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Me and David LOVE camping – we both grew up camping and camped as newly weds. It was one of my absolute favorite things growing up (except when I got locked in a porta potty while my family was on a hike – not fun haha!) We always talked about how we want our kids to grow up camping too so it was fun to finally take them! I have to admit, we fully hoped/planned to go camping and stay the entire night, but with both kids, 1 crib, and 2 babies that won’t fall asleep unless they are in a crib , we were kind of setting ourselves up for failure, haha. Both babies are too routine oriented still so we had a feeling it might not work. BUT despite leaving in the middle of the night to go home, it was still the funnest thing ever! And now I can’t wait to go camping again! Even if it’s just a “late night”.

We chose somewhere close by our hotel in Utah so in the event that we had to leave, it wouldn’t be a big deal. We got there early and played for a long while, walked along the stream, explored, set up camp, had a fire, roasted s’mores, and laid down in the tent and watched a movie on a tablet. In the city you always have to be so vigilant next to busy streets so you always have to be at arm’s reach or holding hands. Atticus is definitely a wide open spaces kind of boy! I loved watching him play in the dirt and run around so excitedly.

Believe it or not, we actually shot this entire post on the Canon EOS Rebel T6i again. You might remember my post from Atticus’ birthday last month where I talked about the camera gear we use. When we got home I was going through these images and I paused for a moment and asked David, “I thought you said we shot these on the T6i?” and David reassured me that he did to which I responded, “I honestly can’t tell.” We normally shoot with the EOS 5D Mark III but when we travel we always bring a backup, whether it’s the EOS Rebel T6i or the EOS 80D, with which we do all of our video. It’s definitely comforting knowing that our inexpensive backup camera will still give us great images.

We also shot this video from our “camping trip” that I’m in love with! Something I will cherish forever. David tried something new with his editing and I love how it turned out. Atticus was so fun that night. There’s a clip towards the end of him telling a story and I have probably watched that clip 50 times. There is also a clip of Rosie cracking up, Atticus was being silly and making her laugh during that, it was so hilarious in person. I love having these moments documented. We got so much more great footage of Atticus and Rosie that I’m so glad we’ll always have to reflect on and watch. So much of it we cut out, but we always like to keep some moments private for the family;) We filmed this video on the Canon EOS 80D with Canon EF 24-70mm f/ 2.8 L lens, which is like our go-to lens. Hope you guys like it!

Thank you to Canon for sponsoring this post! Xo

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  1. so cute! We are going camping next weekend upstate NY, do you have any tips with the baby? we are bringing our 10 month old! I am kind of scared about it lol. We will be brining the travel crib to help as she doesnt walk yet .
    do you have any tips of where to get some of the equipment, like skewers for smores?

    or better yet can we borrow some? we will bring it back in mint condition <3
    -) -)

    love the post,

  2. I liked your son’s story too. Could you understand what was he trying to say? It sounds like “I got to do that with Dad.”

  3. What lens do you usually use with your canon 5d mark III? Thank you!:)

  4. Hi Amber! Love your travel diaries, they’re so inspiring! In fact, I wanted to ask where did you get the music for this one, can you give any clues? Thanks

  5. I love this video, Amber!! What did David do differently this time, please share?! I would love to learn more about video editing! I have a Canon EOS 70D. 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing! Take care!!
    xo E
    IG: native_nomad

  6. Thank you so much for your answered!!! One more question i have both apps both a can put my pic with color that you use all the time. Do you can give me a name please? Thank you!!!!

  7. Ive never left a comment on a blog before and Ive been following you for quite some time now. I watched the video and had tears in my eyes over the amount of love between you all and how adoring and affectionate you are with your children. It is genuinely one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing your lovely family with us all. x

  8. You make camping with kids looks so easy! So glad you had fun.

  9. So cuteeee!! Im dying to take my kid camping now!!! Atticus look like he is in his natural enviroment! lol SO HAPPY!

  10. I loved this, Amber! You have the sweetest family♥
    It’s a shame you didn’t make it through the night but I’m glad you spent a nice time around eachother.
    PS: Rosie’s strawberry onsie has got me in heart eyes!!

