Easy Waves with Hot Tools

One of my go to curls is my straightener curl! I have done these curls for years and wanted to show you guys because there is a little technique you can do that will change the shape of your curl to make them more like waves instead of bouncy curls. I love good bouncy curls too but prefer more wave like curls for my everyday look.

I used my Hot Tools 1 inch straightener and I usually keep mine at 380 degrees but no hotter than that. It is super helpful that they have a screen so you can control the heat and see exactly where it is at! It has pulse technology too so it heats really evenly. I also have Hot Tools curling irons and I even have the original Hot Tools iron I got in hair school forever ago! They have been a staple in my array of hair tools. They are available on and at Target, Walmart, and Amazon and prices start at $39.99 so they are really affordable!

Tag me if you recreate these straightener curls! I will share everyone’s curls for the first 24 or so hours! xoxox
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  1. I struggle with making straightener waves, especially on my right side xD I prefer to use the curler or don’t use the hot tools at all, after washing my hair I just sleep in m flexi foam roller curlers, in the morning I brush my hair and it looks great!

  2. Is there a big missing of the text or am I not reading it right? What’s the technique for getting the curls to be more wavy? 🙂