🙂 You can get it on Amazon!

  14. Just adorable AND those shoes!!! I hope those come in black, because they will be in my closet soon.

  15. HI Amber! I’ve been following you and your family for years! Before Atticus was born! Are you guys planning to move to Arizona? If so my husband and I are a husband and wife Realtor team in AZ. We would love to help you guys out with finding a home <3

    P.S I love the skirt! I have one just like it but in blue

  16. Cutest family! You make summer in NYC look so flawless and effortless haha (even though it’s nearing 90!!) I absolutely love Emack and Bolio’s too. Looks like you had an amazing day ♥️ xx

    Waikei Tong |

  17. Gorgeous as always. I was wondering if you can tell me what are the sound tracks you use in the background of your tutorials. They sound happy and simple. Thank you

  18. Love your outfit! And the ice cream looks sooo yummy!! I might have to diy that at home! 😉 Also, why are you guys leaving NYC? If so, any ideas where you want to live? Santa Cruz, California is were I currently live and not trying to beg you to come, buuuuttt….. 😉 Its a nice beach town full of character!! Love you guys! xo

  19. Aw I love this! My husband and I are planning a trip to NYC soon! I’ve never been and I’m dyyyying to go! Do you have a recommendation for an outdoor rooftop dinner that you like? I have a list of places I want to eat and most of them are dessert places…haha. Number one on my list is Black Tap for their birthday cake milk shake!!


  20. What app you use to edit pictures. All your pics are amazing the colors and everything

    1. I use a program called Lightroom but I also like VSCO for iphone pics 🙂

  21. Aww i love how children always have to bite the bottom bit of the cone so the ice-cream drips straight down everywhere! ????
    Ice-creams look amaZing in NY they’re just boring regular ice-creams in the uk! ????

  22. I love your outfit and your family is always goals!
    Funny story: My husband and were in Provo this past 4th of July for the summer. we were walking down the street looking for a spot to sit for the parade. We were just casually talking about me blogging, because its a passion of mine, and he asked me who my favorite bloggers were that i admire. I was talking about your blog and how you inspire me to follow my dreams and then you walked right past me! I was stunned! That was the last possible thing I expected My husband actually thought it was a joke when I said you were right in front of us! Your family is even more precious in person than in pictures!

  23. Your skirt is adorable and I love how you styled it with the vans!

  24. I love the DSW’s Shows they are all very comfortable 🙂 hope you guys had a great day eating ice-cream with kids:*

  25. I could go for some ice cream right now! Slightly unrelated: I’m heading to England from the US in March with a nine-ish week old and a 2 1/2-year-old. I’m looking to buy a double umbrella, and I’m stuck between the Maclaren twin techno and the Uppababy g-link. Do you prefer one to the other? I have a single g-luxe right now and love it (and the travel bag + warranty), so I guess my other option is to just use that and wear the baby when my toddler is being lazy. Any advice?

  26. Would you make a list of your favorite places to eat and snack in NYC?:) a blog post or snap chat story of it would be great for all of us! I’m visiting for the first time in September and would love to know the yummy spots. Thank you!

  27. Amber,
    Such a cute post as always!! Love your skirt! I have a canon camera question for you. How do y’all take such perfect, in focus family pics/selfies?!?! I’ve been trying to play around with mine on auto mode but can never seem to get one that’s actually in focus…drives me nuts! I know there’s gotta be a way lol.
    p.s. I’m staying tuned to find out where y’all are moving after NYC 🙂

  28. You all look adorable! And you made me crave ice creams ???? They look really delicious. I am looking forward to see where you’re all moving (and kinda hoping for little house tour when everything is ready). Also! I match with David & Atticus, I own black old skool vans (my fav shoes, so comfy) so can I join the family now? ???? Have a nice day xxx

  29. Adorable fambam! You make slip ons look SO good and eating ice cream on the street AMAZING! I can’t wait to see where you guys decide to settle with your cute fambam 😉 although it doesn’t matter because home is definitely always where you are together!

  30. That skirt is adorable! I would have never thought to wear it with Vans but it looks so good, they pair perfectly. Looks like a really fun day. Also why are you leaving New York?? I must have missed that! xoxox

    Rachael |