  11. You guys are so freakin cute! Your little boy is so silly and your baby girl has the cutest hair <3 I have only gone camping once in high school and it wasn't the best experience. I for sure need to go try it again. Hope you guys had fun!

  12. Hi Amber! Firstly I want to say that your family is absolutely amazing and I think you all are so sweet together!! Then I would like to ask you some advice about activities for 2-3 years old babies since the next year I’m going to be an au pair in UK and I have no experiences with little children. Thank you so much and kisses from Italy!

  13. Wow, this is so fun and adorable! I bet that Atticus LOVED being free to run around and play! Your video is perfect, its so fun to see what a fun night that was. And it totally counts that you went camping for half a night! ha, I love it!

    xo Angela

  14. It must not be that hot where you went camping, here it would be almost unbearable with the heat!! I love camping, but it has to be early spring or late fall here.

    Your hair style is super cute. I have tried and tried to do my hair this way, but I just can’t seem to get it tight enough or in a straight line! haha Please give me some of your hair skills haha

    Ashton | Instagram

  15. Amber and David, it honestly warms my heart to see your family having fun moments like this together. I know I have said it to you before but teaching children to appreciate the magical world outside and to embrace nature when they are little will set them up for a lifetime of adventure. I can’t tell you how awesome it is that you are teaching your children about the simple thrills of playing in the dirt, watching a stream, sitting by a fire, touching and being in nature. Awesome post, keep them coming! Sending love.

    1. You are so so sweet!! Thank you so much Lisa!! I really appreciate that 🙂 I agree about teaching kids to enjoy the simple things in life! xo

  16. The video is absolutely incredible! It’s so wonderful that you are able to capture these beautiful moments with your family to look back on for years and years! I love it. You guys are the darned cutest fam.


  17. Your husband with the head lamp on cracks me up. My husband has one and wears that thing to do the randomest things sometimes. ???? We have a bunch of camping gear but haven’t been since before having kids.

    1. Haha I totally agree!! A camping must though 😉 And I totally understand! Camping is not easy with kiddos haha!

  18. Oh my goodness, I just LOVE this video! It is so precious! And, Atticus’s secret language is SO cute! I also really loved the music you guys used in the video. ????

  19. I love this post and thank you for all of the information on the cameras you use! I can actually totally tell the quality of these pictures isn’t as good as the Mark 3 and your usual posts. Still great photos but its crazy how much of a different your nice camera makes! Hoping I have enough money to purchase the Mark 3 one day!

  20. Love this! The pictures are so pretty. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what lens did you use for these? I have that camera and I’ve been working so hard to get good pictures with it!

  21. I absolutely LOVED the travel diary video! And the pictures of you all eating s’mores are just adorable. So cute as always! xoxo

  22. Err…is the last sentence intended as a pun or is it a mistake?? “We have used Canon our entire photo taking lives.”?? Not sure Canon wants to sponsor taking lives! 😀 Anyway, I love your posts and photos. They are so inspiring. I’m about to give birth to my first baby and seeing how relaxed and chilled you both seem to be in the face of the sometimes imperfect and messy life with children, I’m inspired to foster the same attitude. God bless!

  23. I love you soooooo much! i love your lifestyle and how you handle your beautiful kids!! but i want to know… are you pregnant ?:o

  24. These clips of your kiddos are too precious!

  25. I can’t stop watching Mr A telling his story, so so funny! He is the best! Love your family, greetings from Slovenia

  26. look like you had so much fun camping!! 🙂 will you or david maybe make a post someday about the editing of your photos? would love to find out more about that from you!

