Hawaii & 12 Things

It has been a minute since I have done a 12 things.. so here we go.

  1. While in Hawaii I turned 29 as you know! My only birthday request was acai bowls on the beach and that is just what I got. I was a happy girl.
  2. My nursing boobs are so massive (for me) – they always have been and it is always such a weird adjustment getting used to them. Also very hard for anything I own to fit over them.. but I also don’t want to buy all these tops just to wear for 6 months while they are huge like this. They usually go down once my babes start eating solids and I don’t have to produce quite as much milk. But until then…. there they are haha.


orange crop top, orange wide leg pants, blue/green dress, heart necklace, customized barrette

3. When we were temporarily living in Hawaii I didn’t go to Ted’s Bakery too much, even though we were living just across the street. But then we visited after moving to Arizona and I had a newfound love for it after ordering their lemon chicken. I cannot get enough of it and also the pies obviously. We ate lemon chicken 3 different times.

4. One of my other favorite things to order on North Shore is the coconut peanut butter and banana sandwich at Waialua Bakery! I know it sounds so basic but trust me, it is sooooo good.

5. I got really sick while in Hawaii – like high fever, super sore throat, pounding head aches, body aches, all of it. I basically stayed in bed one whole day while we were there and tried to sleep in as much as possible. Most of these pictures were taken before I got sick, you can probably tell which ones because I seem much happier haha. It was nice to be in Hawaii while sick though because I would lay on the beach in the shade and just watch the kiddos play or lay by the pool and watch them swim. So it wasn’t too bad.

6. The ironic thing is that I haven’t had a full on sickness with a fever and all of the things since this exact time last year, right after my birthday! It was literally almost a year to the day or maybe even actually to the day.

7. Since having Frankie, Rosie loves to pretend to be a baby again. I love it and think it is so sweet that she misses being my baby.


8. One day while the Frank and Ro slept, Atticus and I laid on the bed and he kept asking me to tell him memories of when it was just HIM.. before the girls were born. It was so fun laying there for over an hour just talking about all of the fun memories we have had together. The ones he asked to hear over and over again were small stories that might seem insignificant but he thought they were just hilarious. It was a reminder to me to not only write down the big things or the funny things they do but also the really small details that really bring a story to life for a little kid.

9. Atticus found these little pinecones on the beach and he collected a huge cup full. When we got back to the hotel he asked me to count them. I counted 100 of them and wasn’t even 1/5th of the way through the cup so I told him there were probably 500 haha and then later that day I opened his suitcase to find all 500 little pinecones packed in his suitcase. Including all the sand in between. When I was getting us packed up to go home I started throwing them away and he was sooo sad haha so I let him bring 5 home 😉

10. As we were all eating our acai bowls on the beach, Atticus and Rosie wandered off on their own to go on a little walk and then plopped down to finish their bowls. It reminded me of when I was little wanting to feel cool and independent on my own – so I would go like 20 ft. away from my family haha. I just didn’t realize it would happen this soon 😉 it was so sweet though seeing them do it together

11. Frankie looks so tiny compared to David! She was sooo smiley this trip, and always actually. It is not hard to get that girl to smile for a picture. Her first time dipping her toes in the ocean she didn’t love it but the second time she lovvved it and just sat on my lap letting the waves cover our legs. It reminded me so much of Atticus’ first time in the ocean 🙂

12. On Mother’s Day we spent the evening on the beach watching the most beautiful sunset. We watched it on the same beach we always went to when we were living there and it was a really special evening.

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  1. Your posts are always so beautiful! I’m sorry that you were very sick, but you still made the most of it 🙂 As always, gorgeous gorgeous family photos. Obsessed with all of your outfits xx


  2. These pictures are absolutely precious, I hope you had a great time minus getting ill!!!

  3. These pictures and little stories are so beautiful. I think 12 things are my favorite posts that you share. Every time I see a 12 things post in my inbox I can’t wait to see what’s been going on in the Clark fam. Thank you for sharing these sweet snippets with us.

  4. I always look forward to reading these, even since way back when. Im glad y’all had fun, but sorry you were sick. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  5. Love these photos of your family all together. My son is a bit younger than Atticus and I write in a book the funny things he says. I know he’s going to love reading it when he’s older and I always remind myself to write down all the seemingly insignificant things that are such an insight into his thinking at a certain age. P.S. Your big boobs are fab! Being able to provide everything Frankie needs is an absolute gift that not all mothers are able to give.

  6. I love this post!! I’m so sorry you were sick while in paradise, but at least you were able to recover and enjoy family time in one of your fave places! Your sweet family is always such an inspiration – I love the intention you place on your time with your kids. If we all did this we could seriously change the world with our little people! Xx

  7. Loved those pictures. I wish I had written down memories and moments when my children were little. Now they are grown and I have been blessed with 3 Great grand babies with another due in July. I am a new follower thanks to my daughters recommendation.

  8. awww amber!! the pictures are (as always) sooooo beautiful i just cant!! and frankie has the cutest smile 🙂 and OMG waialua bakery was my absolute fave in hawaii. the food is insane 😀 xx


  9. Beautiful pictures and beautiful family! Wish you all the best! 🙂

  10. Aside form getting sick it sounds like it was a great trip! I love that Hawaii is your happy place. We’re planning our 10 year anniversary trip there and can’t wait to visit. Sierra Beautifully Candid