The Super Bloom

I totally forgot I had these photos to post! We drove up to California for A’s spring break and it was perfect timing because we got to see all the beautiful blooms! We went to see the poppy fields in Lake Elsinore and it did not disappoint it was so insanely beautiful. We got there just before they closed it down for the season because of all the traffic it was causing. We woke up really early to go and still got stuck in so much traffic so I can see why it was becoming a problem for locals. Glad we got to see it though and it was fun to see SO many people out there enjoying it too, there was seriously thousands of people! The kids loved it too and we walked the trails and it was a fun morning hike/walk. Even on the slightest incline when walking on dirt or rocks I get so nervous I am going to fall when I wear Frankie in these wraps haha I am so paranoid about stuff like that. The bigger she gets the more my anxiety about things like that goes away but I always walk exxxxtra careful with her. If you didn’t get to see the blooms this year definitely go next year! Worth the traffic and braving the crowds. Also I know there were so many articles about people stepping on the flowers and being disrespectful but while we were there we didn’t see anyone stepping on any so I do think that because there are so many dirt patches and little trails you can make it look like you’re standing on them when really you aren’t .. if that makes sense. So anyways just throwing that out there! David and I expected to see lots of trampled flowers and hardly saw any at all! 🙂 xo

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  1. Wow the super bloom looks amazing! I can’t imagine all the traffic and crowds you had to endure! I would love to see the superbloom, but I don’t think I could deal with all the people haha

  2. Hey, just raising some awareness. The little trails ARE where the poppies were trampled on. They are extremely sensitive and die once they have been accidentally stepped on. This Vice video was super educational for me on this ——-> and also super convicting since I was probably part of the problem.

  3. Stunning photos- we will def make the trip next year! What baby carrier are you using here? Looks so comfortable.