  27. So dang cute. I am getting married in September and can’t wait for future family camping trips!

  28. This is so funny because our first camping trip with our daughter we had to leave in the middle of the night as well! We had booked our camping trip a month in advance for mid September, thinking that would be the perfect weather, but it ended up being a freak 90 degrees with SO MUCH HUMIDITY! Our poor daughter just could not sleep in that weather. It definitely gave us something to laugh about!

    Karin |

  29. Hi Amber! Love your blogs but I love this one especially this one for sure! My family and I love camping we would go a lot when I was younger we would bring our dog who is a golden retriever like Chauncey! We would have s’mores that’s the best part! Love looking at your blogs there so inspirational too me! xoox

  30. How lovely this post is!!!! You must have so much fun with the kids, omg, they are adorable! What kind of tent is that!?? I absolutely love the lights on the frame like this! Such an adorable family! xoxo M

  31. I am going to sell my Nikon and buy this camera! I am not joking, this post and the last one have me completely convinced. You guys are my photo taking role models, but there is no way I can afford the 5d Mark III, this post makes me feel like I can still take good pictures even without the expensive gear. Thanks for the encouragement, as a blogger who is just starting out this has got me really excited!!

    xoxo, rachael |

  32. I LOVE that you guys post travel diary videos- it’s so great to so the interaction your family has! You’re such an adorable and close knit family and even though you had to leave mid-night you still made the most of it 😉 SO GREAT!

  33. Omg! Rosie looks like she’s being strangled in that first picture with your arm around her like that! Poor thing, yikes…

  34. How fun! I’m definitely a Canon girl as well 😉 When I grew up, I hated camping, haha! But now, I love it and hope that I can pass that love on to my kids when I have them <3

  35. Ahhhhh so cute!!!!!???? I have been aching to go camping, now I’ll just have to make this happen now! Ha ha! Cutest little family ❤️

  36. My son is 2 too and has the same kind of adorable language!! They would be the best of friends I’m sure!!
    Love from Ottawa, Canada

  37. I love everything about this especially the video! Im currently learning video and was wondering if you guys use a stabilizer when shooting your videos? All the footage is so smooth. Love the edit as well. Great job!

  38. This is so fun! I have so many fond memories camping with my family. It does seem like it would be tricky with little kids, but fun! I hope you guys get to do that more!

  39. your kiddos are so lucky to have so many documented memories, as always love looking through your fab photos 🙂

  40. Such a beautiful video you guys, seriously! I love the editing. David is amazing at working the camera, it’s very impressive. Looks beautiful, beautiful family. ❤️ Also giggling so hard about being locked in a port-a-potty, although not very funny at all. Haha!!

  41. The video is the BEST 🙂 Two comments/questions:
    1. Where do you put your extensions for dutch braids like this?
    2. I think your link to the T6 may be bad… I tried to check it out 🙂 Would love a backup for my fancier camera. What lens do you stick on the t6?

  42. I seriously LOVE this!!! Camping is so fun and a great adventure for kids! I love the idea of letting them be able to run and explore, like you said without the fear of cars, people, etc. What a great post! I’m sure you all will have lots of camping memories when you make your move someday. 🙂 All the best!
    Terrell in OK

  43. Amber, this all looks AMAZING! David’s camera skills are on point – the new editing style is awesome. I’m a videographer and I love seeing new styles – especially from bloggers! Sidenote, your hair looks absolutely adorable. This looks like the best way to spend a summer night!


  44. Hi Amber! You guys were so brave to go camping with little ones. At least you gave them the experience of the outdoors even if it was short. Lovely photos!
    By the way, I clicked on the link for EOS 80D and it takes me to te upwork website… Is it just me or the link is incorrect? Thanks!!

    1. Thank you so much!! I appreciate that 🙂 And I just checked the link and it seems to be working now 🙂

    1. Thanks so much love!! And I will definitely pass along that suggestion to him 🙂

  45. This is so adorable, you guys are such fun parents! Looks like fun 🙂